New Maintenance Update Headed to the HTC EVO 3D


Shortly after issuing the Android 2.3.4 update for the HTC EVO 3D, Sprint is firing out yet another maintenance update for the handset. The minor update lists two elements, the first a widget (HTCAddProgramWidget) and the second a bit more mysterious (SPCSCORP4G). It most likely is a fix or enhancement related to 4G support for corporate-level PCS. Anyone out there receive the update as of yet?

[via AndroidForums | Thanks, AndroidSPCS!]

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  1. Updated without reboot… ??? is this proper?

  2. There is a new widget called “Corp 4G”

  3. I’m downloading it as I type.

  4. No reboot. hmmmm….

  5. I added the Corp 4G widget, but it seems to be disabled.

  6. I’ve installed both. I can confirm that my Evo 3d speaker is now much louder and I can actually use the speakerphone now! I’ve also heard rumours that the 4G radio is stronger and you get a better signal, but I’ll have to check it when I get home from work tonight. I’ve always had a great 4G signal here at work, but get no 4G signal at home, so I am excited to see if I do now.

    Also, the Watch application in the HTC Hub has an update now.

  7. I had searched it and found this oddly enough.

  8. Just downloaded as well right when I saw this post I checked and it instantly popped up.. but yeah this seems strange no reboot? And Sprint corp 4g? And the other one? Weird any idea if we can use them as apps or if It’s a technical fix for our phones!?

  9. Will this update break root

    1. Nope. It’s just a minor app update.

  10. I can tell you this much i now have 4g in wv and we are not listed on sprint to have it or have we had it. Its a weak signal but its there, about one bar.

  11. Well after this update for me, it has screwed some of my widgets. My gps widget restarts my HTC software instead of enabling the gps. Also my mobile widget won’t do anything with my 3g. Not happy so far.

  12. Good support or does this phone seem to have some serious issues…

  13. How do you uninstall this P. O. S update?

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