Eric Schmidt: Motorola Purchase Was Also for Their Amazing Hardware


Ever since Google announced they’d be purchasing Motorola to protect the future of Android, they’d downplayed Motorola’s hardware business and focused on defending themselves against patent trolls. For this reason, many thought Google would eventually sell off Motorola after integrating their patents into their own portfolio in order to keep relationships with other OEMs healthy.

Well, according to Google’s Eric Schmidt, that’s not true. In fact, they said Motorola’s position as an OEM was a big factor in their decision, citing “amazing hardware” as reasons why they snapped Motorola up. This leads us to believe that they have plans – big or small – in the future regarding a device. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s the full quote:

“We did it for more than just patents,” Schmidt said in a conversation with Inc. Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff. “The Motorola team has some amazing products.”

And now we all start profusely salivating again at the thought of another high-end Motorola Android without MOTOBLUR. Napkins are on the counter. [Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. All I want to hear is that if Motorola will be using stock Android for now on.

    1. …and unlocking their bootloaders

      1. Motorola can put all the crap they want on the phone, as long as the bootloader is unlocked.

        1. But then the 99.5% of people who don’t root will still be stuck with it.

          1. I’d be willing to bet that anyone who actually cares enough to really want a specific piece of hardware AND a specific build of android is going to be able to root. I mean… it’s not exactly hard.

          2. You my friend give the average consumer to much credit. Have you ever seen when someone’s eyes glaze over as you explain how to root a phone to them?

          3. jdog, I think what he means is that the average consumer is not going to know the difference between blur and stock. If you know enough that you will want stock, you will know enough to root.

          4. What Len said.

          5. I think len is right, the average consumer doesn’t know the difference between blur and stock. That said, they notice the problems with blur and associate it with android, mostly the lag. I generally run the latest cyanogenmod nightly or latest miui and when my blurry co-workers have used it they have commented “how come my phone doesn’t look like that” and “the screens scroll real smooth, why is mine so choppy” etc. So yes, they may not know the difference, but they notice it’s drawbacks.

          6. Jdog25 i have seen that look many a time. similar to a fish at the market O_O. they just want there phone to be shiny and do the same shit mine can.

    2. Stock Android and that they have a screen that is better than Apple and Samsung screens. Actually, I’d be happy with a Motorola phone with a Samsung screen. It is all about the screen now. Anything with 1Ghz cpu and faster is typically fast enough if your running stock android. Dual core is just there to make up for bad bloatware.

  2. Of course he will say that and of course Google will use it. The question is if any of it is true. I mean Google will use/leverage the new hardware department, the question is whether its an added bonus or an incentive for the deal.

    Either way, won’t be till mind 2012 till we hear about the first googorola products and end of 2012 till the release of the first googorola device.

    I hope they will use it to boost Google TV and tablets more than android phones. The nexus line is all that I need in the phone department and its doing great without motorola. Tablets and Google TV could use the boost the most!

  3. Motorola’s hardware is great in some areas and sub-par in others. They’re usually ahead of the curve in getting the next generation of processor, but their screens and cameras usually lag behind the competition. Hopefully Google helps them fix that.

  4. I still prefer Samsung for the SUPER AMOLED alone.

  5. The hardware they describe probably aint phones!
    Think Android@Home, google tv, chrome os, OHA speakers, bluetooth stuff, keyboards, ect..

  6. Already doing some marketing for their subsidiary…nice.

  7. “Products” does not necessarily mean phone hardware.

    Want to bet when he said that, he was thinking more about Set Top Boxes than handsets?

    You know, that little cable television market they’re trying to break into with little success so far?

    The market where Motorola STB’s have a significant presence?

    1. but they bought Motorola Mobility so does that include set boxes and other hardware outside of mobility.I remember is that Motorola split into two. I am curious is the mobility includes other products other than phone.

    2. oops, nevermind, i’m wrong. lol. egg on my face.

    3. They could spin off the handset area into it’s own division and keep the rest. However, I don’t see anything indicating what they are going to do yet one way or the other. All I see is a ridiculous amount of speculation.

    4. i thought they just brought motorola mobility?no?

  8. I just hope than now with Google at the reins, my updates come more frequent and timely on my Motorola phone. (Photon)

    1. They do already.

      The Droid X1 got Gingerbread before some HTC and Samsung phones. And before some phones running….vanilla Android.

      HTC is still the king for update speeds, I think Motorola is next tho.Now that I think about it…HTC has been dropping the ball lately with updates. One carrier asked to have Sense UI removed just so the phone could get the GB update.

      Didnt know that was possible…..and might say a lil something about Sense UI and resources..

      1. I disagree, the European sensation and the US version are both newly released devices that launched on 2.3.3 and are already being updated to 2.3.4. I recognize its not a huge update, but it is significant and to be updating such a newly released product impressed me.

        1. 9 months for the G2 to get Gingerbread. Just saying… HTC is starting to lose it. Stock Android, and the G2X came after the G2 and still had Gingerbread before it.

  9. Please dear God El Goog force MotoMobile to ditch BLUR. Then leverage Verizon to kill their hard-wired bloatware. Do this by Summer 2012 and I’ll come back to Moto.

  10. Samsung is awesome for their super AMOLED screens.

    HTC is awesome because they update their devices very quickly to the newest version of Android.

    However, I have almost no good reason to buy a Motorola device, as they’re not as good looking, they have an average screen, they have a locked bootloader, and because MotoBlur totally SUCKS!!!

    1. They have the longest lasting phones in terms of battery consumption and they do have great hardware on the inside like processors, gps, gpu, etc.

    2. Motorola makes solid phones,, and i mean SOLID. Dunno why nobody else apart from Samsung and Motorola really went with large inbuilt storage for apps and data. With Galaxy S/SII and Atrix giving 1.82(2GB notional) for apps storage, apps2sd is pretty much redundant in those phones. And I LOVE them for it (own a Galaxy S). So, take out the locked bootloader, and i’ll happily buy a Moto (provided Samsung doesn’t steal me away with a better product anyway at the time of my next upgrade)

  11. They should fire the entire motoblur team and whoever is in charge of locking the bootloaders.

  12. Moto Blur is an insult to Android

  13. This quote from the other article is interesting:

    “We actually believe the Motorola team has amazing products,” he said. “We like having at least one area where we can do integrated hardware.”

    Set top cable boxes is a no brainer. But…what does that quote mean about the phones and tablets?

    1. i believe they only brought the mobility division

  14. anyone else notice that “hardwre” is misspelled on the title? not trolling, just saying.

  15. I would like to think Google has plans to diplomatically push out epic first-class phones with vanilla android and unlocked bootloaders and fins a way to “allow” carriers or manufacturers the opportunity to add there own flavor to it which the owner can disable if he/she likes.

    Id love to be able to test-drive TouchWiz, Sense, MotoBlur, etc. But unless I own every phone, I wont be able to.

    Hopefully Google will be able to leverage themselves against these horrid carriers and OEM suppliers

  16. I would love a motorola product without the motorola software. I’d be so much more satisfied with my X2 if it wasn’t so glitchy.

  17. I just wish the “amazing hardware” in my Droid X worked properly. I’ve already replaced the phone once because of random reboots, moody wifi, and interesting sound issues. The reboots are gone, but everything else came back with the replacement. I think my next phone will be a Samsung for the “amazing” display.

  18. “Its just about her looks. I like her personality too”

  19. Stock Android and/or the option to turn off Blur, and unlocking the bootloader. That’s what we all want because everyone knows that the hardware Motorola pushes out is great. I love Motorola phones, but recently with Blur and a locked bootloader…it’s the software that’s screwing them over with a lot of Android fanboys.

  20. Imagine Moto quality hardware in an unencrypted bootloader. Bliss. Wake up, Steven!

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