Motorola DROID Bionic User Manual Now Available for Download


Here’s another piece of the puzzle leading up to an imminent September 8th launch of the DROID Bionic. A user manual for the phone has found its way online. It’s nothing but the boring, usual stuff you’d see in most user manuals – showing you how to add contacts, open emails and the like – but it’s there for your perusal anyway. It’s a .PDF download and you can get it by right clicking this link. [Droid-Life via AndroidForums.com]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If one can not wait, Which is a better phone, Bionic or SGS2? I am primarily concerned with the lagginess of UI.

    1. Bonic because sgs2 is not coming to VZW and I think it is 3g only with the exception of the wimax version from sprint.

    2. If the Bionic is anything like the Droid 3 I spent 5 minutes with at the Verizon store then it should be amazing. The new Motorola interface is pretty nice and it also is very smooth.

      1. yeah nolan, i was using the droid 3 at the store and had the same thoughts. the bionic has double the ram and lte…which should make it a multi-tasking beast.

    3. I’m having trouble answering this question myself, I’m not sure if I want the Droid Bionic and stick with my Verizon unlimited data plan or move over to Sprint with the SGS2. =S

    4. Since you can’t wait, you have to decide on a carrier. You can take the outdated Bionic on VZW for $100 more or go with the today’s tech SGS2 on another carrier for $100 less than the Bionic.

  2. Where’s the Samsung Droid Prime to compare with this?
    I want a new phone, I like the BIONIC, but I don’t like not having a second option.

    1. First of all it is a rumor, but if it does come to verizon it will rule all of the machines. For now the Bionic is the only and first dual core lte device for verizon. So all i can say you will have the best for about a month or two, then the prime and vigor and others will be released. My point being every few month there will always, i repeat always be a phone that rules them all. I would just say get the bionic, or plan on never getting a new phone until we step off this rock for places like mars.

    2. The Bionic is the reason VZW will not get other good phones in September. They have to get a month in with no competition or they would not be able to sell it. It is like a car dealership: put a new Porsche against a used Yugo for the same price or even less, which are you going to purchase?

  3. “This file is currently set to private”

    Damn, I missed it.

  4. 4.3″ or 4.5″ screen?

  5. OMAP + LTE may fail. Time will tell. I expect lots of folks to sit back and wait for droid-life.com, engadget, etc to review it first then see. They waited WAY TOO long to release this thing. Three or four months ago this phone would control all tech media but Moto and VZW dragged their feet. The specs don’t add up.

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