HTC Says Gingerbread Coming to Droid Incredible and Thunderbolt in September


Via their Facebook page, HTC has announced that we can expect the Android 2.3 update for the Droid Incredible and Thunderbolt on Verizon to begin rolling out in September. The month kicks off tomorrow, but an exact date wasn’t given. We have seen leaks and heard whispers of both updates over the past months, but it looks like some more Gingerbread goodness will be dropping onto Big Red’s lineup within the next 30 days.

[via HTC | Thanks, Josh!]

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  1. Great…just in time for me to upgrade to another phone FROM my incredible. Thanks HTC + Verizon.

    1. The phone has been retired for months and it’s still getting upgrades, thats a win in my book.

    2. Why are you complaining? Its just in time for you to get a Bionic

  2. That should be enough to hold me over till the Prime is released!

  3. Even today, the Droid Incredible is really an incredible phone…

    1. You are Incredibly correct!! Incredible FTW!!

  4. And yet nothing on the Droid Charge… thanks Samsung and Verizon. Hoping the Prime will be a Nexus device so i know it will get timely updates.

  5. The Thunderbolt should of had this update a while ago. So this is a complete fail on HTC side!

  6. You mean there are people who haven’t upgraded their Droid Incredible’s to Gingerbread yet? What are you waiting for? CM7.1 for the win!

  7. I’d love this phone a whole lot more if I could get that stupid “application date space is low” to go away. I’ve tried everything. Ready to chuck it out the window, Gingerbread and all.

    1. I reset my phone and it went away. :)

    2. Clear your FB and Browser cache and it will go away…Trust me… I have assisted many with this little tip.

      1. I’ve done that a dozen times. It goes away for a few minutes and comes back. I’ve wiped my phone, several factory resets, deleted app after app, keep text messages clear, constantly clear app and browser cache… no go. It always comes back a few minutes later.

        1. Weather Bug is the worst. But yeah that sucks. Especially because my data space issues stem from many Google apps. G+ 13MB GTFO?! Maps 11MB, Music 7MB, … why can Google Sky be installed to SD but G+, Maps or Music. Also, lets not forget Adobe Flash.

          1. Actually, while these apps might be rather large, my guess is that they have little to do with your problem. The error is somewhat misleading, as it directs you to a list of all your apps and the total space the app occupies on the phone. However, on the Incredible (and I think on the Thunderbolt), there is a separate partition for application data (photos from fb or twitter, buffered audio files from music beta or pandora, etc). This partition was made disproportionately small compared to the overall storage space on the phone, so while you think you have all this space left, you keep getting this annoying error. While I don’t know for certain, I think that fb has a tendency to inflate artificially fast due to downloading the photos of your entire friend list if you set up contact sync.

          2. Root your phone, format your sd card to ext 2,3 or 4 and install all apk’s to sd card including maps, adobe flash, you tube and anything that was downloaded. I even run the android market from my sd card without ANY issues. The Sensation has low internal memory and I do this with that phone.

        2. You pressed the “Clear Data” button from the Manage Applications menu and the error came back within minutes? That’s surprising. How about twitter? Generally speaking, I have found that apps that download photos have a tendency for filling up your app data partition, the most likely source of your problem

          1. http://androidforums.com/incredible-support-troubleshooting/183963-low-space-phone-application-storage-notification.html

            It is all because the data/data partition is set at 150mb. There is a fix (of sorts) coming with GB. Plus there are several solutions in the thread i linked (try first post, and page 12)

            Most are temporary solutions as this was a design flaw but GB update will improve matters

  8. Too little…..too late! Worst phone ever!

  9. I’ve heard this story before. They have played this one so many times that I no longer dance to it…………….I’M ROOTED AND I LOVE IT!!………..

  10. By the way, No more HTC for me after this one. Samsung is the way to go.

  11. It really is a good phone. There’s no technical reason for it not to be able to run Gingerbread easily. Maybe even ICS… but then again, we don’t know concretely what ICS’s requirements are. That said, if it DOES get ICS… I’ll honestly be shocked and pretty pleased.

  12. Long Live the ODinc..

  13. Gingerbread been out for 10 months or more already they should have skipped over GB & went to ICS for all the grief this phone has given us. Too little too late VZW & HTC way to take care of your customers you arrogant @ssholes !!!! Not going with HTC anymore & debating to swich from VZW too when my contract is up in December.You should be giving TBolt owners the option to change there phones before our contracts end. Thats how you keep customers happy when you F_Up & won’t admit it !!!

    1. i’ve had gingerbread forever.. just sayin’…

  14. Glad I wasn’t holding my breath for August

  15. No thanks, my DINC running cm7, smooth and great battery life.

  16. Screw the official GB, just run CM7 or Gingeritis.

  17. I have had GB for the thuderbolt for a while, but VZW killed the annual upgrade and I killed them as my provider, now I am on a G2x.

  18. My phone updated last night. Now it displays this error: “The application HTC Sense (Process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” The only option is to Force Close and that just cycles the attempt to start the same process again with the same result. Well done Verizon.

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