Apps of the Day: Marriott Hotels App and Shadow Cave


I really do wish I could travel more. The dark forces of the world won’t allow me to break away as often as I’d like to, but I imagine having an app to book all of my travel needs would make it that much easier to just say “yes” (though I’m sure it won’t be as easy on my wallet).

When are we going to get one app for all services, though? Car rentals, planes and hotels – I want it all. And more than that, I want the ability to complete and pay for my reservation right within the app.

You see, if you lay it out all in front of me within one easy app, I’d be more inclined to book. But if I’m fumbling around a website or if I look at prices on my phone only to have to transer over to the desktop anyway, I’ll talk myself out of it by the time I even enter which airport I want to fly out of.

Come on, travel industry, just give us one all-inclusive app. That’s not too much to ask is it? Apps of the day is below.

Marriott Hotels – If for whatever reason you just have to stay at a Marriott hotel whenever you travel, they’ve gone and released their own Android application for you to make booking and staying a lot easier. You can book rooms at any of Marriott’s hotels, see photos and maps of the hotel, manage your rewards accounts and a whole lot more. Pretty much, this is the most fully-fledged app from any hotel. Go on and download the free app in the market now. [Market]

Shadow Cave – Shadow Cave is a very interesting game. It’s a puzzle game at its core but it’s not what you’d expect out of the genre. You guide a light – I like to think of it as a small firefly – through extremely dark caves trying to guide it through narrow tunnels and corridors without allowing it to be smashed or smash into a wall. Nine levels will get you through a boring stretch of time and the developer says he’s adding another chapter with more levels soon. And for free, this one’s definitely worth a download. [Market]

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