HTC EVO 3D Android 2.3.4/Maintenance Update – Available Now


Yesterday, we learned the EVO 3D would be following the Samsung Conquer 4G in getting a maintenance upgrade. It was supposedly set to arrive on the 23rd, but here we are five days early. Here’s what’s said to be changed in this update:

We’ve got a fix for instances where the lockscreen gets stuck, the ability to transfer contacts over Bluetooth, a fix for one-day-off birthdays when synching to Facebook, GPS fixes, Spiderman stability issues are being addressed here and, last but not certainly least, Sprint’s giving users more freedom in which applications to remove.

As I am rooted, I am electing not to take the update so it’s up to you guys to let us know how it is (I’m sure most are particularly interested in what applications you can remove). Go ahead and poll the server for the OTA if you haven’t already been notified. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. I installed it, and now I’m at OS 2.3.4. Not sure if I was there before, but if so than this upgraded the OS, also.

  2. You can test it yourself with this Rooted Rom that was just finished up for it.


  3. Yeah it does upgrade to 2.3.4 and add’s native Screenshot capabilities (hold power + press Home key). However…if you looked at the Sprint screenshot that was leaked yesterday, the right side says you can MANUALLY received the update 8/18 (today) so this is no surprise to those who actually paid attention to what was shown.

    1. Thank you Joe, how did you figure out the screenshot thing?

      1. I had read about it being available on the non US Evo 3D’s so I gave it a try as soon as I updated. Here are two screenshots I took of the version info screens.


    2. they also added a new version of swype (I like!)

    3. Thanks for the screenshot tip Joe. I never would have known that was there and it’s a feature I’ve been dying for for a long time.

  4. Where is the Sensation 4G update??!?!?!?!

    1. never, you’re on T-Mo. ;-)

  5. How do I “poll the server” to get the update?

    1. Homescreen, Menu, Settings, System updates.

  6. Is S-Off included in this update?

    1. Nope.

      *** LOCKED ***
      HBOOT – 1.50.0000
      Aug 7 2011, 10:21:40

      1. Thanks!
        Does the unrevoked root method work still?

        1. No, the revolutionary.io – that’s good for H-BOOT revisions 1.30 and 1.40 on the CDMA (Sprint) model, not 1.50.

  7. Woot! System Upgrade (45.67MB)

    Android version 2.3.3 —> 2.3.4

    Software number 1.13.651.7 —> 2.08.651.2

    PRI 1.15_003 —>1.24_003

    PRL 21078 —> same

    Kernel —>

    Baseband —>

    1. Chris – you need to update your PRL separately – the latest rev is 21081.

      Remember – ALWAYS update Profile after you update PRL. ;) :)

      1. Thanks EM… I didn’t know to update the PRL first. if you dont mind me asking, why?? Thx again.

        1. There’s been some reports of D/L speeds going kaput, I’ve heard.

          1. ^This.

            We don’t know why it works that way, but lots of evidence says it does.

          2. thanks!

      2. Thanks, Earl! You’re always a big help! :)

    2. Have you noticed any difference in signal or speeds w/ the new PRI/radio?

      1. Hard to say. My reception is terrible where I live (mountains). In my home, I have the Airave which gives me full bars no matter what =p

  8. 2.3.3 to 2.3.4. Can’t tell much difference honestly.

  9. And now you can root your phone through the HTCDEV.com , just gotta register , login , and use the instruction for EU sensation , it worked for me!!!

  10. You can now take screen shots on the phone. Hold power button + press Home key.

  11. Bleh, when I go to install the screen gets stuck at an Exclamation point and a blue android. Any tips?

  12. Good new everyone spider-man and the Green Hornet can now be uninstall

  13. sigh… I wish I would have switched to Sprint… Im stuck with a buggy Sensation 4G and T-Mobile isnt doing anything to fix it…

    1. Check our latest post! :D

  14. Love the native screenshot ability! (hold power and tap home button)

    1. LIE this does not work

  15. Besides what has been mentioned, HTC Mirror app is automatically removed and HTC Watch can be uninstalled

    1. Odd- FYI, after the update, I still have the Mirror app. I wonder what happened to yours (?)

      1. That is weird. I rebooted after seeing your reply and it’s still gone- not that I miss it.

  16. Question I rooted my buddy’s EVO 3D 5 days ago, can he get this update? or in other words should he update to it or not. We rooted his EVO 3D using this link
    We did the full root.

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