Very Early Build of CM7 Makes its Way to the HP TouchPad


Don’t get too excited, but CyanogenMod 7 has been roughly ported over to the HP TouchPad. Very few elements (aside from the initial boot) are in functional order as of now, with a lack touchscreen support and other basic necessities. If the idea of Android on the TouchPad is enticing, then CM7 on HP’s slate will surely make you swoon.

[via Engadget]

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  1. If only I could have bought one. :/

    1. I was up for days and i still didn’t get one. I officially hate everyone that did, especially the cunts that bought 10 just to sell on ebay.

  2. Until Android has a stable less craptastic looking UI on the touchpad, webOS will do just fine for me.

    1. i agree, this may be the last of webOS and you want to bastardize the touchpad with android

  3. If HP does truly drop support of WebOS on the software side, this would be a great alternative. Hopefully they won’t or at least hand it over to someone who can actually do something with it. Only time will tell.

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