4G LTE Upgraded Motorola XOOMs Appearing, Android 3.2.2 In Tow


A small group of Motorola XOOM owners taken from Verizon’s government and business customers were part of an initial test run of the 4G LTE upgrade for the tablet, and the results are now streaming in. Along with a shiny new LTE modem capable of connecting to Verizon’s powerful next-gen network, the upgraded XOOM tablets are also being loaded with Android 3.2.2. The lower left corner of the above image provides all the proof you need.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Sure took em long enough

  2. Oh so this is the new spam technique. Take the first part of the story and claim you are saying something to someone who isn’t even here….nice try.

  3. i don’t want to start a flame war…but isn’t anyone just a little bit pissed that Motorola lied about Flash and LTE, still took your money, and delivered something that wasn’t what they said it was?

    Apple gets sued by some woman who counted all the iMac screen colors and decided it was less than a million. Lawsuit.

    Motorola advertises 4G and Flash and then doesn’t deliver:

    Buyer: ‘well they said it will with an upgrade, i have to send it in….but at least this and this kinda work’

    I will never understand why Google lets OEM’s bend over their users.

    1. Motorola never claimed that the Xoom would ship with LTE or Flash, only that LTE would be made available as an upgrade in the summer and that flash would be available in the weeks following launch. Flash was available a little less than a month after launch so that works for me. However this LTE upgrade is much later than they said it would be.

  4. You XOOM adopters have to be pissed off about this. This upgrade was all but promised for delivery in May, here we are in September and they still havent delivered the update and Samsung has already released/announced 4 tablets that put the XOOM to shame…

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