HTC Puccini Will Launch as HTC Jetstream on AT&T


New screenshots pulled from the HTC Puccini are shedding some light on what the tablet will be called when it hits the market, specifically AT&T’s version. Sticking with the aviation-esque theme established by the Taiwanese manufacturer’s first tablet, the HTC Flyer, the 10-inch Honeycomb slate will be tagged the HTC Jetstream when found bandying about AT&T’s airwaves. The tablet is said to be 4G-equipped, and an icon in the Honeycomb tray suggests as much. Still, whether this 4G will be LTE or merely HSPA+ remain unclear. The Jetstream name certainly suggests something with some speed behind it.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. God HTC’s Weather widget looks terrible on that scale.

    1. True, but I love sense none the less! :)

      1. Well hopefully sense doesn’t take the widget resizing out of honeycomb.

  2. I always liked the look and feel of Sense UI. The functionality is smooth too. On smartphones it uses up a lot of juice and resources, though considering how comprehensive it is, HTC has traditionally done a really great job with it. On tablets I bet it will really be something. I read this guy might come out with a 1.5GHz dual core. Should be plenty, especially since all of these 3.0+ devices have at least a gig of ram. I’m also excited that it probably will NOT run on Tegra. I’m underwhelmed by Tegra’s performance and outright insulted that my $500 Android 3.2 device has broken compositing in landscape mode because of Nvidia’s lazy drivers that don’t support overlays. Sign me up for the Puccini, Jetstream, whatever it’s called. HTC held off for 3.0+ until they knew they could get it right. Good for you HTC, you’ve probably earned my business once again.

    1. Well it better because by the time this comes out quadcores will be out with in a couple of weeks

  3. I really like that it supports the stylus because, unlike what the leader of a certain fruit cult might think, they go perfectly with tablets. Now, about Sense on Honeycomb…I don’t like it one bit. Remember back when the Evo first came out? We could switch between vanilla and Sense. When is HTC going back to this practice?

  4. Big fan of the HTC Sense, but I think the implementation on Honeycomb looks awful. Hopefully this isn’t a peek at a final release version. Then again, I guess it won’t really matter all that much. This thing is going to AT&T. Obviously, I’m not going to plunk down the cash for something tied down to AT&T. I might (key word: might) prefer to have sharpened chopsticks rammed underneath my fingernails instead.

    And the white menus look horrible, too.

    1. I agree HTC needs to chillax with sense

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