Verizon Lines More Cities Up For 4G LTE on September 15th; Highlights Include Canton and Cleveland, OH and Springfield, IL


They are just relentless, aren’t they? Verizon’s going on another 4G LTE launch spree, this time with a flurry of markets in Illinois, Iowa and Ohio getting love on September 15th. A couple of North Dakota and Minnesota markets have also been announced. This comes not too long after they recently covered more than 50% of the United States’ population in their most previous rollout. I don’t know about you guys, but given how slowly their competitors have moved this 1-2 rollouts per month schedule is downright awesome. That said, quick list of cities set to get 4G in the middle of next month:

  • Rockford, IL
  • Mansfield, OH
  • Moline, IL
  • Rock Island, IL
  • Davenport, IA
  • Bettendorf, IA
  • Springfield, IL
  • Bloomington/Normal, IL
  • Champaign/Urbana, IL
  • Canton, OH
  • Canton-Akron Airport, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Lima, OH
  • Fargo, ND
  • Moorhead, MN

Keep it coming, Verizon.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Still no loving for Hampton Roads, VA. I think we were one of the last when VCast launched as well even though it’s a largely populated area.

    1. I am with you there. Every time I see a 4G rollout I get my hopes up that it is spreading to us.

  2. I like that they are furiously rolling out 4G, while the competiton sits on their thumbs.

    However, not pleased with the data caps. It’s like giving you a Ferrari, then limiting the amount of miles you can drive it.

    Luckily, I’m grandfathered in for unlimited (where I live was turned on during last week’s rollout).

  3. i kind of understand where verizon not pushing as many great phones.. they r trying to push out their blazing 4g to guarantee every customer a great 4g experience to match the phones.. smart if u ask me

  4. what i love most about this, isn’t that 4G is great, and Real in terms of t mo or att.’s fake 4G. i love that richard yarrell is sitting with his evo somewhere trying to buy a plane ticket to one of the 7 cities that actually have wimax. To the rest of you who own an evo, no offense towards you lol.

  5. Fargo!! Here we come blazin’ fast speeds!!

  6. Now if Verizon would hurry up and get a worthwhile 4G phone I would have something to do during the long Fargo winters!

  7. When they going to give the Rockies some love?

  8. Lima, Ohio has been on since last Thurs. Now just need a phone to compliment the service! Release the dual cores!

  9. Fargo? Seriously? Who the fuck lives up in Fargo? Since all these seem to be in the Midwest they should hit the bigger cities like Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago. Unless they already have and I just was unaware. Lol

    1. Um, a lot of people. Well, actually in the Fargo/Moorhead metro area, there tends to be more commercial property on the Fargo side, and more residential in Moorhead, but whatever the case, there’s quite a lot of people up there. Now if only they’d hit a certain smaller metro area in central Minnesota…..

    2. Chicago, and I believe KC and STL, already have 4G. Chicago’s is some of the fastest in the country, with speeds exceeding 20Mbs up and 10 down.

    3. Way more people than you know. Also probably the nicest people you will ever meet. Have a flat? Don’t conceal carry? Don’t worry, a North Dakotan will help you when it’s -40 out and you won’t worry about losing your life or car.

  10. We got some love in LA here in California, but none where I actually live, in Santa Barbara. Wtf…all the richest people live here and in Montecito, why aren’t we getting some LTE love? I don’t want to have to go to LA 2 hours away to use 4G.

  11. Sprint your 4g is embarassing, most people turn it off becase it does not work. No im not with the big V i have the epic great but slow 4g.

  12. Fargo. Good movie.

    been waiting for this like forever.

  14. What’s going on, VZW? What happened to Central Ark (at least the Little Rock area)? I see Jonesboro is now on the map to get 4G LTE by the end of this year, are they and Fort Smith going to get it before LR?

  15. They flipped the switch early, because its working already.

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