Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO


In news breaking just minutes ago, Apple has announced that Steve Jobs, one of Android’s main detractors, has resigned from his position as CEO of the company. Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, has been named the Cuprtino-based tech giant’s new CEO. Jobs will remain part of the company, assuming the role of Chairman of the Board. In a statement released by Apple’s Board, Art Levinson said:

“Steve’s extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to its position as the world’s most innovative and valuable technology company. Steve has made countless contributions to Apple’s success, and he has attracted and inspired Apple’s immensely creative employees and world class executive team. In his new role as Chairman of the Board, Steve will continue to serve Apple with his unique insights, creativity and inspiration.The Board has complete confidence that Tim is the right person to be our next CEO. Tim’s 13 years of service to Apple have been marked by outstanding performance, and he has demonstrated remarkable talent and sound judgment in everything he does.”

Jobs will no doubt still play a large role in Apple’s operations, with the move being similar to one recently undertaken at Google that saw Eric Schmidt’s duties shifted from CEO to Executive Chairman. Jobs’ history of illness likely was a large factor in the restructuring of Apple’s higher brass. His new position will likely come with a reduced workload.

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  1. The stock will probably drop a ton.
    Time to invest?
    I think so.

    1. Thats why it was announced after closing.

      1. Doesn’t matter. Apple stock has dropped 5% so far in after hours trading.

        1. And falling.

  2. O:

    1. I think you mean “:D”

  3. High fives for everyone.

    1. No, not high fives. The guy has cancer. That’s why he’s gone. He’s 56 and probably won’t see 60. Even if he’s the biggest douche in the world of tech, he doesn’t deserve cancer.

  4. what is the source? there is nothing on apple website..

  5. as much as i hate apple, i hope mr jobs is ok…

  6. I’m not a huge fan of Apple, but there’s no denying the contributions he’s made for Apple and the tech industry as a whole. Truly one of the greatest CEOs ever. Sorry to see him step down, and I wish him the best. :(

    1. Contributions? How can you be so obtuse. He had the chance to be Mr Open Source and Open Platform, but decided to be a fucked up Mr Litigation control freak. He doesn’t need the money. He is responsible for all this mayhem. His contributions are insecure guy with small dick wreaks havoc.

      1. You would most likely be using one of those Palm Treo PDA phones if it wasn’t for him.

        1. Not really, he made the 1st iPhone which was the best at the time.. but not by quite as much as people tend to think. Blackberries at the time did as much but with a clumsier interface. Think bb 4.5 os. Android was under way before this time as well, the only major difference between that android and our beloved os of today was that old android was designed for a blackberry style interface.

          Give him some credit, but don’t give him to much. Sadly his effect on the technology world has been negative more then positive. His amazing skill at marketing has made it easy for him, and laymens are comfortable with his self serving restrictions. Things good for apple yes, good for the tech world… no.

          1. Your stupid opinion is exactly that. Stupid.

            Apple’s interface is directly correlated to what Android offers. Apple’s app store and program is directly related to what Android offers.

            LMAO at taking Apple from bankruptcy to the most valuable company in the world is only due his marketing skill. Self-serving restrictions? LOL What you think Google just put Android out there to serve you? Holy shit. These companies dont give a SHIT about you. They only thing they care about is how can they sell you something so they can get your money. It isn’t because they think your life should be better. They’re just trying to sell you what THEY think a better life and product is so they can serve themselves and their shareholders.

            You’re intelligence leads me to believe you’re one of the millions of shitty Android developers who design shitty apps that crash and look terrible all the time.

          1. Nothing close. Apple set the bar really high, and gave Android and other something great to aspire to.

          2. The LG Prada was very, very close. And actually came out before the iPhone.

            That same LG Prada that helped get some of the lawsuit tossed out for Samsung.

        2. Hindsight my good man.

          A lil tweaking to the LG Prada and better marketing and we could be saying this about the CEO of LG.

          But….since it was the orig iPhone that jumpstarted the smartphone industry and not the Prada, I would have to agree.

      2. yup, apple is the only company protecting their intellectual property. totally bro

        maybe if google licensed off the tech like every other company, the OEMs wouldnt be sued into oblivion and samsung wouldnt be shut down by the court systems in europe and australia (and soon other countries) for copying apple’s designs

        1. I suggest you read the updated news on the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit…

      3. “His contributions are insecure guy with small dick wreaks havoc.”
        I know you are, but what’s steve jobs?

        Regardless of his choices he’s still responsible for one of the most profitable companies ever, one i’ll never buy into but he must be doing something right eh?

        Just because his company doesn’t make stuff for *me* and the patent laws in the US are shocking doesn’t make him an evil person.

        Grow up.

        1. What does him running one of the most profitable companies do for me or anyone besides Apple shareholders and employees? Nothing at all.

          1. It matters only if one is an Apple zealot.


    1. Sure it is, Apple is the only competition for Android.

      1. You for got about WebOS.. wait nvm

        1. You forgot Poland.

      2. i work at at&t.a lot of people people return android and get wp7.

        1. Yeah, right….. what’s a lot? 3 or 4? That is a moronic statement if I ever heard one. Where’s your proof? How could you back up a statement like that? WP7 is making such a HUGE impact… not! Here’s something more real. I used to be with AT&T and left in 1999 due to their super lousy customer service, inability to keep books and/or ledgers properly, and most of all…super crummy uncaring employees. I switched to VoiceStream because of that. Are you another one of those great AT&T employees? Sure looks like it.

    2. Apple vs Google is like Red Sox vs Yankees. Each team has a devoted following, and are pretty much sworn enemies. When one team makes a big splash, it’s common for the other side to report about it.

      1. Not buying it. Just more iPhan posting, imo.

        1. Such an apple hater you don’t even want the news cluttering up your blogspace? I like your style… Don’t agree cause I like to hear all about tech but I still think its funny.

          1. I read about this on Engadget and Gizmodo. Don’t need to read about it on a site that’s supposed to be devoted to Android.

            Same reason why I don’t buy tires at a Dairy Queen.

          2. You are a complete idiot.

          3. You CAN’T buy tires at a Dairy Queen. Argument = invalid.
            Try again

          4. They could sell them if they wanted to, so my argument IS valid.

          5. Sure, they COULD sell them if they wanted to, but it makes absolutely no sense for them to do so. It would be like sticking a tire shop in a McDonalds. It just doesn’t match. The 2 products (burgers and tires) don’t go together in ANY conceivable, logical way. And your exact wording was “I DON’T buy tires at a Dairy Queen” inferring that they do sell them. Reality Check: they never have and never will. Dairy Queen is and always has been known as an ice cream place. Period. Try thinking before saying such moronic crap.

          6. I was taking you seriously until I seen that you read Gizmodo.

        2. How am I an iPhan? When the EVO came out I paid AT&T nearly a full ETF to get away from that crap.

          1. I’m referring to the site. Phandroid is slowly turning into iPhan.

          2. Sooo I guess by your logic, the Apple sites are turning into Phandroid sites then? Because if you look on the first page of MacRumors and AppleInsider, you’ll easily find at least 2 articles on each website having to do with Android (Legal battle with Samsung, HTC Puccini on AT&T just to name a few). Yet again, argument = invalid.

          3. Just went to Mac Rumors and didn’t see anything on there that was exclusively Android news. The bit about Samsung vs. Apple is relevant because it’s Samsung vs. APPLE.

            Try again. :P

          4. Ahhh but did you go to AppleInsider? As I said before, they have at least 2 articles that deal exclusively with something other than Apple. And are you really so stupid as to think Steve Jobs’ quitting of Apple won’t make waves in the Android world? Sure, it probably won’t be as big a wave as the Google/Motorola deal, but there will be an effect nonetheless.

            And if you really don’t like what Phandroid is “turning into” (your supposed iPhan) then stop complaining and leave. No one is forcing you to stay here reading these “iPhan” articles. You’re the one who can’t make the simple little connection that this bit of news WILL have repercussions throughout the tech world.

          5. Calling me “stupid” and “moronic” doesn’t help your case any, buddy.

            If Steve Jobs had resigned from Apple because he was taking a job with Google, then it would be a huge Android story. An Apple-only story just doesn’t belong here, imo.

            I’m not saying that Jobs hasn’t/doesn’t have an impact on the tech world. What I am saying, though, is that news of him resigning has absolutely nothing to do with Android. I don’t see how you’re not understanding that.

  8. There Apple goes again! Copying Google more!

    1. ♫ Ding dong the witch is dead ♫

  9. The END is near…..and the end of Apple’s dominance will end with in 5 years. Mark my word. Whatever is in the pipeline is good than BUST.

    1. 5 years? I thought the end was 2012!!! freakin Mayan calendar.

  10. I stopped reading at “world’s most innovative.”

    1. You might consider that Android was originally steering toward being a Blackberry clone pre-iPhone before saying that. Two landmark consumer devices and an OS that changed personal computing and survived M$’s dominance. That’s not a bad resume.

      1. That is no doubt due to the fact that Microsoft had to bail out Apple back in the day…..hmmmm

        1. It’s amazing how many people forget about that $150 million cash infusion from Microsoft. No love at all.

          I didn’t read the entire post. Like Quentyn said, I stopped reading at “world’s most innovative”. This is the guy that has proudly stood on his soapbox and opening admitted to stealing ideas from other companies. Funny.

          1. That’s a two way street, believe it or not. Lest we forget, Eric Schmidt sat on Apple’s board during the entire dev process of the original iPhone and was given a prototype while plaing dumb about where Android was going before it released. Illegal? No. Ethical? No. Shrewd business move? Yes.

          2. uhhhh

          3. Oh god, no… not this shit again… **DOUBLE UPSIDE THE HEAD FACEPALM**

        2. They certainly helped keep them on life support. The thing is though, Gates knew M$ couldn’t buy Apple out because of all the monopoly suspicions in the 90’s, but M$ and Apple had several key patent cross-licenses that covered the core of both OSs. Someone else could have come along and bought those patents up if Apple had gone belly up before Jobs got Apple restructured and got the iMac out the door. That could have caused M$ a lot of headaches. Since Gates knew Apple didn’t pose a big threat at the time, he handed them some cash and an Office update in exchange for a presence for IE in OS 9. It was actually a smart move at the time. Who thought Apple would ever get this big again at that time?

          1. i stopped reading when u said “M$”

            you’re an obvious troll

        3. And just so we’re clear, I’m actually a Windows user, just not a M$ fanboy if such a thing exists. The M$ is a little tounge-in-cheek with me.

  11. Jobs is still Chairman of the Board. Essentially he is doing the same thing he has been doing for six months or so. He’s just going off leave and making the change permanent. It’s not big news or a big change in the way Apple runs in the immediate future.

    Long term, the total end of his involvement with the company is coming, and Apple will have to start making concrete plans for when that happens. Future success is never guaranteed, no matter how good a company’s situation is. Gates’ transition away from M$ should be proof of that.

  12. I think you’re lost. Allow me.

    1. who knew…

      1. or please head over to They’ll be more then willing to welcome your tears with warm apple hugs.

  13. Thank God! Maybe they will stop being such tyrants!

    ….but probably not.

    1. Jobs has retired more times than Brett favre. He’ll be back, unfortunately.

  14. Guess filing all those bullshit lawsuits took its toll. I’d shed a tear, but it’s 116 and I need to keep hydrated.

    1. I posted a few weeks ago wondering how did Jobs feel about these Apple lawsuits. I wonder if this latest Samsung dodging the bullet had any effect.

      Its funny it comes on the news of Samsung only infringing on ONE patent and that was stock Android, not Samsung.

      1. Very good point, and while I was glib in my comment, I can’t help but wonder if he just kind of said, “Fuck it, let Tim deal with it, I’m going to Disneyland”.

        Today’s ruling was far more of a blow to Apple than it was to Samsung; throwing out infringements that really mattered to Apple, and had one minor one which won’t even impede sales.

        Apple faded when he left the first time, and it will no doubt do the same again.

  15. QQ more somewhere else. Android was built as the developers would like it. The patent wars are just out of control, Apple isn’t trying to protect their idea’s, they just want to ban the competition.

    Patents at this moment destroy innovation with mobile OS’ due to the fact that if you build something you probably violate about 10 patents. There’s even a patent for moving your finger on the screen and that it gives a reaction back. The only way you can not use this patent with touchscreen is by pressing and that’s why they invented buttons.

    1. Mees thinks he didn’t read the update to the Samsung Apple battle. You know, the one that said Samsung only infringed on the gallery patent. All the other patents were found invalid because of prior phones and what not already using those things Apple “patented”

      1. That’s only pertinent in the country that issued the ruling.

        1. Yes but it creates a precedent and unless other judges are complete idiots they’re likely to come to the same conclusions.

  16. Facepalm. You’re on Phandroid, not “fandroid” for one. You must be an Apple user with a comment like this. Please go enjoy iOS and let the rest of us enjoy our superior OS.

  17. God Bless

  18. I actually am pretty sad. I’ve only ever even owned an iPod, but I’m still sad…

  19. “Steve’s extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to its position as the world’s most innovative and valuable technology company.

    More like his ability to steal people’s ideas and copy other technology, with the amazing ability to sue others for using anything related to who knows what is the only reason they are amongst the top.

  20. go home idouchfanboy

  21. Even though my dedication to android is 100% this is still shocking news.

  22. see you in a hot place stevy!

  23. Steve Jobs invents the iQuit

    1. I’m sure he’s gonna patent it then sue everyone who ever quit after him.

  24. Didn’t take long for the first Apple fan boy to soil himself.

  25. Oh yeah…..Apple did not create the GUI we all enjoy. Xerox did.

  26. Wow. Pretty surprising. Hope is health is ok. Android FTW!

  27. A sad day in the tech world indeed. Regardless of our love and affiliation with what tech we carry, talk, work, or play around with, Apple has always played a large roll into our lives whether we like it or not. Steve Jobs is a brilliant mind and visionary that brought so much to our tech lives. From the first Macintosh I never got as a kid to the iPod Nano I first owned. His vision was always around us. I don’t want to see the “end” of Apple but the truth is in its creator/co-founder made it what it is icon in the tech industry. Be well Stevo..go on vacation or got all the time ya need! :D (thumbs up)

  28. Stop with the hyperbole. Come back when you can speak with truth.

  29. Will iOS go uphill or downhill from now on?

    1. u mean IOS5 and up? uphill because they copied android features

  30. HP <– Facepalm

  31. -____- gingerbread is on way more then two phones…stop trolling

  32. Lots of cruel people here. Its just a freaking phone people!!! This is about his health as much as anything else.

    1. hard to care about jobs health when he used his money and influence to jump the list of those waiting for kidneys. do you think those waiting on the list when jobs bought his kidney give a crap about his resignation? Jobs is a visionary I agree, but I have absolutely no respect for him after the kidney incident

      1. Liver, not kidney.

    2. Not cruel, just not a hypocrite. Why should my opinion of Apple or Jobs change because he resigns or has health problems?

      1. because you’re a man. and not a stone.

  33. I hope he isn’t on a death bed or anything. Down with Apple, but I wish Jobs the best.

  34. You don’t have to be Steve’s best friend to appreciate his contributions to personal computers and, subsequently, mobile computing. And I would hope any of us would have the decency to wish him well in his health challenges. Just my .02.

  35. lol. cupcake had more useful features than the current iOS. Your argument is ridiculous.

    1. The only thing ridiculous is the above comment. Some of you fanboys are so messed up in the head.

  36. I find it sad how most posts are android versus iOS here. This has little to do with either. I guess I should have seen it coming. Why the hell did I expect even an ounce of respect on the internet.

    1. I feel ya. I didn’t acknowledge the ignorance on these posts but instead just placed a comment on how the tech world will be missing out. Growing up in a PC vs Mac world and not a Google vs EVERYONE world is completely different. Jobs presence in the tech industry is gonna be missed.

  37. how come US still havent banned android yet?

  38. Really interested in finding out if this past summer’s legal blitzkrieg was something Jobs approved or if he wasn’t really in control and it was something the board and other executives went for.


    Going to miss you Lord Steve Jobs! *salutes*

  40. You people lost your brain hating Apple (or did not have one at all).

    1. On the contrary, we think for ourselves and don’t follow the cult of Jobs. Put the kool aid down.

  41. Thank God, He is watching and he is in CHARGE

  42. Don’t know if anybody will find this interesting, but the CEO of the most valuable company on the planet is a gay man. Tim Cook

  43. I’m sure he’s a good guy, but I can’t stand anything Apple. I don’t care if its the iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, iDONT CARE! They’ve obviously done something right though, since millions of mindless masses have bought into the walled in gardens that solely belong to their beloved Steve Jobs. I prefer Android. Ever since I got a taste of it on the original Droid, its been the only mobile OS I’ll go with. Sure, you can’t argue that Apple has had a very significant impact on the tech world since forever, but Google has taken innovation to a higher level. Android has managed to grow much faster than the iOS did with the first iPhone. Eventually, Android will win out. Despite the opinions of a lot of dumbasses out there, open IS better.

  44. Vast amounts of android followers are rooted and have fflashed custom gingerbread roms. If you want ggingerbread, you can aalmost certainly get it from the BRILLIANT android community. Far superior to ios ‘s community. And btw its on more than two phones AND (as previously said by another commenter) any previous build is better than any ios version. Ios has remained the same thing since its inception and its not changing anytime soon.

    #end rant

    1. Rooting and custom roms is not official. They often lose some features when they do this because it isn’t officially supported. That’s besides the point. Just because you’re a nerd with no life who only reads XDA and Android blogs, vast is way overselling how many people are rooted.

    2. @ wakkoman
      talk about getting a life maybe you should get a life and stop trolling on such i trivial matter.

  45. Everyone stop trolling. Steve Jobs has been a big influence in the technology world since the start. Without him, we wouldn’t be seeing a lot of the technology we see today, or at the very least it would all be very different (can’t say for the better or worse.). He really helped people jump onto the smartphone bandwagon. Let’s all be honest, if the iPhone hadn’t come out, Android wouldn’t be as awesome as it is today, and we’d all be using dumb phones, windows mobile phones, or blackberries. I personally think he’s a damn genius. I don’t like his philosophy and how he does business, but he’s just like Hitler in that sense (obviously he isn’t killing people with iPhones), he’s smart but not in the way I would have liked. And without Apple, where would the competition be? PCs would be more expensive, and so would Android smartphones. Can we all take a deep breath. Maybe a change of command will change the way the company works, I’m sure it’ll change somewhat in the next few months. Maybe for better or worse, that’s up to the new CEO.

    1. If android had to use something like itunes to sync files and there was just one android phone per year, just like the iphone, it wouldn’t be very awesome.

      Android is more like Windows Mobile and mobile linux done right and that is why it is so awesome.

    2. And my thing is…if it wasnt for the phones and tablets before the iPhone and iPad….the iPhone and iPad wouldnt be as awesome as it is today.

      Its a never ending cycle.

      I agree and get what you’re saying. But…I think folks give Apple too much credit. I give them credit for taking a chance with something different like the iPhone. (putting semantics aside with the LG Prada. Even tho we wont know what wouda happened if the Prada was done a lil bit better or had better marketing…hindsight and all)

      An article I read the other day said it best: “With the iPad, Apple made ppl get a product they didnt know they needed.” Kudos to Apple for marketing and having decent products.

      But we also have to give credit to the ones before that stumbled before Apple showed them a better way. If Apple woulda tried a phone first….would it have been a capacitive or resistive screen? Hindsight…

  46. Don’t let the door hit you in your ass on the way out.

  47. I’ve been on here for at least 2 years as ksizzle9. or kshizzle9. if you guys have spent anytime on this site. you have read many of my comments like them or not. I’m not even going to bother reading the biased comments on here. LET ME STATE THIS FIRST. I AM AN AVID ANDROID USER. I OWN A MAC COMPUTER. without steve jobs it is questionable that this site would even be here. he pioneered the smartphone. PERIOD. the end.. none of the nokia, or windows mobile phones of yesteryear compared to the original “OG” iPhone. that is a fact. so, remember while many of you bash him, we as a community may not be here enjoying our android goodness if it wasn’t for this man. I will pay my respects, and likely be called a iSheep or fanboy or something. and your right, i am, a phandroid at heart, and always will be. but i will pay respect where respect is due.. after reading through some of the comments i am glad to see people showing real respect, and ability to think outside the box. steve jobs was a innovator, like it or not, he is the face of the tech world like it or not. he made a good run, i will miss his ability to drive competition forward.

    1. Nice that you came out of hiding. I too am an apple fan (but I haven’t owned an apple product for many years because I have choices),Beyond that however I am a Steve Jobs fan. He is not perfect but damn, he was an integral part of our history and helped push everything forward. Say what you want about the man. He has been an innovator and has seen many of his dreams to completion. I DJ, and we look at the innovators of music and mixing with the greatest respect. How so many of you can diss this guy on the regular only shows how much brand allegiance Google has programmed you to have. I choose Android because I have choices and I like having them, and Steve is one of those cats that had the intelligence and the balls to give us choices even if we decided not to accept what he put out.

  48. Im throwing a farewell party. And Steve isn’t invited! Woooooooooohoooooooo!

  49. I’m not sure why, but this makes me a little sad.

  50. kinda on topic and off topic, i can see a new design coming to iOS5. Facebook has the like button, google has the +1 button, i think iOS5 will have the “Patten” button. or maybe “Stolen” button. as for this, i think phandroid should start using the +1 button, since this is all about android and google.

  51. Gah. Don’t care. I thought I was on an Android fan site. Guess I was wrong.

    1. And if you don’t think Apple has an impact on the Android arena, you’re more myopic than Helen Keller.

      1. If that’s the case then report on the said impact. Recently it seems Phandroid reports blindly on any Apple development. I come to this site for the slight bias towards Android. This article says nothing about how Steve Jobs resigning might impact Android. I have my Google News feeds for generic unbiased news.

  52. Like him or not but Steve Jobs is a very tough fighter. This resignation can only mean one thing: that he is just too sick to continue doing this anymore. But as long as he is still alive, he will be a major force.

  53. Am I alone when I say I wish the worst for this evil man?

    1. You may not be alone but you are scum.

      I may dislike Apple as much as many others but the man helped shape the industry like no other.

  54. I posted this on my blog about Jobs:

    Too many people are acting as if the man is dead and 6 feet under already. He will still be working with the company as a chairman and you can best believe that when he speaks, people will still listen.

    Even if he wasn’t there, Apple will continue with the plans he has set up for years to come. AKA I don’t see them becoming unsuccessful any time soon. To read more, check out my blog post, you might actually enjoy it :)

  55. I think a quote from Tombstone is best stated here: “Well….Bye!”

  56. “Steve jobs resigned from apple as ceo, to start rocking a DROID”

  57. Seriously… Who cares? Jobs was a pitch man, the face of a company. He didn’t invent anything. I’m wasting no more of my time on this topic.

  58. End of Apple? That’ll depend on how much control Jobs has over Cook. If it’s a Putin Medvedev type thing then as long as Jobs is around Apple will be fine. I wish the man good health and a long life. Take some time off and enjoy it.

    Although I do wonder. It’s one thing to go after legitimate patents you think you can win, but whose idea was it to basically sue everybody over everything. Heck, even I knew the Samsung design crap wouldn’t hold up why did no one at Apple realize that? Now if those people are still in charge, I foresee an end to Apple before Jobs kicks it. Not that they will stop existing, but I just wouldn’t expect anything out of them.

    Great CEOs/business leaders come about once in awhile. Like him or not, Jobs counts as one of those. Gates, Jobs and Page will lie with giants like, Carnegie, Mellon, Rockefeller, Chase, Johnson etc. And they deserve to.

    Good luck to you, you smarmy shrewed ba$tard. LOL.

  59. I do not like Apple products for reasons that are stoopid and my own mostly. However, when a company’s stock drops 5% because the CEO resigns goes to show how important Steve Jobs is to Apple. We can all speculate all we want. The reality is he has Pancreatic Cancer. This is a death sentence. There are no known cures for it. It is a terminal disease. I think he is stepping down while he still can, provide direction to the company as he exits, and live the rest of his life enjoying his family in the short time he has left.

  60. And the most recent version of iOS only runs on 2 Apples. At least fully. Oh, and it was the biggest disappointment since the day the doctor told your mom she was preggers with you.

    1. I can’t think of any Android phone still getting official updates 2+ years after release. Can you point one out to me?

      F-ing idiots here, I swear.

    2. Wait, who’s os is fragmented?

    3. @wakkoman
      um nexus one
      and if you think we are all idiot’s with an inferior os may i make a suggestion where to go. and please feel free not to come back

  61. all that cursing got to him …

  62. He maybe gone but he still chairman. which kinda sucks.

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