Rogers Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Features 4.5-inch display, NFC


Rogers is rolling out their 4G LTE network, and one of the first devices that will test its speeds is the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. The Galaxy S II LTE will feature several key upgrades over the its non-LTE brother, including an upgraded Xynos CPU pumping out 1.5GHz of dual core power, a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, and built-in NFC technology. The move to a larger screen seems to be consistent with at least one or two versions of the Galaxy S II headed for carriers in the US. Rogers will launch the Galaxy S II LTE in the fall.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Would like to see rogers use an HSPA+ setup. Bring it over to the states for TMo

    1. It looks like carriers around the world are going LTE for their “4G” Network. now if only they could make them all true world phones.

    2. They already have HSPA+ almost everywhere, and now the are starting LTE in some cities and expending it.

  2. Can’t they understand that 4G is completely useless?
    Why would I want a 40 mbit download speed when the ping is over 150.

    1. In the bay area, when i actually have 4g coverage with sprint. I get sub-100 ping times. Though the download speed is usually only between 3Mbpx and 6Mbps. but like you said. . latency is the real killer on mobile networks. I wish more people realized this.

      1. In good coverage areas I get ping of ~60 with ~6Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up with my non-4g Nexus S on tmobile.

    2. rogers is currently able to offer 45-50Mb down with 15-20Mb up with an average ping of 67ms over their LTE network, you can actually look on youtube and their are videos of speed test achieving these speeds!

  3. What is it with all these huge phones? Am I really the only one who whats something that easily fits in my pocket and doesn’t make me feel like I’m talking into a shoe?

    I mean I can see the appeal for those who watch a lot of video, but it seems like all the good phones coming out are trying to be small tablets and not phones. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hold a tablet up to my ear every time I have to make a call.

    1. Love the shoe comment, still getting this beast though.

    2. Yes you are the only one. Small phones fell out of style back in 2001.

    3. I’m with ya…unless they invent fold-able seamless High Quality screens, I will be more than happy with my 3.7inch screen. At least it fits neatly into my pocket. Big screen desires should be fulfilled by tablets, not phones. Mobile phones need to stay MOBILE!

    4. Totally with you on that one. 4.5″ is way too big. 4″ is borderline but acceptable.

    5. Does everyone here have baby Burger King commercial hands?

    6. You sir, are not alone. I like the screen size of the Nexus S. When I heard that the GSII was going to have a 4.3 inch screen I thought that it would still be worth cheching out. But holy craptarts this 4.5 trend is out of hand. If you keep your phone in your pocket you’re going to feel like you have a leg tumor. And you can forget about putting it into your jeans pocket.

    7. It is not that bad for me (I have the Infuse 4G w/4.5″ screen) but I could not go any bigger. It is super thin so it does not feel like you are talking into a shoe! lol… It is actually comfortable to talk on. It is the pocket where it may bother some depending on the size of your pocket which we do not need to discuss here. :)

    8. Just wait until YOU turn 50 and need to find glasses every time you look at your phone…then you will appreciate the big screen.

  4. Exynos, not Xynos. :)

  5. We have bigger hands on this side of the Pacific.

  6. 4.0 is what I have now for a phone screen. That’s enough for me.

  7. You know what the say about a person with a big phone…. ;-)

  8. I am thinking 4-4.3 inches would be perfect for me. My current Phone has a tiny 3.2inch screen and I have to hold it really close to use it. I am blind in one eye. So having a larger screen would be fine for me but a large 4.5 would be to much for me.

  9. This phone looks to have better specs and size than the ATT release. I wonder if Rogers LTE will be compatible with ATTs? If yes I may import one

  10. Come to Verizon ASAP please!!! If I have to wait until November I swear…

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