Swype Update Headed to All Handsets After Brief Nexus S 4G Debut


Members of the Swype beta program will soon gain access to the gesture shortcuts, enhanced dictionary, and improved capitalization provided by an update made available to Nexus S 4G owners last week. The update will find its way to the beta channel later this week sans the Sprint-specific skin found in the Nexus S 4G version. Other than this change, expect the same tweaks and additional features.

Swype has gone in and out of open beta for the duration of its existence, but if you aren’t in on the fun yet you will be glad to know registration is currently open to all. Just head over to Swype’s beta registration site to sign up.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Try the Nuance Flex t9. It’s an amazing keyboard and voice reg

  2. what about those with the pre-installed versions like the Evo? I can’t seem to get through the installation because I don’t have a “box” to deselect next to my Swype in settings. Got any tips?

    1. You have to have root and remove the pre-installed version as the version offered via the beta program can not replace the OEM version. This is clearly stated on Swype’s blog. Please check out their site.

      1. yeah, read that about 3 minutes after I posted before. FU Sprint.

  3. Damn I really wanted the new skin.. it looks so much better!

  4. I really like Swype, but I wish they’d come out with a light keyboard with dark letters.

  5. will this finally fix swype on the asus transformer that used to work but stopped working after last update, and now another update yay! will try it out later

  6. on the iphone or wp7, we dont need swype because our stock keyboard is great. enjoy the lag.

    1. Have fun with your half-assed iPhone, troll.

    2. iPhone users troll because they are just jealous that their phone doesn’t have something that another phone has. As soon as daddy Steve Jobs announces it for the next iPhone, the iPhone fanboys soil their pants with excitement, when the day before they were trolling forums and blogs talking about how they don’t need such a feature/design/folders/multitasking/drop down notifications/etc., but as soon as it gets announced, they think it’s the first phone to have it, when other phones have had it for a long while.

    3. I’m changing my keyboard as I type this why?…just because I can.

      Enjoy your all-caps keyboard (yup, even when typing in lower case it still is in all caps on the keyboard).

      1. i have WP7, and that is not true.

        1. iOS.

          —– Reply message —–

  7. I tried out Swype for a while but I’m stuck on SwiftKey X right now. It’s awesome.

  8. I swear this thing must have been in beta for at least 2 years now

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