Geekaphone Hopes to Make Your Next Smartphone Purchase an Easy Decision


Looking to make your next smartphone purchase but no idea where to start? New service Geekaphone might be a good resource to check out. Just enter various factors, everything from platform to price, and the site will spit out its best match for you. Want a 4G phone with a dual-core processor and HD video capture? How about a phone with a slideout keyboard and FM radio transmitter? It might not have a match for every scenario, but Geekaphone does its best. A great resource for smartphone buyers slightly overwhelmed by all the options out there. Check it out at the source link below.

[via Geekaphone | Thanks tehsusenoh]

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  1. lol, i love that they have iphone on there, as if there was much choice with that.

  2. Whatever happened to the page where they build your phone for you? Like you can make up your own phone… Great idea.. wish I could find the site again.

    1. The website was http://synapse-phones.com

      Tough it doesn’t work these days and I’ve never heard if someone ever got their phones. Probably it was just a fluke.

  3. so it’s an orbitz/priceline/kayak for phones? :: yawn ::

  4. the filters on the site aren’t working properly. fm radio tag is definitely not spec’d out for all the phones

    1. Yes we are missing some data on some phones, we just launched this week and are working on filling those gaps.

      1. Congratulations on this site & good luck with it. The naysayers are upset it wasn’t their idea.

  5. Not sure why it lists the Vibrant as not having Adobe Flash support.

  6. I wonder if there’s an option in the pulldown for suggesting a phone that screams: “pompous a$$hole” for under $300?

  7. This site sucks ass.

    1. Can I ask what in particular you did not like?

      1. He can’t say because he’s a moron. This is really great! Keep up the good work. Best of luck to you!

        1. Thanks, we appreciate the support.

  8. This is actually kind of cool. If only it was more mainstream.

    Too bad it doesn’t tell me what the Nexus Prime will have lol

    1. Glad you liked it, if you tell your friends you can help us make it more mainstream.

  9. Why would the #1 choice for a power user be an evo 3d? SGS2 is not even the 2nd choice!

    1. Well.. there really is no SII in the US (just yet) anyway.. That Sensation your feeling is doubt.. You need to have a Vigor(ous) look at HTC phones again.. but seriously, so many people have built up an enormous hype in their head over something that hasn’t come out yet.. You can’t say something is superior until it exists, and has real world use.. At this point it is promising.. In Europe, where both actually exist,.. Slashgear in their SII vs Sensation review couldn’t declare a winner, but liked the SII a lot.. so now that is clear as mud.

  10. Wow, I learned something I didn’t know. Thanks. The Galaxy S2 has 32gb of internal memory. I wouldn’t have to tote around a 64gb ipod touch along with my phone anymore.

  11. US centric, as always

    1. US centric to start, we are planning on adding more countries soon, we just launched this week, give us some time.

  12. Maybe I missed it. I was looking for a size category. The latest, greatest Android phones are all big, and heavy. The best development in mobile phones over the past twenty years is that they finally got so small and light you could just slip it in your pocket and go. Now they’re turning into bricks again. It’d be nice to be able to filter geekaphone for mid-size and smaller, lighter-weight phones.

  13. I heard for the first time about Geekaphone here. It was a good information and good opinions. I have to know more about this. Thanks for sharing.


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