Aug 22nd, 2011

The HTC DROID Incredible section at was filled to the brim with users on Verizon – who also happen to live in New York – having GPS issue. Some users were getting GPS coordinates placing them in Spain and France, while others weren’t able to receive a lock at all. There’s also a sizable thread going over at Google’s support forums.

We’re not exactly sure if Verizon is aware of what’s going on, but we’ll ping them just in case. In the meantime, a user at has come through with a temporary workd-around that many users are reporting does well to fix their issue. You’ll have to repeat this process every time you reboot the phone, but it’s better than nothing. Look below for the simple steps, and be sure to thank user csg261 as he is our benefactor for this one.

We also hear that getting the latest official Gingerbread build will do the trick – more on that in a bit.

turn on gps

activate airplane mode

run gps test by mike lockwood – menu>clear aiding data

exit airplane mode

satellites seen and lock

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