Even More Droid Bionic Launch Kit Pics


If you still haven’t had your fill of Motorola Droid Bionic pics, eat your heart out. Android Forums member jikhead has uploaded a number of shots showing off the live demo units that will soon grace Verizon store displays. Pictured is the actual launch kit packaging, a rather nice setup featuring the live handset, accessories, and a dummy display unit all in one. Head on over to the source link to check out the full gallery and join in on the discussion. Now can this phone just launch so we can move on to the next hype machine?

[via AndroidForums | Thanks, tehsusenoh, jikhead!]

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  1. As far as I know motorola has made only one good android device and that is the og droid. Why? Because pre orders were allowed, and it wasn’t loaded with motoblur or bloatware.

    1. What you know is wrong then because the Droid X is a great phone. Motoblur and what you call “bloatware” did not hurt it. (The 2.3 update, however, did. But for that long period prior, the Droid X was fantastic.)

  2. 2 years with pentile matrix display? I’ll pass.

  3. Anyways I am still excited for the freaking scavenger hunt! It will allow me to make something of my days that I am out of school. the undays

  4. I’m not buying this phone because I don’t have Verizon but what’s the processor speed on this?

    1. Dual Core Texas Instruments OMAP 4430

  5. Is anyone having issues with the plus one button?

  6. …Isnt that a droid 3?

    1. The D3’s camera is on the right side of the phone.

      1. That looks completely different than any other bionic picture I’ve seen.

  7. The Bionic’s day was in May, now it should just go away since the Droid Prime is about to have its way.

  8. This looks to be a great succesor to the original droid.

  9. Droid X is and was an awesome phone!

  10. What I don’t like is the bottom of the phone. What the hell is that for? Is it curved silver? Anyone that sees this phone will think it has a slide out keyboard. The original look for the Droid Bionic was better than this.

  11. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/09/02/one-more-big-ol-droid-bionic-gallery-before-the-weekend/#more-45318

    You can see the same pictures at Droid Life without the need to create an account on a forum. You could have just rehosted them like DL did, you know.

    1. Thanks for the link, ZeoVGM. That other website is lame for making you need to create an account just to view pictures.

  12. Pentile Matrix screen makes this phone a worthless piece of shit.

    1. except that most people who have the Droid 3 like the screen and SAMOLED is oversaturated and consumes almost double the battery life

    2. With each new phone the Pentile Matrix display gets better. As David said, the battery life is why Pentile Matrix display is used. I’ll take battery life over screen display any day. It’s not like it’s a huge difference.

    3. If it sucks so bad and nobody wants it then why has the droid 3 been out of stock for over 2 weeks now and continues to get pushed back when it says it will be shipped by?

  13. What is a matrix display?

  14. As nice as this phone is it’s still hard for me to recommend a motorola phone to people when Htc has much better software on top.

  15. I saw the official verizon commercial on tv yesterday night that said the release date would be 9-8-11. But why hasn’t motorola or on the verizon site said a word? Both still have coming soon and sign up pages…

  16. Why haven’t they revealed the official release date on the actual verizon site? I’ve seen the commercial with the 8th as the date, but they still have the sign up page on verizons site…

  17. there all the same, nothing to get exited about.

    1. O ok, I just know I saw the official commercial on tv and was confused as to why they had a commercial on tv and not have the information on the website yet. I guess we’ll see what happens in these next couple days.

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