Sep 5th, 2011

Football season is  a few days away and the team behind is bringing you “Football Pickem” for Android and the chance to win $7,000+ in prizes by predicting the winners each week! See how you stack up against experts, analysts, and your friends throughout the season on your way to potentially winning tickets to the big game!

We’ll be launching the app on Android Market tomorrow along with full contest details (tidbit: weekly, season, and playoff winners!). We’re also hectically working on some pretty cool features like comparing records with friends using Facebook Connect and launching a Football Forum for fans to share thoughts, talk trash, discuss predictions, and everything else football related.

I’m pretty eager to crush the entire Phandroid Staff at Football Pickem- trust me, it’ll happen. Whether or not I can defeat you folks is another question… I’ve learned the hard way you’re a pretty bright (and beastly) bunch.

Head on over to, sign up, and we’ll E-Mail you as soon as the app is available. Alternatively, keep your eyes glued to Android Market and where we’ll keep you updated on the app’s progress in addition to giving you a full tour and demo once it’s ready for Deion Sanders (Read: Prime Time).