Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Revealed Ahead of Tonight’s Unveiling


We finally have an answer to the biggest question surrounding Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II. Is it the Epic Touch 4G or Epic 4G Touch? I kid, I kid. The name is cleared up as part of a training site that has launched ahead of tonight’s official unveiling event, but we also get our first official rundown of how this phone will differ from its international variant. The device will indeed be known as the Epic 4G Touch, differing slightly from the Epic Touch 4G name most have assumed it would carry. The Galaxy S II will see its 4.3-inch screen grow to 4.52-inches of Super AMOLED Plus goodness, while the Exynos processor will retain its 1.2GHz speed.

All of the details on the Epic 4G Touch and the other carrier variants of the Galaxy S II will be known by the end of the night, and Phandroid will be live on the scene bringing you the details as they break.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Unfortunate it’s only 1.2GHz, I’ll hold on to my EVO 4G w/CM7 for the Prime. The EVO is the longest I’ve ever had one phone.. I’ve waited this long I can surely wait another qtr or so. Pretty good phone though, I’d take it over the 3D, and put it next to a Photon when enough patches come out.

    1. Its 1.2 ghz dual core. Way better than the EVO 4G..

      1. Yeah, but there was the Galaxy S II for Rogers just leaked or something with 1.5GHz dual-core

    2. It’s 1.2ghz dual core exynos that will blow 1ghz single core snapdragon out of water.

    3. I always make it a point to tell our readers that GHZ DON’T MATTER. You could have a 600Mhz OMAP4 and a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon and the OMAP will win every time.

      If you keep looking at Ghz you’re only cheating yourself, homie.

      1. I’m very keen on technologies so no need for the attempt at a lesson. It goes beyond the GHz for me the only reason I led with that was because we now know about the 1.5GHz GSII on Rogers. I think anyone who follows this sort of news would be foolish buying this phone when we know the Prime is very close.

        1. Unless your planning on jumping ship, its possible you could be waiting til Spring. I don’t blame you for waiting though since you consider your EVO to still be top notch.

        2. Except that the Rogers unit is also 1.2GHz, it’s basically the same device as the “E4GT” with LTE instead of WiMax.

      2. Will win what?

  2. I originally bought a Evo 4G on launch day; I wanted to move to Sprint (which has better service than AT&T in my area and is cheaper); the 4G was a plus. The big drawback was that Sprint, I’m guessing, worked with HTC to make the phone massive (copying the HD2’s 4.3″ screen but even thicker and heavier). It’s been the biggest minus about the phone.

    I was excited about the Epic 4G touch…. until this little bomb dropped. All I want is a phone I can easily grasp that is light weight. 4″ is ok, 4.3″ might work. But 4.5″?! Sprint, what are you doing?

    1. You should hold the phone in your hands first before making a judgement. A lot of these devices when put on top of one another, are almost the same size, just the screens or bigger/smaller.


    2. I agree with you, I’m disappointed that I waited this long for an upgraded Infuse for Sprint instead of the actual Galaxy SII. I’ve looked at and held an Infuse to see what 4.5 is like an it’s way too big. It’s going to be a pain in the ass keeping it in my pocket. Thanks U.S. carriers for messing with this phone. Was going to buy this at launch, but now going to wait to check out Iphone 5 and what it will be like.

      1. What do you mean upgraded Infuse? its exactly the Same thing as the Euro version except screen slightly bigger, and there is no middle home button. Comes with Exynos and all the goodness we’ve seen before, and as far as bloatware goes, Sprint is starting to make it removable in newer phones. regardless of the Wait and bitter feelings this phone is still pretty compelling.

    3. Like CC said, screen size does not necessarily equate to phone size. (hint: think bezel). Also, this is much slimmer than 99% of the phones on the market, thus giving it a smaller feel, yet retaining that big, beautiful SGS2 screen.

    4. The screen size has been known for several weeks now, we at tpu-cases already have our cases in stock for this model just haven’t put them for sale yet.

  3. I am in love!

  4. I knew it had a 4.5″ screen. @Dario Sucic

  5. Are we positive the 1.2 ghz processor is Exynos? Can the Tegra 2 be clocked to 1.2? Meh… what do I care? I’m stuck on Verizon.

    1. Someone who played with attain already confirmed it to have exynos. so sprint one should be the same. There is no 1.2ghz tegra2.

    2. rooted Xooms can get to 1.5 and 1.7 ghz on their Tegra2 chips.

  6. 4.5″ too big for smartphone…might as well be a tablet!

    1. indeed

      people with big hands should not be dictating what screen size a phone should be.

      I hate to reference them, but does no OEM understand what Apple has done with a phone that size? A bigger screen is not better…

      1. and that’s one big reason I am using Evo 4g. I bet you Apple is testing the iphone in that size. Ofcourse, the battery life for ‘retina display’ at that size will suck, probably also the reason ipad ‘retina display’ is almost 2 years behind

      2. You don’t need big hands for a 4.5 it’s the same form factor as some of the 4.3s. Plus you have other options, it’s not like there are only 4.5s on the market, in fact I think there is only 2.

  7. Damn I really hope the AT&T variant keeps the 4.3″ screen size. The infuse is huge. How did they see this as a great step up. What female is gonna pull that out her purse?

    1. …..one who likes em big!

    2. I’m a female with average size hands and I prefer phones this size.
      I’ve used a Dell Streak and that phone is huge but not to the point
      where i can’t use it fully. I am not a Sprint customer but I do like
      the fact that this(Like the infuse) is a nice size.

      that virtual keyboard is going to be EXCELLENT to type on!

    3. I heard the AT&T version was going to be a 2 screen job… Like the Kyocera Echo… (Naw…. just messing with ya!)

    4. My girlfriend will get this. Well i bought her the Epic last year after she lost her evo.. im buying her this one, and imma be jealous it looks better than the one im getting with tmobile. the screen size is nice. i actually watch movies on my phone so this is a big plus for me and my girl too!

  8. So glad that they put the four-button layout back on these things for the US versions.

  9. That’s the longest name for a phone that I’ve ever seen.

    1. Then you apparently haven’t heard of the Sharp AQUOS Phone The Hybrid 007SH

  10. I thought the CPU was clocked at 1ghz

    1. I think its always been 1.2ghz, at least the Engadget review (i just read) from a few months ago had it listed at 1.2.

  11. have you guys even used the infuse? its got a big screen but is lighter than my iphone 3g and its easy to hold if you are not a 13 year old girl,

    this new phone will be just as light and easy to handle, dont worry about the big screen, its a plus not a minus

    1. I’ve owned an infuse and honestly it felt very nice in hand. I also had an sgs2 with the 4.3 inch screen and it felt great also. I didn’t keep either for long, they both felt like a bigger captivate as far add using them. To me that’s not a horrible thing, it just got boring a little quickly for me. The sgs2 was definitely the fastest phone I’ve ever used. The only thing that even comes close in my opinion is my Atrix running cherry pie rom with an o/c kernel.
      This pic also shows that without the home button on it they have been able to shrink the bezel down some. Atleast it appears that way to my eyes. It looks like this phone might be a little smaller than the infuse.

  12. But only slightly better than the dual core snapdragon

  13. Nice! good to see they went with a 4.5″ screen. I’m still going to wait for Nexus Prime news as a 4.65″ screen without hardware face buttons should actually be a smaller device but have a larger screen.

    Good times ahead.

  14. I really hope the AT&T version maintains the 4.3″ screen size. I’ve used the Infuse for a few weeks, and didn’t like it a whole lot. It’s not unwieldy at 4.5, but I just prefer a 4″ screen. I had a customer come in to activate a prepaid account, and wanted to use her own device. She didn’t know if her phone from Hong Kong would work, and BAM, she pulls out the Galaxy S II. I almost jizzed my pants.

  15. …”im ready”- SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS.

  16. Yea I used an infuse. It was huge and no benefit for the bigger size. 4.3 was good enough. They lost a lot of sales by pitting that size screen on that phone

  17. Slighty saddened by the 4.5″ screen. I really don’t need it that big. i’d rather we got a 1.5ghz dual core and kept the 4.3″ screen.

    1. really? 4.3 is okay but 4.5 isn’t? I understand you can’t apply that logic repeatedly. I have big thumbs and I was so happy to finally get my hands on evo. I have played with a samsung captivate before and I am expecting this to be similarly designed, big screen but extremely lean! Will jump to it as soon as I can.

    2. Though i can agree with you as hopes for an overclocked processor, the screen may not be as bad as you think. you might have to hold it to really tell if you whether it bothers you or not. You have to keep in mind the fact that its only about 9.6 mm thin, which makes it among the thinnest smart phones. In hand it may feel pretty good.

  18. OK, All looks GREAT! Now, when can I buy this thing?

  19. That looks nice but I can’t get one of these galaxy phones knowing that the Vigor and Prime are just around the corner. Going to wait and then compare all three.

  20. All i can say is “WOW”. I have been dying for the galaxy s2. I am switching to sprint next month in order to get this phone. SGS2+unilimited broadband=android bliss. My only concern is did samsung fix the gps issues?

  21. Will wait till these are going to less than $250 off contract on CList before i pull the plug. Just got a Nexus S 4G a month ago for less than 200 new in box off contract and enjoying the heck out of it. I’m always late to the party anyway, so don’t mind being behind on devices.

  22. What a bunch of wimps…

    Awwww I can’t fit in in my pocket. Awww it’s too big for my puny little hands. You guys are wimps.

    The phone has the best ratio of footprint to screen size of any phone released thus far. No crappy bezels or thick battery covers, or unexplainable humps. I think the screen size is next to perfect, as far as I can tell the phone will be a great fit for an average person’s hand.

    Suck it up losers, or go back to your HTC Hero or status, or blackberries. Leave the 4.5 inchers to the real men.

    1. oh the not-so-real men have no problem at all. They just keep it in their manpurses.

    2. I don’t mind that the phone is “too big” or whatnot. I am actually tired of having puny phones anyways >.>
      But man..the specs on this phone and it’s way better battery life..my jaw just hit the floor. I am eligible for an upgrade come October 1st and by the looks of it, this is perfect timing.

  23. Glad this phone is almost here, i hear alot of people complaining about the not being the dual core 1.5 that will be in the Rogers version; i feel them on that, but honestly, in real world use the difference may go unnoticed. So that is no deal breaker for me. I will be smooth at Radio Shack next week to cop me one lol.

  24. DROOL!!! This is an amazing phone!!!!

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