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Verizon Users in New York Having Weird GPS Issues, We’ve Got a Temporary Fix For You [Forum Talk]


The HTC DROID Incredible section at AndroidForums.com was filled to the brim with users on Verizon – who also happen to live in New York – having GPS issue. Some users were getting GPS coordinates placing them in Spain and France, while others weren’t able to receive a lock at all. There’s also a sizable thread going over at Google’s support forums.

We’re not exactly sure if Verizon is aware of what’s going on, but we’ll ping them just in case. In the meantime, a user at AndroidForums.com has come through with a temporary workd-around that many users are reporting does well to fix their issue. You’ll have to repeat this process every time you reboot the phone, but it’s better than nothing. Look below for the simple steps, and be sure to thank AndroidForums.com user csg261 as he is our benefactor for this one.

We also hear that getting the latest official Gingerbread build will do the trick – more on that in a bit.

turn on gps

activate airplane mode

run gps test by mike lockwood – menu>clear aiding data

exit airplane mode

satellites seen and lock

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  1. This is not just affecting HTC Incredible owners, although it does seem to be primarily HTC phones…

  2. spam

  3. There’s been reports of it also affecting moto droid x, moto droid, moto droid 2, galaxy tabs, and some other stuff. This sucks :(

  4. When you follow these crazy random directions (which actually work) don’t forget to stand on one foot while wearing your pj’s inside out

    1. in addition to that, you must turn your hat around backwards, put a golf tee behind your left ear, put all your change in your left pocket, and tie your left shoe in a double knot

      (Tin Cup)

  5. http://phandroid.com/2011/08/22/verizon-users-in-new-york-having-weird-gps-issues-weve-got-a-temporary-fix-for-you-forum-talk/

    The link above is most Tweeted about this. The fix doesn’t work, but there are hundreds of forum posts over the past several days about this issue. In our case, our units all stopped working last Thursday at 11am. One of our technicians went to Florida for the weekend and took a device with him. Upon landing in Orlando, he went outside and got a valid fix within minutes. Upon returning to Syracuse this morning, he went outside and did have a signal. This is consistent with our web reading about people driving over to Chicago and back. However, as with the Chicago drivers, he lost the signal after about an hour and hasn’t been able to get a fix since.

    We deployed our software to a new facility in Buffalo this morning and, as we expected after our reading this weekend, the GPS component doesn’t work there either. The cities most mentioned on the web concerning this problem are Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse. “Western New York” is also referred to quite a bit. Our solution on the Motorola units is currently deployed in 13 cities across the US and Canada. Syracuse and Buffalo are the only two sites having this issue. This, too, is consistent with all of trouble we have been reading about over the weekend on web sites and forums.

  6. That fix is likely only temporary if you do not also go into the “Location and securty” settings and disable “Use wireless networks” The root cause of this problem seems to be that verizon is sending out bogus location info which is confusing the AGPS mode. Disabling this should make your phone work like a standalone GPS device, which will just take a little longer to lock onto the satellites.

    unfortunately that will also disable wifi based locations, but it’s the best fix for now.

    1. I hope you are correct. But, my understanding is that this is affecting non-Verizon equipment also.

      1. no, it was just a Verizon thing. All fixed now though.

  7. i just hung up with verizion and they said there wernt any issues and reinstall google maps. I had tried that first. they said to call andriod market i did they have no idea and said i have to do a full factory restore and promised that would fix it. I also had the issue last thursday around 11 am too.ill wait and see what happens i guess.

    1. the problem is that some of the reps know what they’re talking about (even though they don’t actually have much information) but then others just talk out of their ass (like the one you got)

  8. They just pushed a fix out at about 8:15 EST. Bunch of forum users including myself all were fixed at the same time. Some devices rebooted, other just started working.

    1. woo hoo

  9. I think the issue is Solar flares from the SUN!!

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