Motorola Droid 2 Gingerbread OTA Update Available NOW


That’s right, folks. Tonight’s your lucky night if you’re a Droid 2 user. Seems the Gingerbread soak test for the Motorola Droid 2 went over well seeing how Moto is to begin rolling out the tasty Android treat for the masses starting tonight at 11:59PM. This will bring your device up to Android 2.3.3 and all the Gingerbread goodies that come along with it. Are you guys as hyped about this as I am (and I don’t even own the device)? If you don’t like waiting, you can also pull the update to your Droid 2 by going into your Settings > About Phone > System Updates. As always make sure your phone is fully charged and don’t forget to leave us some feedback on how the update went! Good luck!

Thanks, Anon!

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  1. It’s running well on my Droid 2! I like that it seems faster and a lot less reboots!

    1. LOL! “Less reboots” =p

      Yeah, Gingerbread seems to make things feel speedier for some reason (could be placebo) I know scrolling is a whole lot smoother though =)

      1. The speediness I think comes from cleaning up the interface some. lighter graphics in the parts that have to get updated. I’m not saying that the graphics are less impressive, only that they coded them with less lines= faster to change around. I think this is my “guess” but to me the screen refreshes, the key entry times, etc are what is quicker- not loading the programs. Sure, they could have done other tweaks too, but most of what I can tell is from the lighter interfaces!

  2. Just got it. I think im gonna have a heart attack.

  3. runs way smoother

  4. can anyone else confirm its running smoother? GB tends to lag a lot of phones.

    1. GB lags phonees with out the processing power/RAM suitable for it. The Droid 2 should have no problem…

  5. No love for the Global.

  6. I find it running much smoother on gb. Really enjoying it so far

  7. How about it failed to install twice on my phone :(

    1. Unroot it! people who have rooted their phones previously have to completely follow the entire unroot process. just running the script isn’t enough- you have to SBF it!

  8. Went great for me

  9. so really this is not for the d2 global ?

    1. You’ve got yours coming; it’s listed on Verizon’s support page for the device as coming soon (of course, the Droid 2 is still listed as coming soon as well).

  10. Is this for the R2D2 model also?

    1. Not so far (and sadly, I have a feeling we won’t be seeing an update since nothing is posted for it on Verizon’s site, unlike the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global). I sent a nasty-gram to Verizon customer service inquiring about it, and what they intend to do about it, if they aren’t supporting the device as it seems. Us R2-D2 owners can always SBF the device to be a regular D2, then update as a D2, but we lose the special features that make it a special edition – besides the fact that the procedure is hardly simple or Verizon-recommended, and it probably voids warrantee.

    2. That’s what you get for being a complete dork… “R2D2 Version”? LMAO!!!

      1. Hahahahaha!

    3. Reply from Janice at VZW about whether the Droid R2-D2 would be seeing an update…
      “Verizon Wireless is a Service Provider and we do not manufacturer wireless phones. Software updates are provided by the manufacturer and are completed in a phased approach, based on area and ESN ranges if and when they become available.

      We do not have information regarding these Software Updates and are unable to advise you of release dates. You will receive a notification on your device when the software update is available. Not all devices are updated at once, due to network impacts.You will not have to manually update the devices. If you would like to determine if your is eligible, please go to the settings menu on your device. ”

      So, basically VZW is clueless, and I’d be willing to bet on there being no plans to upgrade the R2-D2s. I’ve checked Motorola’s website, and the Droid R2-D2 drops to the regular Droid 2 when seeking support for it (no support pages for the specific model, unlike the D2G). I’ve now contacted Motorola for a response.

  11. Is this for the global too?

  12. so far the only problem i have seen was that my phone wasn’t connecting to my car’s BT, but i didn’t want to force a reboot while it was still syncing… hopefully it will resolve itself on my commute home. otherwise… YAY! PRETTY! ;) should keep me content… until my upgrade

  13. Battery life also seems to be much improved, and the battery indicator is more honest. It might not seem like it’s improved at first, but whereas it used to take about 20 minutes to go from 30 percent to dead, now that’ll last you a couple hours.

    So performance and battery life are improved. The UI… well, some things are better than others. The white menus are pretty terrible, I think.

    1. I still have the battery go from 45 to zero in 15 or 20 minutes…Perhaps I need a new one!

  14. Is this for the global too or is that going to be a separate update?

  15. No this is not for the D2 global. This has been discussed at length in previous phandroid articles. So while you won’t get gb on your D2 today, you should be happy to know that it is coming. Sure it would be nice to not wait, but wouldn’t you prefer that motorola make sure the bugs are worked out. No need to repeat the droidX gb issue

  16. Thanks Duncan I’m just glad that I’ll finally be getting it. I had gb on my OG droid and loved it then the phone finally died for good less than a week after I put it on and the d2g was my replacement. I was pretty upset when I found out I couldn’t easy get it on this phone too.

  17. D2G is undergoing the soak test right now! I have it and its amazing!

  18. I have a D2G and received the update last night, FYI. It’s now running Android 2.3.3 (build # 4.5.1_57_D2G-37) and the system version is: 4.5.607

    Also, I haven’t noticed any issues. My phone is running great, looks nice as well. I’ll update about battery overall after I have more time with it today.

    Today is September 4th, 2011 and it’s going on 10:30AM EST

  19. My dad and I have the same phone and he says that it asked him if he wanted to update it, it didn’t do that for me and when I go to update it it says there’s no updates! Why is that?!

  20. I don’t have a Droid 2, but my friend does and I helped him update to Gingerbread. He says that his phone has been running faster since the update. So apparently this was a good update, especially after coming off of the rough situation with my Droid X. xD

  21. We had to return our Motorola android phones, they fried, so I have no idea. Thanks anyway.

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