Samsung DROID Prime Passes Through Bluetooth SIG – Headed to Verizon?


The device now rumored to be the Droid Prime, the Samsung SCH-i515, has just passed through Bluetooth SIG certification potentially on its way to Verizon as evidence by the CDMA and North America references in the pic above. Originally, it was rumored that the Samsung i9250 was to be the Nexus Prime thanks to a leaked Samsung roadmap but in a recent turn of events, everything flipped on us with BGR’s tipster indicating the Samsung SCH-i515 as the new “chosen one.” Regardless, certifications are always a good indicator of what’s coming around the bend so if there’s one thing we know for sure — Prime is coming.

[Via Droid-Life]

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  1. I’ll be gutted if this means it won’t be going international. I’ve been holding out for this phone for months!

    1. Verizon has been doing pretty well with this “Global” kick they’ve been on. Maybe it will be one of those? =)

  2. Sammy let me down with the delays for the GS2 here in the US ( all the rumors initially pointed towards february 2011, lol) and now the Prime is going to be on Veri$on first? I wont be getting a phone until Q1 2012, a full year after I thought. Oh well, patience will pay off, the phones will only get more powerful.

    1. Wait until 2014. The phones will be holographic :D

      1. But then he’ll have to wait until 2015 for the holographic-plus phones.

    2. don’t blame Samsung, blame your carriers.

  3. Just take my money already!!!!!

  4. Look at the model number of this phone (SCH). This will be headed to Verizon FO SHIZZLE! All Samsung phones on Verizons network carry this model number scheme

  5. I’m going to be severely disappointed if this does turn out to be Droid branded phone but at least then I will know that a new Nexus is just around the corner. Maybe just maybe Best Buy will have different models of the Nexus Prime that work on AT&T, T-mobile, and Sprint.

  6. Could this just be a variant of the Nexus Prime like the Desire was for the original Nexus One and the Galaxy S for the Nexus S? I can’t imagine Google not coming out with a Nexus phone unless they are getting rid of the Nexus program because of their acquisition of Motorola.

  7. Well, it says it is a CDMA device which leaves it as a VZW and Sprint option only. If you throw in the version number, then that leads us to believe that it is a VZW phone. Throw in the fact that VZW will not get the SGS2 because they need an iPhone 5 competitor and it is pretty clear Prime will be on VZW.

    The bigger question at this point is what is the iPhone 5 gonna be. If VZW needs something to compete with it, it clearly means Bionic and SGS2 are not at the same level. If that is true, then the Bionic is truly a very outdated phone before launching. We can understand the SGS2 because it was really released several months ago.

    1. Why do they need an iPhone 5 competitor ?.. aren’t they going to also be selling it ?

  8. Why does the title of this article say Droid Prime when the previous article got an update that said “the name is up in the air but we are fairly sure it will contain Nexus and NOT Droid???? I sense a disturbance in the force.

  9. Please tell me where the name Prime came from? I kept hearing about the Nexus 3 and all of a sudden it is being called Prime everywhere… I see Prime being used all over the ASUS transformer forums and I can understand the tie in. But where did Prime come into play for the next Google phone?

  10. Ill go ahead and say this yes the SCH-i515 will be a Droid device with vanilla ICS from Samsung and there will be a nexus prime too that will be Google’s flagship… it will be just like the og Droid and nexus one days these phones will have minor differences more in terms size as the nexus prime will have a 4.65 inch sceen and 3g/wimax/gsm for tmobile att and sprint compared to at 4.5 inch on the new Droid and lte…now if Verizon calls it the Droid prime that will be good for the prime name so when Google release the nexus prime it will be know that’s a prime device like that Droid on Verizon but from my knowledge it the Verizon phone will not be call the Droid prime but it is a Droid device that’s BGR is right about being a exclusive to Verizon does it make sense now guys

  11. sorry guys, no nexus anything ever for us big red customers. Verizon would NEVER allow a bloat-free, vanilla phone on their network… It goes against their entire handset philosophy: CONTROL. They won’t give up their control, ever. This will be the fascinate 2 or maybe Charge 2 with LTE and 4.5″ screen, thats it, nothing new otherwise, and definetly no vanilla. We will have to make do with cherry instead…

    1. I’m afraid that you might be right. But I hope you’ll be wrong.

      1. i hope im wrong too… Nexus on big red would be awesome fest! Time will tell.

        1. I hope that if they do get it that they don’t mess with the free tethering like the Nexus One and Nexus S.

    2. If they can do it with the damn Iphone why cant they do it with the Prime??!!!

    3. Yea, this seems more likely, but I honestly think the name DROID Prime will stick since most articles are claiming Verizon’s exclusivity of the product and the name “DROID” is exclusive to Verizon. Truly hoping for Verizon to just leave everything alone with the OS like they did in the OG Droid. Either way I’m passing on the Bionic to get this “Prime” or the Vigor.

    4. Seriously, why do people say this? THE FIRST DROID LADIES AND GENTS. Pure vanilla Android.

  12. If big V for some odd reason happens to get the Nexus and doesn’t molest it any further than just adding the “Droid” moniker to it, I’ll be quite inclined to purchase said device. However if they totally trash it to the point where it doesn’t even come close to what a Nexus device should be, for the first time in 11 years I might actually jump ship to another carrier that has a pure Nexus. I guess time will tell…

  13. Its amazing Yarrell isnt in here praising Sprint and saying his EVO 3D is so much better than this phone!! Hes such a TOOL!!

  14. I HOPE it is the Samsung LTE qwerty slider we saw a few weeks ago and then heard nothing further about it!

    Come on SLIDER!!!

  15. I do blame my carrier. I would have bought the s2 in a heart beat.. I have been waiting since feb for a new phone and am sick of reading the rumor mill. Hard to believe the largest carrier does not get the best phones. I am over the bionic… Even if the prime has bloat it will still (eventually ) be rootable. Lets get to it already.. Instead there Will be delay after delay on ICS and the phone will magically be ready just in time for black friday.

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