HTC Holiday Prototype Turns Up on eBay


It takes a ballsy phone tester to decide a prototype handset’s 4.5-inch qHD display is just a bit too big for them and put the prerelease device up for auction on eBay, but that’s exactly what one HTC Holiday guinea pig did. Aside from the large screen, the listing confirms the 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 8MP rear camera with 1.3MP front-facing camera, and 1GB of memory housed withint the phone. Also confirmed is Bluetooth 3.0 baked into an Android 2.3.4 build running Sense 3.0. The rear of the phone reveals a dual-LED flash and some sort of unidentified connector on the back of the battery cover not seen in the most recent leaked photos. The phone is AT&T compatible and should run on the carriers 4G LTE network when it launches later this fall.

One downside to this auction is a cracked digitizer and other cosmetic wear and tear, though the seller claims the touchscreen is still in tact. At the time of posting its going price was $900. Who’s buying?

[via eBay | Thanks, Alex!]

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  1. The seller is sick if he thinks someone will pay that price for a used tester with a cracked digitizer.



  3. This the same device that was purchased on Craigslist recently. Same cracked pattern. He must have not like it that much

  4. ……… Another HTC phone

  5. LMFAO, he broke it already? IDIOT…
    Good luck finding a replacement digi for it……………

  6. The testing for this pone has taken so long that there are much better phones coming out…Just not for At&t, which I am “lucky” enough to have.

  7. I contacted the seller just to get some information here is his reply!!!!


    It fully works with an AT&T sim card, calling, texting, data, etc. I used my personal AT&T sim to test it. The dimensions are 5in x 2.5in x 0.5in

  8. This will most likely be pulled soon.

    1. Doubt it.
      People sell tester unit on ebay and craigslist all of the time before the device launches. This isn’t the first time nor will it be the last.

      Hell, People were selling T-Mo 3G compatible Dell Streak 5s on Ebay nearly months before the official Streaks were even released.
      Not to mention the fact that Dell never sold any Streaks that had T-Mo compatible 3G bands. Only those select tester units. =P

      Also, funny how this article says the current going price at time of posting was $900, yet it sold for $800………. o_O?

      1. Those tester Dell Streaks sound pretty interesting-maybe It was intended to be for T-Mobile?

    2. and its been pulled, lol

  9. By the time it comes out it’s gonna be obsolete or even worse OBSULEAT!!!

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