New DROID Bionic ARena App Uses The Power of Augmented Reality To Guide You To Prizes


We told you earlier today of Motorola’s @DroidLanding Twitter account going live for the first time since May. The Twitter account tweeted a webpage that requires codes from 4 tech blogs before it will show some kind of video. While we’re still unsure what this video will tell us, I have a hunch this will jump start the Droid Landing’s famous nationwide scavenger hunt where you have to find Droids hidden throughout your city, just like they’ve done in the past.

Speaking of Droid Landing’s famous scavenger hunt, thanks to TalkAndroid, we’ve learned of a Droid Bionic ARena (augmented reality) app that just hit the Market. The app will be used to aid you in your scavenging once the games officially kickoff. Besides Bionics, Motorola will be giving away all sorts of goodies for you to hunt down like HDTV’s, Laptops, tablets and quadcopters (really?). From the day the scavenger hunt goes live, you will have 4 days to win these prizes with 4 winners being announced each day. Total it up and that’s around 192 chances to win each prize (official rules can be found at DroidDoes.com/Bionic).

According to the app’s description, the scavenger hunt will go live September 4th through 7th and there are a few requirements to get the app working properly on your device. The Droid Bionic ARena app will need to download some resources to your sd card and once that’s all finished, you will need to restart your device and tape your device to your face for best results. After that you should be up and running (literally). Of course when navigating through a busy intersection while pretending to be Robocop (as pictured above), please be mindful of moving vehicles and possibly bring a friend along to help avoid death. Happy hunting!

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  1. not available for og droid.

  2. Too bad this app isn’t compatible with the OG Droid – you know, which 95% of the Bionic’s potential audience have.

    VZW: Epic Marketing Fail

    1. I agree but it’s not a VZW app.

      Epic Munkyfun FAIL!!!

      Then again, VZW obviously partnered with them to make the app. So, maybe you’re right.

      Epic VZW Fail!!!

    2. Uninstall and reboot by taking the battery out wait one minute put the battery back in and reinstall app…working on my OG just fine now.

      1. where did you download it from?

  3. This app eliminates the very people that MIGHT WANT TO WIN AN UPGRADED PHONE! The OG Droid has been running AR apps since Eclair. Why is a phone running at 1GHz not compatible? How stupid and unfair is that?

    1. LOL! Upgrade to a Droid X2 and then exchange it once the Bionic comes out. =p

  4. The compatibility restriction is too arbitrary. My overclocked Droid should be able to handle it but no…it’s been eliminated right off. Not cool!

  5. Not compatible with Droid Eris :P

  6. For shame, VZW and Motorola. For shame.

  7. Seems that since it’s an ANDROID specific app, it also eliminates those of us that are eagerly awaiting getting a new Android phone with our next upgrade, but who are sadly running on WinMo phones currently….. :(

    (or other non-Android OS for that matter)

  8. Anyone have an APK floating about? My rooted OC’d DROID should be able handle this.

  9. Rebooted my droid X – LAME!

  10. from the terms and conditions:

    “One (1) winner will win a Drone Quadcopter (ARV: $304) and a Droid Bionic with $5 VISA Gift Card (ARV: $594.99), (Total ARV for both prizes: $898.99)” wow, i need to start selling $5 visa gift cards… i could sell them at a $200 discount and still make a killing. who wants to buy a $5 gift card? i’m only charging $394.99

  11. OG Droid fail is lame. Maybe VZW can make it up to ALL OG Droid owners at time of upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Working on my OG just fine. Another 57 hours till game time!

  13. Forgot to tell this
    Download from a link on phandroid or Droid life or bionicforums. Its not working from the market on OG that’s how I got it to work. Its. Buggy but it has gotten better today.

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