DROID Bionic Shots Show Good Battery Life on 3G, 4G


Since we’re still without the DROID Bionic and no one has been able to do any form of battery testing on it, one of our anonymous sources were curious how the Bionic’s battery would perform over the course of a day (literally 24 hours). What’d he come up with? Check the image below, where you can see he went 15 hours and only drank up 40% of the battery’s juice:

Another 4 hours later, he only chewed through 10%:

And six hours after that, he was down to 15%:

I should note that it looks like he did almost nothing with the phone during this time as evidenced by the battery levels shots – high cell standby and phone idle levels and low display usage and Android OS levels means this thing was probably sitting on a table all day. It was also on 3G for much of the day before it stepped into a 4G coverage area.

But to go 26 hours is still impressive. With real world usage, you’re most likely looking at 14-16 hours of battery life, if not more with a little tweaking or a custom ROM or two. This is in line with what most people get out of a day with a phone that has a good battery. Motorola’s always been known for great battery life on their phones and we’re glad to see that the DROID Bionic is no exception.


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  1. hum… the phone was doing almost nothing. My Galaxy S 2 can do 3 days.

    1. LoL. Sure. can it do LTE?

      1. Neither can that Droid Bionic

        1. Ummm it was on 3G probably because it wasn’t getting a 4G reception. But it ended up being on 4G, so yes it can do LTE. Troll fail.

          1. Feeling the need to reply to Drybones5’s post means that he succeeded.

            Scott Attula, consider yourself trolled.

          2. 4G on verizon is not LTE.

          3. yes, it is.

            by original standards, LTE was considered the 4th generation of mobile infrastructure.

            by ‘lowered standards’, both LTE and HSPA+ are 4G.

            and according to 70+% of iPhone owners polled, their iPhone 4 has 4G capabilities :)

  2. Pentile is actually the reason for this, on both the Droid 3 and X2 cell standby has usually been using more of the battery than the screen.

    1. I guess I’m unusual in the fact that my Droid X2 shows Display 46% and Cell standby 8%. =)

  3. On the top bar it says 4G LTE, at least in the first picture. He must have switched.

  4. google maps is a battery killer so is espn

  5. Not any different than what I’m getting on my 3D and Photon, when I don’t use them much.

  6. Great battery. What was the display on for 2 minutes?

  7. 4% display drainage. Can we test it with someone who actually uses their phone?

  8. People rag about the Thunderbolt battery life. I have a stock Thunderbolt that runs on 4G all day, all night never leaving 4G area, saying that I can put my Thunderbolt on my night table at 100% and wake up on 100%. No lie and no big deal. That just means your phone is working as it should. If you have memory leaks it will wear down. If I leave it at 100% and come back say 12 hours later it might drop 2%. To Me the Thunderbolt isn’t as bad as everyone cries about. If you use it on 4G moving data at top speeds it will use battery. That is the price for 4G speeds. That is why I have the over sized HTC 2700 battery. Some day they will utilize better batteries, they’re available now, why they don’t use them is the question.

    PS Steve Jobs, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    1. I agreed with everything until the Steve Jobs comment. Well said, until the last sentence.

    2. My phone never dies give me a brreak …I have a thunderbolt 5 hours moderate usage …on 3g might be able to pull 7 or 8 but battery life sucks on this thing…but you can clear thus up post a pic


  9. I need a phone that has better battery life than this…. if I go on an all night bender, and spend the night some place other than my own, how do I call a cab in the morning? This is basic safety

    1. I sure hope this is sarcasm.

      1. why should it be? do you know how many times i sleep somewhere else and my phone dies? Or even better is when I wake up to the 15% warning beep while at implied persons house.

        1. safety first, my friend.

  10. This tells me nothing. Isn’t the use of 4g the battery hog that all these phones suffer from. Tell your source to actually use the phone and get back to us.

  11. wow, his battery lasted a whole day while doing absolutely nothin except turning on to take the screen capture…… I don’t call that a good indication of battery life imho. I would hope a phone could last a whole day when your not using it for anything at all….

  12. My Samsung Charge gets about 28 hours with those conditions. This is really not that big of a deal.

  13. Phone lasting a day when not in use should be a minimum standard. Not something to applaud at.

  14. Nothing to see here. As already stated several times; the phone isnt doing anything, why wouldnt the battery last 2 days?

  15. And; Searching for 4G is what really wears the battery down; since 4G is not rolled out everywhere. Most folks with 4G LTE phones wander in and out of 4G cells and while out of a cell; the phone will search for 4G using a lot of power. Its not so bad; once it finds it.

  16. For not using the phone much, 2 days is pretty weak because I got 7 days with my Evo 4G back in the days. Full testing details at my blog:


  17. Gee, i wonder if it can last 30 hours if i turn off the radio. if it does, I’m sold.

  18. dudes, imagine how great it must work with airplane mode turned on!!!
    *sarcasm on

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