@DroidLanding Twitter Account Awakes from Slumber, Links to Hidden Video


It’s that time again, folks – a new flagship Verizon phone is coming out and the DroidLanding twitter account has taken notice. Its first tweet since May? Linking to this new DROIDDoes landing page which shows input boxes for four sites asking for access codes. Unfortunately we’re not exactly sure what one of these codes are, but they seem to unlock a video of sorts. Natural guesses are it’s a teaser video, but what if we actually get a release date from it? That would be splended, wouldn’t it? We’ll update with more once this all plays out. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. looks like the codes can be found at 4 different blogs. Also, according to the countdown it looks like the codes won’t be available for about 25 hours.

    1. OR we have 25 hours to find the codes…

      1. OR (and most likely) we have 25 hours before all our current DROIDs become self-aware and join together to become SKYNET and take over the earth. I hope John Connor is watching!

  2. I think it is the release date of the Bionic. Isnt it just a coincidence that the 26h 51m places this time at roughly 12pm on Thursday exactly 1 week away from the Bionics rumored release date? That is my logic behind it anyway

  3. There is a countdown to something too… in your pic, it shows 26 hours 51 mins. Now it’s down to 24 hours 40 mins.

  4. That’s funny… It now states 27 hrs 26 mins…. hmmm….

  5. The Cryonic is the only reason VZW is not getting an SGS2. The “public” reason is something better is coming and a real reason. The true reason is that the Cryonic would hardly sell at all next to the SGS2, Vigor, and Prime.

    1. Well then why is Sprint selling the Photon and gs2? Same principle..

  6. Something very interesting I noticed….There’s a contest running from 9/4 for 4 days only…hmmm…4 days from 9/4 = 9/8. Of course, it’s just speculation, but interesting, nonetheless. See pix below.

  7. I want level 2 access :(

  8. Pix for contest.

  9. http://www.androidcentral.com/sneak-peak-droid-bionic-training-docs-plus-more-confirmation-sept-8-launch

    I think the countdown is to presales. I have a feeling that presales will begin tomorrow @ noon.

  10. I got 52% of the video unlocked. It’s just a teaser video of people running around a city promoting arena sweepstakes 9-4 to 9-8. Looks something like was done when they hid Droid Charges around the country to be found before release. It says 768 chances to win. That is much better odds then before.

  11. There is really no information in the video. People even seem to be using other phones. But I know everybody wants to see anything new so here are some shots of the video.

  12. Just a thougt, anyone else remember the qr code in the teaser video?

  13. not sure why but when I went to the site 3 of the 4 were unlocked (cookies from visiting the sites?). anyhow, googled a bit and saw from another blog that 242743 is the code to access level 2. nothing special really, but still kind of fun. as for the video its at 76% with 3 of the 4 unlocked, as mentioned earlier its people running around and scanning things with their phones (one was HTC, another Motorola)

  14. If you hit the 4g Droid button, in the ads it says 4 days until the release on 9/4. Easy math 9/4+4 days is 9/8, the real release date. It’s basically confirmed, but at this point, we’re still waiting on BoingBoing to put their code in. Doubt they’ll do it, everyone else did though.

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