Swype Beta 3.25 Now Available


Yesterday we mentioned that Swype would bringing its latest update, initially released exclusively for the Nexus S 4G on Sprint, to all members of their Beta program. We weren’t exactly sure when it would launch, but it didn’t take long. Swype has been updated to version 3.25 and is now available to all signed up to participate as a beta tester (hint: sign ups are currently open to the public). The update includes the addition of Swype gestures, which you can see in the above video, among other enhancements.

EDIT: It appears the beta has gone offline for the time being. We’ll update this article when it returns.

[via Swype]

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  1. Why are they in forever beta? It’s been more a complete product for some time, why not put it on the market?

    1. I got sick of Swype’s perpetual beta program over a year ago and deleted it off my OG Droid. It’s a great product, but they’re clearly marketing their product towards handset manufacturers and not end users so it will never be in the Market.

    2. Carl is spot on. If they release it on the market then they won’t be able to get manufacturers to pre-install it on their phones. Apparently they believe they make more money that way than selling it outright.

      1. who cares? they do a great job, what’s worth changing that up?

        1. Oh I’m not complaining. Just explaining what I understand their thought process to be.

  2. How come my Swype version is 3.5, how can this be newer than mine? Dinc Swype tester.

    1. Look closely at the version numbers. Im sure 25 is a larger number than 5. ;)

  3. the previos swype update broke swype on the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Tablet……….. Does this new update now fix it again on the ASUS Transformer tablet?

  4. Fyi, when you update Swype, make sure to pick “Prereleased” version NOT beta. If you select beta it will install the old version.

  5. Installed it today. The cut/copy/paste and especially select all functions are a fantastic addition. I never have liked using the contextual menus.

  6. Previous version is stock on EVO.. Tired of it picking non English words.

    1. Then simply install the English only version.

  7. I downloaded and installed swype and saw the version number as 3.26…..
    But after sometime it said license error and then i re installed and got back to 3.25….
    What might be the reason??

  8. Update: When updating the updater I entered an endless loop to up date the already updated updater, obviously that does not do one thing in updating Swype. -_-

  9. I have a rooted Eris – just went and downloaded a new version from the Installer and it now shows version: 3.25.91D.31127.t100

    Looks like its ready to download :)

  10. The new Swype still doesn’t space words in the stock message apk on the Thunderbolt. Hasn’t worked right since the phone was released.This flaw in Swype has been well covered. You would think they would have fixed this before they released this update. I use my keyboard for text messaging mostly and that flaw really sucks.

  11. it is a lot of improvement from Swype you got there. Gesture plus personal dictionary.

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