HTC Responds to Claims that Devices Are Spying on Users


HTC has responded to claims that software included in the most recent updates to the HTC Sensation and HTC EVO 3D are spying on users, collecting data including location and other user behaviors. In short, users shouldn’t have anything to worry about. HTC does not intend to collect information without the knowledge of the user, saying that any collected data is done so on an opt-in basis. You opt-in when your phone hits an error and you choose to send a report off to HTC. But even if you do choose to forward info to HTC, the data is encrypted and stripped of identifying factors.

So, much like other information collection scares that have popped up around smartphones, again your privacy appears to be safe. HTC promises it isn’t spying on users, and we have no reason to believe otherwise.

[via BGR]

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  1. It’s still constantly running in the background and affecting system resources and battery life.

    1. Ah… that sux. I guess this little system resource feature is going to use 40% of your battery life every day, right?

      1. Well, there is no way to tell (at least for us users) how much system resources this mystery application is using, is there?

    2. Turn it off? Opt-out??

      1. TWO WORDS :


  2. And it’s still collecting personally identifiable data that doesn’t get anonymized (and how WELL it’s anonymized can be debated too; q.v. AOL Search Data Leak scandal) until the time of it being sent. What if someone finds a way to steal this data before it’s anonymized? Oh… didn’t think of that one did you HTC?

    1. Better put on that tinfoil hat then, buddy.

  3. Tin foil hats for everyone!

  4. Its.not HTC its the carriers that are using the CIQ

    1. +1 Thus the reason it is called “Carrier IQ”.
      And as I pointed out in the article on this same topic less than 3 days ago, this CIQ stuff is bigger than HTC. The Samsung Epic has it, and so does my Samsung Moment (which is almost 2 years old). Moving along. Nothing to see here…


  5. And, how do you disable that?

    1. I found it on my Sensation by going to Settings, About, Tell HTC, then you choose not to tell HTC about error reporting.

  6. You know what if you trying to hide from the government don’t get a phone. Or any piece of technology. And if they want to know something about us they don’t need our phones. Who really cares. Well i don’t but that’s just me. Lol

  7. Couldn’t resist; popped in my mind as I was reading this article:HTC… quietly watching you :-)

  8. you sell your phone and get two cans and some fucking string. THE MAN IS ALWAYS WATCHING YOU. get used to it ppl.

  9. When Apple did this everyone was going nuts. Now htc is doing it and everybody says “no big deal”. I would definitely go to xda and look for the way to not disable, but remover this piece of framework, that’s collecting information about me.
    But since I neither have the evo nor the sensation, I can pretty much don’t care. Desire hd rules :)

    1. Apple was storing it on your computer in an unencrypted file. Also, it wasn’t opt-in like this is.

  10. That’s GOOGLE for you

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