Aug 29th, 2011

While Samsung was most recently  tied to rumors that the company was considering the purchase of HP’s PC operations to bolster their own computer business, it could be the company’s webOS platform that the Korean electronics giant has in its sights. According to a report coming out of DigiTimes, Samsung is considering the acquisition of webOS to help the company compete head-to-head with Apple and Google. The move is said to be spurred on by Google’s recent takeover of Motorola. Put about as much stock into the rumors as you would any coming out of DigiTimes, as we know their reporting can often be hit or miss.

In related news, the Korean government is urging Samsung and LG to loosen their dependency on Google’s platform. Given Google’s recent Motorola deal and an increasing pressure on Android manufacturers originating in the patent courts, Korea’s deputy commerce minister does not see long-term relations with Google as fruitful. Instead, he hopes that the two Korean companies will join a coalition to develop a new mobile operating system. Industry analysts have been quick to point out that dropping Android would be just about the worst decision Samsung could make right now. They have jumped to the front of the smartphone pack thanks to their recent work with Google and any move to change that would most likely have a negative impact.

[via BGR, PC Advisor]

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