[Update: Nevermind] Samsung Has No Plans to Bring Latest Tablets to US


[Update] Looks like the rep that GBM spoke to was mistaken. Samsung actually hasn’t announced availability for ANY region at this point. It happens, I suppose. Folks should know that you can’t fully trust the word of a product specialist in this day and age. With that, there is certainly hope that Samsung will end up bringing these devices State-side.

Well this sucks. If you liked what you saw from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 or the Samsung Galaxy Note and you happen to be American, we have some sad news for you – you won’t be able to buy them without importing (at least for the time being).

A Samsung rep at IFA mentioned to GottaBeMobile that they had no plans to bring the tablets to the United States. Unfortunately, she didn’t cite a reason. GBM suggests a lack of carrier interest or impending stiff competition from Amazon as reasons why Samsung chose to go this route.

Perhaps they also want to push their Galaxy Tab 10.1 here in the states more (because everything is “bigger” here, apparently?) as they’ve already rolled that out on Verizon and have WiFi models in retail stores already. Whatever the case is, you’ll need to pay big money to import these things unless Samsung eventually change their mind.

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  1. Well here is a middle finger back at you Samsung.

    1. ^ This.

    2. You should probably re-aim that finger…shift it from Seoul, Korea to Cupertino, California.

      I’m willing to bet Apple’s lawyers are a big reason they’re not US-bound.

      EDIT: Something else just occurred to me. It may not be stiff Amazon competition, it may be a manufacturing agreement with Amazon (in other words, the Amazon tablet may well be a re-badged 7.7).

      The behemoth Note, on the other hand, probably has low carrier interest, which is enough to kill it.

  2. Sucks

  3. dammit i really wanted the 7.7 tab. Like REALLY REALLY WANTED IT.
    Just please make a wifi model and fuck these carriers who wants us to buy crappy HTC fyler and overly expensive HTC jet stream tablets.

    1. What’s the problem, just import it… maybe i should let u know that USA ain’t the World, there are a lot of other countries on planet earth, believe me.

  4. That’s a real shame about the Galaxy Note not reaching the US. I’m really enthusiastic about this device – or MOTAB – so I’d buy on the grey market if I needed to.

  5. I dont get it. Theres money to be made in the US, so why dont they want to sell it there?

  6. Well damn, that Galaxy Note could have been my next phone. Guess I’m sticking with my EVO a little longer.

    1. But it’s not a phone.

      1. Yes it is… it’s a tablet/phone hybrid

    2. Another great reason for me to leave this shithole of a country.

      1. Dont let the door hit ya

        1. I won’t. Racist border patrol most likely won’t bother to search me on the way out… Im not black.

          1. Thanks for using the R word and letting us know that you’re an idiot and your comments should not be taken seriously.

      2. Weird, I clicked reply to James’ comment…

  7. Sucks to be America. There’s still hope for us in Canada.

    1. I’d shoot myself if I had to live in Canada.

      1. No love for our friends in the North? I’d live there.

      2. I don’t know, man. I live in the US and living in Canada is looking better and better everyday.

      3. Hey, fuck off. We got the GS2 before you guys, and not your gimped version-the REAL one. You know, with the center button, and yes, the American version has NFC-who the fuck cares? Do you know anywhere in USA that actually uses NFC? Also, on to the racism. What the fuck is wrong with Canada? Oh, I’m sorry-eh? You only think about the fucking stereotypes, don’t you? You, sir, are an asshole.

        (sigh) I’m done my rant.

  8. it’ll come eventually…thats pretty much a given

  9. I guess Samsung doesn’t want to ruffle Apple’s feathers on their home turf.

  10. Uhh, well WTF are they gonna bring to the states then?

  11. Oh well , more for the rest of us… I blame Apples strangle hold on the US but not to worry its easy enough to import and probably end up cheaper.

    1. How could it be cheaper when we in Europe already pay more? it won’t come to Germany BTW, how ironic

      1. How is it Ironic, Germany is a country with high censorship, so it isn’t really a surprise.

        1. What censorship are you talking about and what does it have to do with the tab? Stupid Americans. What I meant was that it was shown in Germany but not sold there. Germany is on place 17 on the list of press freedom btw.

  12. I think you’ll find that the lack of availability is due to the stranglehold that the US mobile carriers have. In Europe there is a healthy market for “SIM free” devices that are not tied to any mobile operator and are plain vanilla.

    From what I have read, it would seem that if one of the major carriers does not commit to a particular device, it is only available by import.

  13. Not interested because it doesn’t fit in my pocket.

  14. Maybe Amazon is rebranding this as their tablet…… Would make sense.

  15. I can understand why people would want this. It’s highly portable, but in my opinion Samsung is becoming boring with their product line in the mobile end of things. They all just look like a bigger or smaller version of the one next to it and the one next to that one and so on. It’s more the ui than the tablet itself. I guess that’s how you build product recognition.

  16. @phandroid: is reporting that they contacted Samsung, and Samsung has denied the statement made by representative as unofficial.

  17. That’s unfortunate. I didn’t like the original Galaxy Tab 7 but that’s mostly because of the terrible phone-esque UI. I like my Google I/O Tab 10.1 a lot but if I were to buy one myself I’d love it in a thin 7″ form factor.

  18. I still want to know the dimensions of the Note (phone, not screen which is known). Pictures imply that it is roughly 140×80 mm which I was going to rule out, but I was starting to rethink, because I would love to have 1 megapixel of screen in my pocket, even if it has to be a jacket pocket. But it seems my time was wasted. I almost bought an international S II when it came out and was reported to work on AT&T, maybe the Note will be the same. I might be happier with the next Nexus anyway, so we’ll see what happens with that – 4.5″? 4.65″? another size?

    US Carriers suck – I hope we wake up someday and force our politicians to use legislation to force them to be cheap dumb pipes with no contracts – let us buy our on phones at $5-700 and save $20 on the monthly bill given the loss of subsidy. Talk about reducing competition – I’d rather lose T-mobile and have carriers lose all power in determining what phones we buy and lose the ability to lock us into contracts.

  19. I think there is a confusion.

    They say probably the real answer was:
    “A U.S. firm handling publicity for Samsung didn’t answer our inquiry in time for publication, but a spokesperson told Computerworld that no plans have been announced for the U.S., raising the possibility that the spokesperson who responded to GottaBeMobile meant no plans have been announced, rather than no plans exist.”

    Probably will be like the first Tab 7″, the carriers in US will take out the call capability and will try to make changes.

  20. Just the latest eff you to the US. But standby….a Samsung fanboy/excuse maker will be by soon to blame you.

  21. Another stupid-ass move from Samsung.

  22. The US market is the worst.

  23. Lucky I live in Australia!!

  24. This truly makes me sad. While I could care less about the 7.7 version of the Galaxy Tab, I really fell in love with the Note after seeing the video on it. I felt Samsung was really on the money when they said that they had found a new space or niche with that device (yes I know Dell did it first).

    I really hope they either change their mind or that this information is wrong.

    Check out my blog: Broke Man’s Tech (click my avatar for the link)

  25. yay for asia!! ^^.. sorry for u americans thou~~.. well i think its becz of steve jobs -,- maybe he blackmailed samsung not export their super nice product to us .. sigh.. screw u steve -,- and also tim cook ..

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