Refreshed HTC Sensation to Be First Beats by Dre Handset?


With HTC’s recent acquisition of Beats by Dre, it makes sense that the company would want to make a statement by getting a handset featuring the audio technology to market quickly. Most expect the HTC Vigor on Verizon to be the first handset sporting improved audio, but a new report claims that a refreshed version of the HTC Sensation may, in fact, bring the Beats/HTC combo to shelves even sooner.

Aside from fine-tuned sound and a pair of earbuds with the ability to remotely control handset functions, the new Sensation will sport a bumped up processor at 1.5GHz of dual-core power, internal storage increased to 4GB, and a larger battery. Pricing details are already available — the handset will hit the UK free on certain carrier contracts or for  £520 ($846) outright. A release date isn’t known, but all signs point to the updated HTC Sensation making its way to the UK and China very soon.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Bring me the Vigor… I am ready

    1. Vigor is bad name though.

      1. pedobear lol

  2. Maybe they needed to up the processor, storage and battery to fix the lag and help it go through a day without dying.

    1. They need to put the internals from the evo 3d in it. The lag is probably due to not enough ram to operate sense 3.0 and run apps. I know it’s completely different but I have an aria as a backup phone and running on cm7 it flat out flies. I put gb with sense 2.1 on it and it lags like mad. Sense as much as I love the looks of it is a drag on a phones processor.
      I hope somehow you guys atleast get a set of headphones sent to you.

  3. I dunno how I feel about HTCs acquisition of Beats by Dre honestly.

    If it improves the devices internal speakers then fine. Im all for it, but if they begin just bundling the headphones/earbuds with the devices, can i get them at a lower pricepoint without the bundle?

    The BBD line are some nice cans and all, but there are NUMEROUS other BETTER headphones/earbuds available at a far lower/similar pricepoint. The BBD line sells because of outstanding marketing and accessibility (there available everywhere like SkullCandies), not because of there audio superiority…….

  4. What about T-Mobile?

  5. This is bullshit… Current sensation owners better get an upgrade option like they did with mytouch 3g when it got the 3.5 mm jack

  6. Yes I am wondering if this will make it to T-Mobile, I haven’t purchased one yet but was going to soon. I will be more than happy to wait for this though.

  7. This is typical behavior of HTC.
    When they introduced the Mytouch 4g they put out a TON with a crappy screen.
    So what does HTC and TBlow do?
    They didnt acknowledge it as a problem nor did they go about trying to replace them.
    All they did was let us users keep exchanging them in hopes of getting a good one.
    Now here we have ALMOST THE EXACT SAME SCENARIO with you Sensation owners except this time it involves Sense and lag.
    Will the beefed up processor reduce the lag?
    Well if it does I wouldnt expect HTC to do the RIGHT THING and allow Sensation owners to trade in for the new Sensation.
    Of course TBlow will just turn a blind eye and pass the buck to HTC.
    I really hope at some point a class action lawsuit stops this BS because almost every cell phone manufacturer has had this occur and most do nothing for the consumer.
    Cell phone providers IMHO shouldnt be allowed to pass the buck that is BS.
    I will probably jump over from the MYTOUCH 4g to the SG2. Last saturday throwing this POS phone across the room didnt finish it off but I am very close to snapping this POS in half. I am on my 3rd lemon.

    1. I kind of don’t see T-Mobile stocking the new Sensation or allowing users to trade in.

    2. I thought the OTA update fixed the lag, I dont have one and have never used it but I have seen reviews saying it was a lot better after the update.

  8. Now if only Dre could release his new album by the time HTC revamps the Sensation. Right. Not gonna happen.

    1. I concur lol

  9. Upping the internal memory by only 4 GB, It needs more then that. I am so pissed off by the lack of internal space on my Sensation, I use it for my work phone. I use my Thunderbolt as my best phone. How can you build such a great looking phone with some great specs and forget to put in internal memory. What a failure by HTC and the shitheads who built it. If I wasn’t so hyped up for that damn phone I would have double checked on internal memory and I would never of bought it. My fault, never happen again. Do not know how I let that slip by. Have it rooted with S-Off running all my apps including maps, adobe flash and all large apk’s on my ext sd card. I formatted my sd card to ext 4 and have everything I can throw in my ext 4 sd card. I still have shit for internal memory. What a failure lack of internal memory does for a phone. Great Hardware, NO MEMORY.

    1. Doesn’t the Sensation have 1gb of internal memory stock? Running A2SD and you still are out of space?

  10. ive had 3 of these fucking things and now im getting a refund.. dead motherboards after 2 weeks shows they havent worked out dual core heat yet……….

  11. I bought the sensation and i can tell you this is the last HTC phone i buy. They’re great quality but they release a new phone every week with some minor enhancements. I’m probably gonna sell it and get the next nexus or get the galaxy s2 which has a better battery, better speakers and a beautiful display

    1. Is yours the tmo version or bell. If it’s an unlocked bell then there are people on xda that will gladly trade you.

      1. @Thomas Vales
        The US versions have NFC (except the Sprint version) 16gb internal storage, and the super amoled plus screen( i’ve seen it in person it’s gorgeous). The nexus prime it’s a “google phone”, meaning that google releases a phone once a year with a mayor software update.
        What is the difference between the bell and tmo sensation?
        Mine is unlocked but from tmobile.

        1. The bell version will work on att which makes it worth more to a bunch of people. I’ve seen some of the bell sensations go for up to $700u.s. while the tmo sells for $300/ $350. I haven’t seen a tmo version go for more than that within the last month or so.

    2. I agree but Samsung seems to be doing the same thing, which is pissing me off. A few days before they anounced the GSII in the US they announced the GSII LTE version which has NFC and a 1.5 Ghz Exoynos also they have the Nexus prime in like a another 2 months, and if im not mistaken they are releasing a new Verizon GS2 version. Its starting to make me wait before I buy any phone because it seems days later you find out about another with better specs for the same price.

    3. I bought a Sensation too.. I am happy with it. New phones will always be coming out form HTC and other manufacturers.. There is no phone that is going to last more than a couple months before there is something else that will seem to be better.. There is nothing wrong with the Sensation.. It’s a great phone.. All the hype for what’s coming down the pipe, doesn’t make me regret it a bit.. I’m thinking there might be a market for phone leasing for people who can’t stand not to have the “latest”.. never own your phone, just rent it for awhile till you can swap it for something else.

  12. wtf why am i always being fucked for being loyal to htc
    i better get an update or discount

    1. yeah.. you better.

  13. why dont they make some really comfortable, good sounding ear buds. or some portable headphones that arent bulky

  14. Will it have a radio that can deliver T-Mobile’s hspa+ 42 speed?

  15. I got about 18+ hrs out of mine rooted with htcclay superlite 1.3 n anker battery which I think is verrry nice. I love the phone but not worth upgrading cause its probably isn’t a new processor just the 1.2 clocked to 1.5 which can already be done!

  16. Quit bitching. I love my Sensation with InsertCoin. Just waiting on for KMobs to get CM7 nightlies rolling. I’m not a big fan of Sense, and AOSP should fly on this with a nice OC kernel. Sure there are things it could have but doesn’t, but if you want a better phone…wait a month. You knew the specs when you bought the thing.

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