Android Market Updated Once Again, Receives +1 Button


Yet another Android Market update has begun to arrive on handsets. It’s nothing as drastic as the complete overhaul we saw just a few weeks back, but it does add in some desirable features. For starters, the +1 button that has been featured on the Android Market’s web iteration has made the journey over to the mobile world, allowing you to share all of your favorite apps with your Google+ circles. The second most notable enhancement is the option to PIN lock the Market, preventing easy access to your shopping credentials and insuring you are the only capable of downloading new apps. The new additions are rolling out to handsets now, but for those lacking in patience and with a bit of search engine knowledge and installable APK shouldn’t be too hard to find.


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  1. Wha? I still haven’t received the last update…

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. I had manually installed the update, but had to remove it. I had been expecting it to update itself now, but it hasn’t. Evo 3D. What gives?

  2. nice update, not really something I will use a lot, but great addition nonetheless

  3. I haven’t received the last update on the Evo 3D either. I’m getting really tempted to manually install it.

  4. Wow. And my Evo 3D still hasn’t received the other market update yet. You would think our Evo 3d phones were compatible.

  5. My LG GW620 (running CM7) got it, but my Motorola Milestone (also running CM7) didn’t get it.

  6. im on a nexus s and i havent received the overhaul myself…

  7. I updated my thunderbolt with the APK from Droid Life and although I like the features it seems to be slower than the previous update. Maybe it will speed up after my next restart… LOL

  8. Never got previous update on 3 EVO 4G’s…

  9. My Evo View tablet is still on the old Android Market that shipped with Gingerbread…

    I wonder why.

  10. I think it’s just a web page update.

  11. What’s the new version number?

  12. Will you get the update if you manually updated the market? I updated to the new market last month and i didnt get this new update

  13. I downloaded the new version and it fixed all the bugs from the previous update. I can now see all my apps in the “My Apps” section. I like the new features.

  14. No update yet. I guess Google listened to our suggestions, PIN locking is great. You should’ve included a screen shot.

  15. still slow as ever though…

  16. Not to hard to find…. But here it is for those who can’t figure it out.

  17. I’m still waiting for mine to update. I manually installed 3.0.27 but then uninstalled it so Google would auto update to 3.1.3 but it only auto updated to 3.0.27. I guess I can manually install it but was hoping for it to be automated for this release as well as future versions. Anyone else still waiting? I have a Moto DX2 on GB 2.3.3, not rooted.

  18. I got this update on my phone about a week ago but a few days ago I did a hard reset on my phone and the android market has gone back to an old version.Will it automaticly update to the new version again or will I have to look for an APK.Thanks in advance.

  19. I got this update around a week ago but a few days ago I did a hard reset on my phone and the market has now gone back to an old version.Will it automaticly update back to the new version or will I have to download the APK manually.Thanks in advance.

  20. I got this update about a week ago but a few days ago i did a hard reset on my phone and now the market has gone back to an old version.Will it update automaticly to the new one again or will I have to download an APK manually?Thanks in advance

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