New Samsung Roadmap Leaks With Expected Launch Dates – Nexus Prime Revealed?


It was only last week we posted a leaked Samsung roadmap only to have Samsung turn around and flat out deny on their official blog. Well, the guys over at telefonino managed to get themselves almost the same roadmap but this time — with expected launch dates, baby! Keep in mind the launch dates are listed in weeks and we are currently in W33 (week 33). Let’s get to it!

  • GT-I8150 (W40) Android 2.3.3, 3.7-inch 480×800 display, HSDPA network support, 4GB of memory, 1.4GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera with 720p HD recording.
  • GT-B5510 (W41) Android 2.2.2 smartphone with 2.8-inch display, 800MHz processor, QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera.
  • GT-S5360 (W42) Android 2.3.3, 3-inch screen with 240×320 resolution, 2MP camera.
  • GT-S5610 (W42) Android 2.3.3, 2.4-inch 320×240 display, 5MP camera, 150 MB of internal memory and support for HSDPA networks.
  • GT-I9220 (W43) Android 2.3.3, 4.3-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED display, 1.4Ghz dual-core processor and 8MP camera.
  • P6200 (W44) Honeycomb tablet with 7-inch 1024×600 Super AMOLED display, HSDPA support, 3MP rear camera, 2MP front facing.
  • P6210 (W44) Honeycomb tablet, 7-inch 1024×600 Super AMOLED display, WiFi, 3MP rear camera, 2MP front facing.
  • GT-I9210 (W48) Android 2.3.3, 4.5-inch 480×800 Super AMOLED display, supports 4G networks, 16 GB of memory, 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and front facing 2MP, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi b/g/n and 1750 mAh battery.
  • GT-I9250 (W48) Android Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.65-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED display, 5MP camera.
Probably the most note worthy of this bunch would be the GT-I9250 in week 48. Seems this device will be running Ice Cream Sandwich and gorgeous 720p HD display. Call me crazy but that sounds an awful lot like the rumors of that new Nexus device. Seems the Nexus Prime was originally supposed to hit us towards the end of they year but now current rumors have it pushed up to the fall to compete with the iPhone 5. So many questions and so much speculation. I think I need a Tylenol.
[Via GSMArena]
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  1. Ctrl-F: LTE
    No results.

    1. It’s funny, because that’s the first thing that I did when this post opened. I got the same results and went bananas.

    2. Haha well one does say support 4G networks

  2. So the majority of the SGIIs to US carriers will arrive 5 weeks before the Nexus? Seems like a bad strategy to me. Why would I settle for an SGII when the Prime is right around the corner.

    1. looks like the t-mo hercules (GT-I9210?) and prime are coming out same week too… wonder what that means

      1. My guess is that with Sprint being so chummy with Google as of late that you will see the Prime released for Sprint only for a few months then onto other carriers.

        1. that would be great.. I think (and hope) you’re right!

          1. i think that is horrible and I think/hope you’re wrong
            … :P

        2. sounds most logical, but for my sake, i hope you’re wrong~

    2. Well, Samsung isn’t broadcasting it. That’s why they keep this stuff “top secret” (although doing a terrible job at it) =p

    3. The Bionic, and SGSII sales will both suffer from the Osborne effect.

      1. I remember the Osborne well and it’s fitting that the phenomenon is named after that fiasco. I went with a Kaypro. :)

    4. First year release of the Nexus Prime will NOT be subsidized, in other words, you would have to buy it out at full price $600 give or take.

      IMO, I don’t think it will eat much into SGS II and other phones subsidized, that is way I’m sure Samsung is not worried.

      1. And exactly where did you hear this? An un-subsidized phone would not sell, and it would be worthless in the marketplace. Why would any person in their right mind pass up what amounts to about a $400 subsidy and buy a phone at full price? (Other than those few who just can’t wait for an upgrade.)

        1. Let see…the Nexus One was un-subsidized and the initial release of the Nexus S was too before being release through Sprint and AT&T.

          You are right to a point, but, I’m just following the trend.

          Those who can afford it will. I personally can (gratefully) as when I purchased my Nexus S.

        2. You answered your own question. Plus in addition we’re techies we love high end and if we have the money we will do what we please.

  3. 5 megapixel camera again? thought was gunna be a phone that blew away everything?

    1. My only conclusion for the 5MP camera is that either because it is rumored that it will shoot 1920×1080 (1080p HD) and 5MP was the option for that(?) or we might see some kind of a 3D camera like the EVO 3D which is 5MP.

      1. yea but teh 3d uses dual 5mp cameras, and i hope that leave that gimmicky crap out

        1. Agreed. I don’t use my phone’s camera as anything but a camera so I’d rather have a better camera than better video recording.

    2. Not all about megapixels….5 is plenty….what matters more is the sensor and light capture/color reproduction

      1. Assuming the same size imaging sensor, 5MP is much better than 8MP.

      2. many times ill take pictures and edit and crop them. having a bigger “picture” means ive got more to work with :)

        as its obviously samsung making the prime im not concerned with the sensor, my epic’s and my nexus s 4g’s camera is beyond phenominal

  4. Gahhh…. Freaking Thanksgiving for the Nexus Prime.. Grrr..

    1. What do you expect exactly? Nexus S was released only mid december last year…. let people get at least their years worth of money dang… impatient over here.

  5. The week of Thanksgiving (I think). What about all those October launch rumors =(

  6. look at the dates on the nexus s and the sgs lineup… its what they did last year too

  7. Does it give any clue as to what technology the Nexus Prime will run?

    1. Alien. It said, Alien.

    2. What?

      1. Nexus Prime will run on alien technology. #Fact

  8. GT-I9220 actually sounds more appealing. But we will have to wait and see.

  9. “has a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display”

    Glad to see that the race for the most ridiculously large cell phone screen continues!

    1. since the nexus prime will have no buttons at all on the face that screen could fit in a body much smaller than we are used to seeing

      1. Actually I didn’t even think about that..

        1. It should be about the same size as the Galaxy S1, my vibrant is 5 inches without the buttons…

          1. The Vibrant has that row of capacitive touch buttons on the bottom, the prime will not so it should be considerably smaller.

    2. I love it, I want it BIGGER!!! (Yes, I know, twss)

    3. I’d like to see all spec sheets start showing both diagonal device size as well as screen size to hopefully stop such ignorant comments such as yours. For all you know, with a smaller bezel and no buttons or carrier/manufacturer logos this device could be smaller than the GSII.

      I personally want the largest display panel they can build into whatever size 16:9 thin phone that will fit comfortably into my front pants pocket. This Nexus Prime sounds about right to me. Perhaps with near bezelless all screen design and I could be comfortable with a 5″ display.

      1. And I’m not comfortable with the current 4.3″ screen sizes. I’ve tried a few, and I think they’re just too big for my personal preference. OG droid & Droid 2 global user, and the smaller screens have been fine for me. I’m actually not looking forward to my upcoming update, which I’m going to have to move to a bigger screen to get the features I want.

        1. briang….you have completely missed the concept!!!!!!!!!

          current and older 4″ and 4.3 phones have probably 10%-20% wasted (black) space due to buttons and bezel. With new tech, we can probably see a 5″ screen the same size or slightly smaller than 4.3″ phones. Not to mention thinner and lighter.

          1. we have already seen how people like lighter with the original GS “omg it feels so plasticky” the only reason they thought that was cuz it was light as hell that it didn’t feel like a highend device that and that its made out of plastic.

        2. Imo i used to think what you do with 4inches then i got the HTC sensation 4.3 fits the same in my pocket I was amazed it fit in my hand nicely my only thing is with 4.5 or 4.7 is that it might be too wide in that it will start to look different from a phone and more like a MID tab

    4. Well we already seen the smallest whats wrong with going big?

  10. “GT-I9220 (W43) 2.3.3 Android has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, 1.4 Ghz dual core processor and 8-megapixel camera”

    That is the best model IMO. 720p resolution with a smaller screen (4.3 vs. 4.65) and 8mp camera. Good chance it gets an upgrade to ICS

    1. Agreed, but i would prefer the Prime IF they get rid of physical/capacitive buttons and keep it with a small profile

  11. Samsung phones suck, about the only thing that good about them is screens.

    1. And their unrivaled benchmarks. =p

      1. and Benchmarks mean nothing.

        1. The Galaxy S II would like to have a word with you.

        2. What about the Angry Birds benchmark? O_o

    2. I had HTC phones for 2 years… I got a Samsung Galaxy S2 in June and I have to say it’s a very nice phone.

      Yes they sacrificed a metal body for some tough plastic to keep the weight and size down but does that really bother you?

      If you really cared about form over function then you wouldn’t be here my friend you’d be hanging out at…

      To say their phones suck is a little harsh… it’s a great phone.

    3. Look up the Samsung Ominia 7, it has beautiful hardware with some ok software.

    4. And their camera’s and their camera firmware…

  12. I bought the Samsung nexus s 4g and I totally hate it! Its a piece of shit! Lousy performance all theway around! I can’t wait to try wp7 mango. I’m sick of androids. :(

    1. There’s something wrong with you…is that you Steve Ballmer? Or are you Stephen Elop, maybe? Either way, go away.

    2. Definitely sounds like a user error. Remember, you must be smarter than the phone!

      1. “Do people do dumb things with smart phones?” – Geico Commercial

    3. nice try troll but if you were to believe all that you say you do then you would not be on an android fan site.

  13. Doesn’t make sense to me. They are going to release 9 devices over 8 weeks, but nothing for the next 7 week? I am guessing the GSII will come out before this road map goes into effect.

    1. Absolutely does make sense and here is how. 3 low range phones, 1 mid range phone, 2 tablets, 3 high end phones. 3 high end phones with 2 most likely going to t-mo as one is the hercules the other might just be unlocked NS Prime as it has ICS and 4.7in screen possibly with use with t-mo frequencies. 2 tabs A new Galaxy tab HD for 3G GSM aka t-mo/AT&t and a new wifi only version of it. 3 low range devices could be split between t-mo and AT&T or all go to t-mo.

  14. I’m curious as to what GT-19220 is, that looks like a great phone.

  15. oh god, i seriously hope it’s NOT the nexus 3. DO NOT WANT SAMSUNG.

    1. Samsung makes the best hardware out of any OEM, period. Why would you ever not want it to be Samsung?

      1. Their build quality is some nice, strong plastic hah. Might be a reason. Or the notorious GPS problems with samsung devices. No OEM has the best hardware, they all have their problems.

        1. Maybe they’ll break out the “duraluminum” that they put in the 9-Series laptop. Along with Gorilla glass, and I’d be psyched.

        2. you get better reception with plastic

          1. Uhh… then why is Motorola known for getting the best reception? Many people don’t get signal, or get horrible signal with any other OEMs phones in their area and have to get Motorola phones to get a strong signal….

          2. You act like motorola always uses metal

        3. With samsung devices? try only with the FIRST GS variants maybe my NS never had an issue with GPS so quit your whining. What company doesn’t use plastic? don’t be dumb and just keep spewing hearsay. Also I had a Sidekick4G a truly underated device never had an issue with GPS it had one of the best with sensor aiding I was even able to gps inside of my house.

      2. Samsung has horrible hardware build quality. They have cheap shells, bad reception and even worse gps. The only thing Samsung does right is the display. Motorola makes the best hardware,and HTC has the best software (other than vanilla android devices)

        1. bad reception? they have one of the best,,what are u talking about?

        2. You people need to quit spewing your lies about samsung and their gps just because they had one device get it wrong doesn’t mean they all are that way.

  16. Man hd super amoled plus :o
    I can’t wait man.

    1. It doesn’t say that. IT is different technology. It says SAMOLED HD. Small difference, I know, but this could be a 1280x720P RGBG PenTile display rather than what the “plus” displays are today.

      1. I think you’re going to be hard pressed to convince anyone that Samsung wouldn’t put a SAMOLED+ display in their flagship devices, especially an HD version. Plus, I have Samsungs RoadMap for AMOLED panels, as that’s what I do, is sell LCD & OLED panels, and they list that size as SAMOLED+ only. So he’s right, HD Super AMOLED plus will be the screen.

        1. That’s great to hear! I truly hope I’m wrong and that is is a true 720P stripe and not RGBG subpixels.

        2. Think I just read an article yesterday about Samsung’s new 720p screens. Turns out they will be Pentile but hopefully the high resolution will make it unnoticeable..

  17. i dont really care when they release the nexus prime, i just hope Verizon will have it.

    1. Me Too

      1. I hope all carriers get it.


  19. Anyone else notice the pixel density on GT-I9220 is 341 ppi? Finally something that beats the retina display in pixel density, and on a larger screen no less. I’m more excited about this 4.3 inch 720p phone than the 4.65 inch one now. Other than the lack of Ice Cream sandwich its perfect…

    1. I prefer the 5mp sensor on the ICS phone personally.

      While, I’m also happy about the rising ppi, it’s worth noting that that Samsung is probably going back to the RGBG PenTile display tech which actually has fewer true subpixels per pixel than the SAMOLED+ stripe.

  20. Hmm, it’s not the October speculation that many sites have been buzzing about, but Week 48 is the last week of November. So there’s really not too big of a difference there. Regardless of when this thing is gonna launch, it’s most likely going to be a huge success…at least with the geeky Android fans. Google’s gonna have to push their marketing strategy harder if they want the Nexus to appeal to the average consumer and ultimately compete with the iPhone 5. More on this at my blog:

    1. Exactly. It’s about time Google admits that this game is more than just specs and design. The guys at the Creative Labs should be more than capable (see the Chrome Ads) of creating a marketing campaign that will not only highlight the awesomeness of Ice Cream Sandwich, but also push and inform the non-geeky crowd of what Android has to offer.

      With the aliens at Cupertino pumping out ads left and right, it’s about time Google invest on some heavy marketing themselves, and stop depending on the carriers to promote their Nexus device.

      1. couldn’t agree more. Ads Ads Ads by Google, not the manufacturers. I couldn’t STAND the XOOM commercials – thought they were terrible…they didn’t even talk about Honeycomb and why it is superior to iOS/Apple.

    2. Google first needs to eliminate fragmentation. They need to start requiring a base OS. Anytime Google makes a change, all phones update to the current level. This can be controlled by the app store and other ways like locking WiFi and radio signals until they update. This is the PRIME reason iOS has an advantage in the smartphone market. There are far too many variables that cannot be tested for. One phone, 2-3 phones that are completely identical makes life much easier to maintain.

      1. You sound like a certain guy that always wears a black shirt and jeans and runs a fruit named company.

        1. Does this guy also look like the zombies from Michael Jacksons Thiller video?

      2. Obviously people who own androids don’t want the same boring crap as everyone else who gets an apple to be part of a “cool factor”

  21. haha,I am absolutely sure that LG will make the next nexus phone,don’t forget this.

    1. I agree……

  22. Is kind of weird no one has noticed the SGS2 in this lineup. What is even more intriguing is the fact that it supports 4G networks GT-I9210

    1. Probably because the GSII is already launched in Europe and Asia which is where this leak originated.

  23. I hope it has good battery!

  24. Hmmm was hoping another company would make the 3rd Nexus. Nothing against Samsung, would just like to see another company have a go.

    1. This kinda contradicts the notion the it will have an Omap processor being that the only processors samsung ever uses is qualcomm or their own. Could just be a giant GS2

  25. For your interest, I made a table to compare theoretical screen size of current and these upcoming handsets:
    The important parameter here is the Y dimensions as the length of the size will not affect the length of the device if it’s made button-less :)
    And as you can see a 1280x720x4.65in is 57.9mm wide in your palm. This is just 1.7mm wider than your current 800x480x4.3in screens. This small difference could be further absorbed by making the screen edge-to-edge :D
    So basically, you’ll end up having a 4.65in screen device in the same form factor as your current 4.3in one!

    1. Thank you! Any chance you could do one showing current devices diagonal length in inches alongside diagonal screen size with an automatically calculated add-on factor for buttons, bezel, carrier/manufacturer logos, speaker/camera, etc.? We could then decrease this factor for the buttonless 4.65″ Nexus Prime to calculate diagonal device length. This would demonstrate to all those concerned how despite having much more impactfull sull screen video, that this device is actually no bigger than top selling smartphones on the market today.

    2. No it’ll be as big as a 4.5 like the infuse on at&t

  26. GT-I9220 (W43) Android 2.3.3, 4.3-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED display, 1.4Ghz dual-core processor and 8MP camera.

    I say there is a possibility that the Telus “Hercules” is not the same phone as the T-Mobile Galaxy S II. The screen was off on the the TMO GSII and we did not see the back of the Hercules.

    October 26 is smack dead in week 43 so maybe our phone has a 4.3″ HD screen on it and that explains the super long delayed launch. Yeah I put my money on that.

  27. I was really considering getting the Prime, but now am backing away purely due to the size of the screen. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, why do I need a mini one? Anything over 4 in screen is too much for a phone.

    1. Says you have you ever used a 4.3 like the HD2 or HD7? Maybe an HTC sensation?

  28. this is an italian map, so if it is indeed true, the dates are most likely for italy. Correct me if my line of thinking is wrong.

  29. Someone enlighten me as I’m confused to why this Sammy beast is going to be the next Nexus? I thought Google liked spreading the love among manufacturers as far as who would be offering up their Nexus line? HTC got first dibs, then Sammy for the next and then the ‘Prime’ over to LTE?

    Tapping Samsung up twice, in a row, for their flagship doesn’t ring true to me.

    I have the Nexus One and didn’t care to upgrade to the Nexus S, if the Prime is indeed going to be offered by LTE (and especially if it’s got quad-core) I’ll go with the next Nexus…Otherwise I’ll be looking out for a 4G, 7″ with quad-core and HD screen.

    1. The Nexus selection allows the ability of a manufacture doing it twice. It’s like a lottery picking….or they pick who ever has shown to do the best work that year.

      HTC did the best work Nexus One time but since the galaxy S, Samsung has basically owned the Android landscape. If you want to say motorola owned that time with their original droid, don’t forget that device was after the time Google tapped on HTC to make it’s first Nexus Phone. And at the time there was one-few android phones almost all by HTC.

      There’s sections to decide.

      who has the most android sales
      who makes the best designs
      who picks the best hardware internals (cpu, ram, storage)
      who has the best screen

      At the moment, Samsung has sales, designs, hardware, and screens. You may say HTC have designs but they haven’t made a new design since the original Evo. HTC has build quality and use metal which is very nice but the slate pure black look of the Galaxy devices tops them in my eyes.

      Samsung android devices are thinner, use better batteries, and have better screens. The negatives is that Samsung doesn’t always do ram right and uses plastic way too much. HTC has a plus in software performance though.

      Motorola is all over the place atm. Motorola tends to have sub-par displays, use OMAP and Tegra cpus which haven’t been great now, and the designs are thick and bulky with no original design since the Droid X. Motorola’s software performance is the absolute worst. Their build quality is middle ground, not as good as HTC but better than Samsung’s.

      And let’s not even talk about LG, who’s so slow to release phones that are relevant to today’s technology and standards. We’re about to get the LG revolution 2 and it’s getting eclipsed by Samsung and HTC’s superphones.

      LG’s screens are OK, their dual core cpus are tegra based which we know from the Atrix is bad., and their build quality is probably worse than Samsung’s.

  30. Samsung bring to US the Wave III…

  31. This doesn’t sound right. Samsung is going to announce something *big* on the 29th of August and thus likely release the phone in September around the same time as the Bionic. If this image above is correct, week 43 would be in the middle of October. Why would Samsung wait even LONGER to release this after they already promised they would’ve released it in August? If they honestly wait till middle of October to release this then there is no way in hell that I, or many other people, will wait for it.

    1. Did it ever occur to you that something big to the rest of the world NOT in the know might be a US-Carrier wide release of the Galaxy S 2? Understand these events are NOT meant for us, the slobbering fans. Its meant for every day people that are interested in Android

  32. Can’t find the article… But it was like a warning to first adopters of the Nexus Prime written by a developer seemingly in the know about the ‘precariousness’ of the honeycomb OS on the mobile platform. Said expect a buggyexperience from the getgo.
    I. Never understand that.
    Don’t release a retail product if it’s bug infested. Is it just understood that Nexus users are guinee pigs?

  33. any1 else upset this “nexus prime” won’t have a front facing camera?!

    1. where does it say that? the only devices lited with FFC’s are the tabs. The hercules of which is next to the NS Prime is going to have an ffc as seen in earlier pictures. just because it wasn’t listed doesn’t mean its not included.

  34. Hmmm…Nexus Prime + ICS 4.0 //VS// Samsung Galaxy S II + ICS 4.0

    Don’t think the 720p screen will matter too much on a 4.5< Screen. 7 Inch it may well do.

  35. Would like the GT-I9300 PLEASE

    Which of course will be the Samsung Galaxy S III >:D
    Lol It will own the Nexus Prime like the SGS II did with Nexus S…sad…Samsung will always keep the best to themselves…obviously more profitable.

  36. Now that we know the i9220 is the galaxy note we know these specs are wrong.

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