For the TouchPad Hungry, HP to Produce One More Run


Who would have known that discontinuing a product would be just the ticket to spur on stock-clearing sales? Well, HP experienced the phenomenon first hand after announcing they would cease production of hardware related to webOS, dropping the price of platform’s first tablet to just $99. Due to unprecedented demand, HP has decided to produce one final run of TouchPad’s to fulfill the desires of the tablet hungry. While the manufacturer can’t comment on exactly how many more will be produced, it says they will become available in the next few weeks.

[via HP]

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  1. wouldn’t it be nice if they installed Android on them?

    1. Android would be nice for more apps. & thats about it.

      1. that and the fact that WebOS is, well, dead ;)

        1. WebOs isn’t dead……they are just looking for a hardware partner….i’m a Linux fan, an Ubuntu slave, an Android lover and i think WebOs is probably better than Android. Long life to WebOs!

        2. Which is a shame as it is superior to every other OS really surprising that others haven’t made the ability to multitask so easily etc. I hope hp lets others use it and other device makers do. Thats the last hope. Otherwise eventually it w prob be on to Windowsphone for me. Ive used Android and keep coming back to a Pre.

          1. I would be more than happy if they could find a way to run Android apps on it while keeping web os. That in my opinion would make it the best tablet out right now.
            After having mine for a week and comparing it to my transformer, it’s a very tough decision on which one to play with. I usually pick the Asus do to the apps, if I want to surf the net I pick up the hp. To me it’s more like a laptop without the keyboard.
            My wife who hates tablets likes using the hp, normally she has her Sony viao attached to her but lately she has been stealing time with my, I repeat MY touchpad. I hope she reads this and gets the hint.
            Best of luck to all of you that are going to try to get one on the next run. Hopefully they will keep the price reasonable, somehow I doubt that will happen. Especially with Android getting closer to being ported to it.

  2. are they even making any profit at that price point? lol

    1. Who cares? As long as i get one…

    2. Look at the PS3, Sony lost money on the first gen but it payed of for them. I’m just wondering if the next batch will also sell for $99.00 or will be marked up just a bit.

      1. it makes sense for sony because the PS3 was already expensive at launch and they were looking to make money from software sales. though for HP to make a rerun at the same price point… maybe they have something in mind?

        1. The ps3 wasn’t expensive at launch…compare that to the price people pay for smartphones and tablets? Or even look at the price of handhelds (ds, psp, etc). Sony LOST money on each PS3 they sold, but the difference is that they can make up that money on game sales and licensing of games.

          HP is killing webos so it’s not like they’re going to be making much money back from apps (who knows maybe they can).

          1. The PS3 WAS very expensive at launch, almost 5 years ago. You can’t compare the price to a smartphone as a majority are subsidized so you’re not paying the full price.

            The PS3, despite having better hardware, never reached the critical mass that the PS2 or the Wii did. It was the price. Sales of Wii and XBox prove it was always price.

    3. Perhaps they had planned this new production run already and sunk enough into it that the best way to proceed now is to finish it and get what they can for them. Or maybe they’ll price the new run a bit more sanely than $100.

  3. ya, will they still be $100 though. This was the reason they moved so fast.

    1. Hopefully for those that weren’t able to get one on the first run. I don’t care for mine nearly as much as my transformer. I think if you could somehow keep web os on it with the ability to run Android apps it would be the best tablet out there. That’s just my opinion though, others may like it just how it is.

  4. ???

  5. HP needs to improve their business strategies.

    1. I’m pretty sure they’re #1 in global PC market share. What, exactly, do they need to improve?

    2. webos failed with Palm just as it did with HP. You really have to bring something new to the table when we already have blackberry, android, ios and WP7

  6. I don’t know what it cost to build them but at $100 they could sell millions upon millions of these things. I was fortunate to get one from the original sale. I don’t really care for it but i’m going to keep it until cm7 or honeycomb are fully working on it.

    1. They’re selling them at a loss.

  7. Hey I got mine on Craigs for 200 bucks no tax. Still a steal.

    1. Dude, that was more of a ripoff than it was a steal. They’re about $108 in stores, with tax. LoL!! $200 was a steal, as in they stole yo money. LoL!!

      1. Wow your a dumbass. “They’re about $108 in stores,”

  8. I hope it is on/after the 7th or 8th. Last one hit me at a bad time.

  9. The details are here:

    I’ve been eagle-eying the HP site and the HP reps on Twitter for their supposed “more TP back in stock early this week” (from last week). Update after update of “no more news about when we’ll get more” to finally hear now that they’re going to make another batch but it’ll be a few weeks (but no indication of exactly when).

    Call me paranoid, but how coincidental that these past few days that HP has been stringing us along that their ad revenues are closing in on the COMBINED ad revenues of ALL Android Tablets!!!

  10. Going to snatch up some of these as xmas gifts hopefully!

    1. They said they are going to limit sales to 1 per person/billing/mailing.

      1. That just means a little more creativity is needed!

  11. they are losing money the parts for the 16gb are just over 300 dollars and the 32gb was like 328.00 so get one when you can i paid 200 for one off craigslist cool tab worth the 200 i paid

    1. punctuation is your friend. you should use and abuse him.

  12. i got tired of the hunt for one of these, I was only interested really because they were so cheap and they should be able to run Android.

    I got lucky (or so i thought) and ordered one on Amazon from a seller that had the 32GB-new, listed for $199 last weekend when the craze was just starting, my local stores were all sold out. Well, seller ended up cancelling a few hours later stating they were out of stock.

    I finally said F it, i really was looking forward to a tab now, so I ordered the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Newegg, and im loving it, no regrets, though my wallet is still hurting lol

  13. I just hope HP will release the webOS source code and some amazing dev will b able to “merge” the two operating systems so we can have an android build that can still use the multitasking of webOS and the cards. Would b an amazing leap.

  14. I made a pretty decent profit on the firesale one i got. Tried to give webOS another chance even after the sour taste in my mouth that was the O.G Pre, but alas Android serves me much better. So off to CList it went and it went fast.
    Will definitely be on the lookout to waylay these new shipments/productions..

  15. I don’t understand why they would manufacture more of these devices, if they plan on selling them at $99. It’s just more money to be lost…especially if they’re killing WebOS. I really, really hope that they’re not stupid enough to think they can raise the price back up to $500 and people will still buy them. They have to realize the spike in demand was a result of the insanely large price cut.

    1. they will produce them and sell off at $99 because they are probably contracted with the manufacturer for a certain amount, regardless of how many are actually produced.
      So they can just eat the $250 production price on all of them…or produce them and then get $99 back. Works out in there favor to just get what they can back as long as they have to pay for them.

    2. I think they have to meet a quota, from the company that is making them. Either they pay them a lump sum or the order them and me a lump sum minus the fire sale price.

  16. If it’s not $99 I’m not buying one. I guess they’ll be sold out again before stores even open. *roll eyes*

  17. I got an email today about this. Sounds like once they are available to order you will get an email. If you didn’t get an email then you may be out of luck. I say one per billing address. Not that I have been looking for a tablet, but at $100 I can justify what I will be able to do on it.

  18. as long as theyre 99 bux im using my refund on one lol

  19. I think its funny when people say webos has failed.. it failed at palm.. webos OS is still here and palm isn’t.. it failed at HP but HP is spinning off PSG which handles webos. It seems to me it didn’t fail at all, watching all the Twitter feeds on webos its seems to be rather usable some are even saying they’d like to dual boot or even not mess with putting android on it. What it looks like to me is Palm failed with devices and marketing.. HP failed with devices and pricing. It easy to blame webos because how could two companies be so dumb.

    1. Huge android fan but I’m keeping WebOS on my Touchpad. From an OS standpoint, I think its superior. From an app store standpoint…. well yeah… not quite.

  20. Looks like I may be able to finally purchase one.

  21. A huge misconception is the cost to build these things. I think when they did the analysis they spec’d out the prices right, but they did so for the individual parts as if you or I were trying to build one. One HAS to assume HP is not paying market prices for each individual part and is buying in bulk.

  22. Maybe they want to hack Android on it and sell it on eBay for a major price. Now I understood what lies beneath HP decision to dismiss PCs :-)

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