Samsung Insists They Would NEVER Look to Purchase WebOS


You hear that? That’s the sound of a nail being violently driven into a coffin. Samsung has once again addressed rumors that they’ll be buying WebOS. Reporters and analysts suggested it was a logical route from Samsung who reportedly felt slighted by Google’s purchase of Motorola.

Well, a Samsung rep was on hand at IFA to address the rumor once and for all. They mentioned that they’d “never” pursue a purchase of operating system for HP, reiterating that they believe they have a strong platform in Bada and have no reason to purchase WebOS.

Tie in the fact that Google Android runs on their flagship smartphones year-in and year-out and you begin to understand why Samsung doesn’t want to fix what isn’t broken. Now, the question remains – will they ever license WebOS? Stay tuned. [Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just license.

  2. Samsung will go Bada if anything else than Android.
    WebOS has a better chance to be picked up by LG

    Other OS’ will only be succesfull once the transition to html apps is final. Without apps you’re nothing and with html apps, different OS’ can use the same apps, so then the Os itself becomes more important. Till then iOS and Android simply have too much apps currently to be replaced

    1. There are already rumors of LG licensing Bada, and since they’re both Korean company that would make more sense. In Korea they take great pride in doing as much as they can locally so if Android was no longer a viable alternative the next logial choice for them would be to use the local brand of mobile OS.

  3. Once Google enters the hardware business,which is just a matter of time after the Moto acquisition OEMs will be forced to go WP7 or die.

    1. Seriously stop and think for a moment… let’s assume that hypothetically Google does start giving Moto preferential treatment in their hardware decisions… why would Samsung (or any other manufacturer for that matter) abandon a successful platform that has a preferred manufacturer in favor of an unsuccessful platform that has a preferred manufacturer (remember, Nokia gets preferential treatment with WP7).

      Also, don’t forget, Samsung already does make WP7 hardware… it just doesn’t sell nearly as well as Android.

      1. T H A N K Y O U!

        Where is all this “they will be forced to go to WP7 or die” coming from? ALL the money Samsung and HTC are making with Android?

        Do you think MS really wanna see HTC not do Android phones anymore? Remember….MS is making more money off of HTC Android phones than with ALL of WP7. And HTC already does WP7 phones..

        Cmon ppl.

    2. correction …. “go WP7 AND die”

      1. lol….they are already dying with WP7 as we speak. So its go WP7 and continue dying.

        The old Win Mo having a bigger market share than WP7….almost a year after WP7 debuted….is pretty sad. And combined they are still losing market share. Pretty sad.

  4. If Samsung was able to use iOS, they would. Even though Crapple makes thier own phone Samsung would still use it to compete against its creator. Same with Google and Android. They make to much $ on Android to walk away now.

  5. Just reading the title, I had the mental image of a guy in chains violently shouting “NEVER!”

  6. Isn’t WebOS the reason Palm isn’t around anymore? They had a great OS that just needed updating and they tossed it out the window. I had a half-dozen Palms over the years and loved them. I just wanted better multi-media, web browser and a faster phone. What’s that old saying about a baby and bathwater?

  7. Will somebody please buy webOS and put it out of its misery so that it won’t drag down anymore companies or put carriers in the red. Mattel should buy them so they can continue making little crappy failed toy phones and tablets.

  8. Hahaha, in this industry when you say no mean yes.

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