Motorola Droid Bionic Gets Detailed in Best Buy Ad


Perhaps you have heard of the Motorola Droid Bionic,Verizon’s first 4G LTE superphone. No? It’s been pretty hard to miss these past few weeks, showing up in numerous leaked photos as it nears its rumored September launch. There is really no denying that this thing is coming soon, as a newly spied Best Buy advert is set to launch and reveal the handset for what it is: a 4.3-inch qHD display monster with a 1GHz dual-core CPU and then some. It’s been a while since we first got a look at the Bionic back at CES in January, but it looks like the long road is nearing an end.

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  1. Atrix, Photon, and Bionic are all the same. If you want to launch a phone on several carriers they should do it in a timely manner and stop making it so dramatic like it’s a different phone. It should keep the same name. Let the carriers coverage and data speeds make the choice. Making so many variations of the same phone will not make a good sale.

    I think Moto is capable of making sweet phones, but they choose to make a bunch of pointless ones.

    1. I agree about same phone on multiple carriers – I also think that would help in the accessories market, too.

      You never see Bose (or any other premium accessory builder) do anything Android related, because no single Android form-factor can compete with the quantity of iPhones out there.

      1. And Bose is overrated garbage….

        1. That’s the most absolute bullshit comment I’ve seen in a while.

          1. Haha, what does that even mean? “Real” reviews? There are no “real” reviews. It’s all opinion. I own Bose products. I know the ones I own to be fantastic. That’s the only review I care about.

    2. You do realize that the Atrix and Bionic are two different form factors, right? The Atrix doesn’t have the Droid X-esque bump on the back, they use different batteries (although the Atrix and Photon share a battery with the Droid X, the BH6X, the Bionic uses an HW4X), the Atrix has a 5mp camera compared to the Bionic’s 8mp, and the Atrix has a 4.0″ screen compared the Bionic’s 4.3. So no, they aren’t “all the same”.

    3. Actually, Bionic doesn’t use the same chipset at all. OMAP4 vs. Tegra2.

    4. And on top of what everyone else is saying, Atrix is not LTE. It doesn’t come with an SD card where Bionic will come with a 16GB. It takes 720p video. Bionic will take 1080p.

  2. If that $299 price tag is for a new contract, you can kiss the Bionic goodbye.

    1. Ummmm… That’s what they have advertised for the Droid Charge… If they’re charging $299 for the Charge, then I don’t think it would take a doctrate in Astro Physics to figure out what they’re charging for the Bionic. It just may be well worth it.

      1. All 4g phones started out at 300

    2. Sorry, that whole “doctrate” thing was just some hacking.

  3. This is the Best Buy Mobile Buyer’s Guide that you see hanging around in the mobile department. The current guide is August & is slated to be done around 8/20. So, around that time the next issue will come out which will be September’s issue. Many times they put those in there for an anticipation that it will get released in September. Hence the coming soon excerpt. Hopefully it will be September, or the coming soon excerpt will have to placed again for the October issue.

    1. It’s been known to be September (probably the 8th) for a while.

  4. I will save my $300 for the Nexus Prime instead. This phone is becoming a big disappointment by the hour…

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