QNX-Powered BlackBerry Handsets to Receive Android Application Support


Just as RIM has promised Android Application support on its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, Bloomberg is reporting that the same functionality will eventually migrate to the manufacturer’s future lineup of QNX-powered smartphones. We won’t see the new QNX devices until at least next year, but the move is a smart one as more and more developers flock to Android application development. The phones will run on a different version of the BlackBerry OS than does the PlayBook, which still awaits the release of its promised emulator for running apps from the Android Market. RIM might be a bit smarter to have the capability ready to go out of the box come the release of their next generation smartphones.

[via DroidDog]

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  2. im sorry but thats a huge cop out. why not just adopt android instead of QNX if you are going to hang your hat on the fact you can run android apps. you know what else runs android apps? ANDROID PHONES.

    1. So that their phones can run Blackberry app and Android apps. RIM doesn’t want to abandon their developers or force companies who have made internal apps to start all over again.

  3. The thing is that Devs are not gonna develop for the QNX OS if they just can develop for android and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. So is a last attempt from RIM to stop the bleeding. And since some researches out there suggest that android is the most unsecured platform how corporate america will perceive this move is anyones guess. They might start dropping BB right now and adopt other OS. In the consumer area it is a win-win situation. But on their bread and butter side (enterprise) they might lose a lot. Google should take advantage and use Motorola’s expertise in enterprise to gain all those business customers.

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