OpenFeint Announces GameFeed to Make Android Gaming More Social


OpenFeint is all about making gaming experiences more entertaining and more valuable for not only end users, but developers as well. That’s why their platform took off so well – who doesn’t like earning achievements and comparing them with their friends? (Thanks, Xbox!)

That’s why they’re announcing GameFeed today, and if you’ve ever played Call of Duty: Black Ops you’ve probably seen this every time you go online. GameFeed is a social component of a game that has implemented it.

It works in conjunction with OpenFeint to show users what their friends have been doing in their games. If your friend finally got as many achievements as you or if they’ve broken your high score, GameFeed will let you know.

As you can probably imagine, this adds a lot more value to games. For users, it’s incentive to keep playing and try to best your friends or to try and achieve what they have achieved.

For developers, because users want to keep coming back and check up on their friends’ gameplay, they’re getting players to play longer which is important for ad-based models.

Sounds great to me. What’s even better is that they already have 20 great titles enabled with the functionality with more surely on their way. Users can find that list below. Developers can get in o this themselves by heading to OpenFeint’s developer portal. Read on for full press details.

OpenFeint Adds GameFeed to iOS and Android SDK as Sessions Per User Increase by 25% in 24 Beta Games
Big Blue Bubble, Get Set Games, PikPok, and Sibblingz announce integration of social gaming newsfeed

Burlingame, Calif. – September 01, 2011 – OpenFeint, the world’s largest mobile social gaming network with 115 million players, today announced the addition of GameFeed, a new free-to-play gaming feature, to its software development kit. Available immediately for both iOS and Android developers, GameFeed is a social gaming newsfeed that improves player engagement by elevating social activity from the OpenFeint network in games.

By adding the GameFeed plugin to their existing OpenFeint integrations, 24 beta participants increased sessions-per-user by an average of 25 percent. Some developers are experiencing growth as high as 60 percent. GameFeed improves this by engaging players with social information like updated player profiles and giving developers stronger player communication tools.

“OpenFeint is committed to delivering a next generation social network with features that will help free-to-play games improve lifetime value,” said Jason Citron, founder and CEO of OpenFeint. “Sessions per user is a key engagement component of lifetime value and GameFeed significantly increases engagement at no additional cost to developers.”

OpenFeint also announced that game developers Big Blue Bubble (makers of Burn the Rope), Get Set Games (makers of Mega Jump), PikPok (makers of the Flick Kick™ series) and Sibblingz (publishers of Island Tycoon) will integrate GameFeed.

“With over 16 million downloads of Mega Jump we’ve got tons of players who love to play games with each other. We’re excited to see GameFeed help build a more connected community of players,” says Derek van Vliet co-founder of Get Set Games.

GameFeed is part of the OpenFeint SDK and can be added with as few as four new lines of code. To learn more about GameFeed and how it improves game engagement, developers should visit

OpenFeint-enabled games that have added GameFeed include:

· ColorBox- Twins Candy

· ColorBox- Rip Off

· Crazy Bit- Zoombie Digger

· DES Games- Blaze Runner

· DjinnWorks- Stickman Cliff Diving

· Fishing Cactus- Woof the Dog

· Gamerizon- Chop Chop Ninja

· Imaginary Feet- Cooties

· Inert Soap- Fingerzilla

· Invictus- Games Ltd.- Fly Control

· Ankur Nagpal- Super Scratchers

· Motalen- Infernus Verse 1 (Android & iOS)

· Motalen- Infernus Verse 2 (Android & iOS)

· Origin8- Sentinel 3: Homeworld

· Pirate Monkey Studios- Speedy Biker Xtreme

· PixelCUBE Studios- The Impossible Test

· PixOwl- Doodle Grub

· SHADE, Inc.- Destroy Gunners F (Android & iOS)

· SHADE, Inc.- Destroy Gunners SP (Android & iOS)

· Sibblingz- Island Tycoon

About OpenFeint
OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming network with over 115 million registered users and 6,900 games. OpenFeint, Inc. is part of GREE, Inc., the leading mobile social gaming platform in Japan. Game developers interested in more information about OpenFeint and its leading mobile social gaming technology should visit

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  1. This is an awesome enhancement to OpenFient… Now all we need is Sony Ericsson to add support for this in TimeScape, so that Xperia PLAY (“PlayStation phone”) users can maximize their mobile gaming experience.

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