Galaxy S II to Feature NFC on T-Mobile and AT&T, Epic 4G Touch Lacking


Based on a thorough examination of the Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T, Engadget has confirmed that the handset will launch with NFC support. Both kernel drivers and an APK for NFC support were located, and the handset was found to run in NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) mode. This means the AT&T version of Samsung’s popular handset will join T-Mobile’s (as revealed by FCC filings) as part of the mobile payments revolution. At the launch event for the devices an AT&T representative confided to us that their version of the phone would launch with a unique feature, could they have been referring to NFC?

Left on the outside is Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch. Their Galaxy S II variant was found to lack NFC. Also noted was the presence of the same WiMAX radio as that found in the Nexus S 4G. Let’s hope WiMAX connectivity issues don’t carry over.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I think we’ve crossed over into the Twilight Zone. Sprint’s a partner in the Google Wallet program, this makes no sense.

    1. Good point…NFC will probably be bigger in 1 – 2 years, so this may not be as big of a deal.

    2. Yes, this was the most confusing thing to me about Sprint not putting it in this phone — that they’re a Google Wallet partner. Sprint sucks a Sharpie sometimes…

  2. Good to know!

    More NexusPrime rumors plx =(

  3. Sprint already has NFC technology — you can only get a decent signal if you’re *near* a tower…

    1. Are you sure you know what NFC is?

      1. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.

        1. Some people shouldn’t have a computer. I was making a joke at the expense of Sprint’s feeble network, of which I am a daily victim. Of course I know what NFC is — near field communication. I hadn’t considered it as a selling point before, while salivating over the Sprint Super Galaxy Max Touch Ultra 5X Epic 2D Primo S II Mega 4G Wonder Phone, but it is annoying that it won’t be in there.

          1. that shut them up lol

      2. it’s called ‘a joke.’

  4. This really does make no sense to me…

  5. Doesn’t matter to me…nfc is over rated and by the time its everywhere.ill be 3 phones from now

    1. exactly how I feel, I don’t care weather my phone as NFC or not. I think the idea is cool, but it will be at least a couple years before this is integrated enough to be reliable and useful.

  6. i would *ALMOST* be willing to trade NFC for an LED notification light. almost…

  7. I don’t know anyone with any NFC phones and mobile payments hasn’t taken off in the US yet. This shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, I’m sure my Nexus Prime will have an NFC chip inside once I sell the GSII for it. :)

    1. I think geeks like it because it’s there and will serve to make their phone more future-proof, which can be a valid concern.

  8. Id rather have the LED indicator then NFC….. WTH does only the Sprint variant have an LED Indicator? WTF!!

    1. This is pretty stupid, you’d rather a flashing light that you can find on a prepaid phone than a next generation technology? Good to see your priorities are straight. They should make sure the next Galaxy S has a lanyard groove in place of a larger battery. Lanyard hoops are clearly more important.

      1. i honestly would rather have the LED. I have a recording studio and my phone is ALWAYS on silent during my sessions. i always have to guess i got a text and i find myself checking more that i should. I won’t use NFC everyday. i would use LED everyday, all day.

      2. Yes, I would rather have a notification LED over the new NFC tech that I will not use anyways. I have problem enough giving my CC info out online let alone allowing my phone to broadcast said info just by being near another device……..
        I have my priorities straight. Mine just differ from yours.

        Yes, I also miss the lanyard slots on my phones. Would I prefer a larger battey? Sure. Can you purchase larger batteries? Yes actually you can.

        While I’m at it, stop giving me capacitive buttons. I want physical buttons back.

        1. NFC does not broadcast anything, you sound like a grandmother afraid to use the evil debit card systems. Why dont you just use a checkbook.

          1. As a matter of fact I do use a checkbook to pay bills. What’s your point? I use Credit card and debit cards aswell. Forgive me for not being the most trusting person in the world and just handing my personal and financial info to just anyone…..
            And to believe this little chip is 100% safe, and noone could get your info from it…. your like the child who believes the tooth fairy leves money under your pillow for your tooth..
            yes, it does broadcast your info to other devices otherwise how else does it exchange it with other devices? Magic? This is reall life, not Harry Potter.

          2. I can’t believe you’re trying to engage me in your stupidity… I’ll leave you to your foolishness…

  9. Not sure how big an NFC chip is but could it be to keep the thickness down on the SGSIIET4G with it already being thicker due to the wimax radio? That or they wanted a phone in the $199 sweet spot and something had to be cut to make that price.

  10. NFC will ensue identities being stolen and credit card fraud. No thanks.

    1. Exactly why I couldn’t care less about it………
      YAY, my phone now broadcast all my credit card info to other devices in close proximity……
      Like when someone walks past me….. o_O?

      1. You should do some research on NFC Mobile Payments instead of making these comments that degrade your intelligence…

  11. People throw around NFC like it actually does something useful. I’m not going to use my phone for mobile payments. I’ve never lost a phone, but if I did, I wouldn’t want to have the same problems as if I lost my phone AND my wallet.

    1. Just for an example that it’s not all about mobile payments, the doubleTwist app can send songs between two handsets using NFC.

      1. You don’t need NFC to do that though, it does make it easier…

      2. That’s pretty cool. Thanks for the reply. The GSII is definitely my next phone, with or without NFC.

    2. NFC is actually useful, aside from the mobile payment aspect of it all, it provides a more efficient way to share information, not just payments. Like checking in to a restaurant, transferring money to friends or family, sharing contact info, it is the future. It may not be the most necessary item in your phone right now, but then again, is 4G? Is 3D? Is a FFC REALLY as important as people make it out to be? (I have it on both my phones and literally have never used it on my GS4G and definitely less than 10x on my iPhone). It is cool to have though. When you buy a new phone, dont you want your phone to have ALL the cutting edge technology it should have?

      1. I agree it should ahve all the latest tech, but it would be nice if manufacturers could release ONE version of a phone with all the bells and whistles and not pander to a specific provider by having that litte *extra* that no one else has. I pre-ordered an S2 from the UK, had it shipped overseas only to find out that NFC wasn’t being included in the model I bought. Needless to say I was extremely dissapointed to find that out. I may not have been able to use the NFC feature, but like you say, it is the future and being prepared for the future would have been nice.

  12. I’m not overly worried about security with NFC. I don’t have to use it. But what the article failed to mention is whether the T-Mobile version will be HSPA+ 42 enabled. T-Mobile desperately needs a phone that takes advantage of their new speed. So far all they have is a USB modem. The SGSII would be a perfect first phone to enable the new enhanced speed.

    1. Real world speeds come nowhere close..why does it matter?

      1. Actually real word speeds are 22-30Mbps. I routinely get 12-15 on my 21Mbps GS4G. Obviously peak speed matters because the higher the theoretical peak speed, the higher the real life speeds. Don’t know why you even made that comment. Now Sprints WiMax 4G badjoke comes nowhere close to their peak speeds. If you’re on Sprint, your experience has probably jaded your belief.

        1. Proof then, please. The fastest I’ve encountered was in NYC on my G2 where I got like 6mbps down and 1 or 2 up.

          My point is if top speeds are 42mbps and real world speeds are still at 10mbps then the phones capable of 21mbps are still not being maxed out. I’m on t-mobile right now.

          1. http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g339/billibolas/snap20110713_211544.png

            I hope you can read a speedtest, there are plenty idiots out there that see the WI-Fi in the notification bar and cant figure out that i took the screen shot with WI-Fi on, but the actual connection type is to the left of the result.

            This is from a couple months ago, I dont feel like uploading another screen shot. There is your proof. Keep in mind your G2 is only 14.4 Mbps, although I see plenty of people pulling in 7-9Mbps all the time.

          2. i used to get 5-6 mbps on my vibrant and my brother would get 7-8 on his g2.

          3. http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g339/billibolas/MixedSpeedtests.jpg

            Here’s a mixed shot so that you can see Wi-Fi and Cell Tower symbols.

  13. I read in the specs that these phones have 256 bit aes encryption. What does that mean? The bootloader isn’t locked is it?

  14. I live in NY and actually have plenty of NFC payment systems around me. Not to mention the fact that Google is pushing out their equipment to a bunch of national retailers. Even the pharmacies and vending machines have NFC. I think it would be pretty neat to be able to check into a restaurant and check out ratings by just scanning the chip (Not the clumsy QR Code crap) instead of having to go through a bunch of taps through my screen. It’s purely a convenience item. Also the Nexus S has it built in, for anyone saying they dont know anyone with NFC Phones.

  15. Does anyone know if this phone has two microphones for Noise Cancellation?

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