Ben Heck Uses Android ADK To Build A Car Seat That Will Put Your Child To Sleep


Modder extraordinaire, Ben Heck of “The Ben Heck Show,” has been building custom mods for quite sometime now. All kinds of things like his world famous Xbox 360 laptop, to a controller monitor and guitar foot strummer are just some of his feats. This time, Ben Heck tackles Google’s own Arduino-based ADK (Accessory Development Kit), the very same one we saw earlier this year at Google I/O. So what exactly does he build? Well, Mr. Heck decides to answer a viewer request to simulate the motion of a car ride used to put his baby to sleep. Using the Nexus One’s built in accelerometer, he records the driving motions in his car, feeds that information into the Android ADK and later, will simulate the same motions onto a child’s car seat. Pretty nifty stuff! We’ll have to wait for part 2 to see the end result but here’s the video for you guys to check out. Enjoy!

[Via Engadget and Revision3]

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