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Geekaphone Hopes to Make Your Next Smartphone Purchase an Easy Decision

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  1. Wow, this is intensely crazy =p

  2. Very interesting, glad to see a simplified version of all these debates.

  3. This almost looks like a die of an integrated circuit with inputs and outputs.. We’ll call it the litigation IC. You can input a desired company to sue and it’ll do the job of figuring out how to go about it for you. Shoot! Better run down to the patent office and patent it before someone else does! Then I can sue anyone who tries to sue other people/companies!

  4. They forgot Sony Ericsson is Android since SE is part of Sony.

    1. SE is not part of Sony. It’s a joint venture between Sony and Ericsson, two entirely separate companies that are correctly represented on the chart.

  5. This really is an intense chart.

    1. It’s interesting to see Kodak in the middle of suits and counter-suits, and Microsoft in a similar situation. Microsoft’s demise has been predicted as often as the second coming of Christ (and with as much accuracy), but it’s interesting to see it in graphical form.

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  6. Wow, apple takes half the chart…lol surprise

  7. Would be interesting to click one of the colored lines and get a rundown on what suits are filed. Amazing how sue happy Apple is.

  8. Very interesting. And crazy.

  9. Just seeing how Apple is taking up the chart I’m tempted to sue them too, for abusing my patent of being a pain in the ass

  10. 4 companies suing Apple, they have the right to do that. Apple is shit

  11. Does anybody else has this song in their head when seeing this:

    Or some Keystone Cops? Those that are too young to know the Keystone Cops …look it up…lol. Maybe a lil 3 Stooges too comes to mind when seeing this.


  12. Wow, RIM and Kodak are suing each other….and Microsoft is suing Barnes and Noble?

    This info graphic doesn’t even show how many lawsuits each company does to another. Like the multiple lawsuits against samsung in multiple countries.

  13. Now pay attention here… Is there any wonder why the ‘Average’ person, not the readers of tech blogs, will glaze over & drool when you start talking legalities & politics? What an absolute mess. The fact that Apple has half of the chart is a sad statement about the world’s ‘Richest & Most Valuable Company.” Think they are afraid of being irrelevant again?

    Meanwhile the consumer that doesn’t read sites like this, the overwhelming majority of them, is going to continue to go into the retail store & buy what they want because they can. Apple, Microsoft, or Google (or insert company name here _______) can’t do anything about that. Oh & no court order is going to stand in the way of the commercial machine to which all economies are a slave. Money always wins in the end.

  14. LoL everyones suing and being sued by apple.

  15. LoL everyones suing and being sued by apple.

  16. Thanks Phandroid! Now I’m dizzy and I have a migraine.

  17. Just for the record. Microsoft is suing just as many companies as Apple. It’s just not drawn in a way to show that.

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