‘Nexus Prime’ Could Be Due for an October Release


Industry rumblings have suggested that Google wants to get the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, out to handsets by October for competitive reasons. As has been the standard over the past few years, it is expected a flagship device will launch alongside the new operating system. Word out of Korea is that the so-called “Nexus Prime” is indeed on track for an October release. The report from Electronic Times corroborates some previously rumored specs and throws a few more into the equation with mention of a 4.5-inch 720p Super AMOLED HD display and 1.5GHz processor. Still, little is known about the next Google superphone. If an October release pans out, we can expect to be hearing a lot more about this one in the coming weeks.

[via BGR]

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  1. That better be dual core 1.5!

    1. I sure hope so or I’ll be disappointed.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure it’ll be a dual core. Only way it will compete and allow it to have some of the features we expect.

    3. there are phones that aren’t dual core?

  2. “Just give it to me baby uh huh, uh huh,” – The Offspring.

  3. Better be available at Sprint

    1. Thats what I’m sayin, just don’t let it be release on Verizon first (no offense to ya Verizon customers)

    2. If that thing is released at Sprint, screw the Evo Shift, I’m getting the newest nexus :D Better not be bad like the Nexus S… That thing was such a terrible no go…

    3. I know sprint had some LTE discussion not long ago, but if the rumors of nexus prime using LTE are true, it doesn’t seem sprint is an option unless they plan to have their LTE up and running by october if this does become the set release month for the prime (was it ever even confirmed though they are doing it or just discussing?). So it would point more towards Verizon which is the only one not to get a nexus release thusfar or AT&T but I hope that isn’t the case.

  4. Celox anyone?!

  5. This better trump the (too long) awaited Galaxy S 2

  6. Well that’ll kill off the SG2 if they are going to be dropping in October. 26th for T-mobile is rumored ?

    1. Might not be for T-Mobile. =p

      1. What happened to the rumor that the Prime was going to be released to all the big carriers? =(

      2. Both past Nexi’s have been first on T-Mobile, there’s no reason to think it wont be that way once again. And please don’t bring up that stupid potential merger, I’m not buying that.

  7. If its on verizon im skipping gs2

  8. I hope it support Verizon 4G.

    1. Agree come on verizon bring it here!!

  9. Yeah it is dual core 1.5 ghz chipset! I this hopefully should be king droid and hopefully I hope the hardware is metallic and hefty, premium feeling device with a lovely glass hd screen.

  10. gonna be my next phone, just sayin’

    1. But we don’t know which carrier will support it yet.. o_O

      1. Maybe he lives in Europe, and here we don’t have stupid carriers that have there own lineup. ;p

        And as long as it has a sd card slot I’m gonna buy it.

        1. no unfortunately I don’t live in Europe, I like in the Oppressive United States of America.

      2. if it comes to Sprint… you can bet your bottom dollar I will have it on day one. :)

      3. doesn’t matter, I’m sure it will be on multiple carriers.

  11. I was hoping for a november/december release….my (early) christmas gift to myself xD

    1. Now it’s a Halloween present to yourself!

  12. I sincerely hope it get’s horrible specs, just to piss of the haters.

  13. The confusion that bothers me is, will it be Super Amoled with a higher res or Super Amoled Plus with a higher res? The word choice is not consistent in bloggers articles. I guess we will have to wait and see. I can’t wait for a new look and features. I really enjoy having a Nexus phone. You are welcomed to many ROMS and the native OS is smooth and fast. The hardware may be behind compared to newer phones but it doesn’t suck. The native OS on native hardware brings an enjoyable user experience. Not having to worry about if you’ll get the next update. It’s one OS from the ground up.

  14. Hmmm…Samsung sold the Nexux S here in Southeast Asia….lets hope that Nexus Prime makes its way here ASAP upon release…the GSII has been tempting me but I would much rather stay in the Nexus Family. My N1 has treated me well.

  15. Could this phone be the Moto HD?

    1. no

  16. According to BGR:

    4.5″ 720p resolution Super AMOLED HD PenTile display
    1.5GHz dual core OMAP4460
    1GB RAM
    1080p video capture
    5MP camera
    1MP front facing camera
    Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)


    1. Disappointing if they don’t go with the OMAP4470

  17. Am I the last person hoping it is a t-mobile phone!? haha

    1. No, but if they keep watering down the meaning of “unlimited” you might be.

  18. Too big!

    1. That’s what she…. Ahh, this one is getting old too…..

      1. That’s what she said :)

  19. They mentioned the dirty word Pentile.

  20. STFU about PenTile Unless you’ve actually used one (I own a device with PenTile). It works well. I’ve had a lot of devices and this one is up there with the best of them.

    1. With that resolution, I’ve got no complaints about it being pentile. HD on a 4.5 inch screen will be super sharp, pentile or not.

  21. Isn’t this the Samsung Hercules?

    1. hercules doesn’t have an HD screen

      but besides that it’s pretty much the same but with no Touchwiz

  22. It is going to be on Verizon. I could have sworn I heard a credible rumor that the Nexus Prime would have LTE. And LTE isn’t coming soon to sprint, at&t, or t-mobile. Therefore, the only logical carrier is Verizon. I just hope I’m right.

  23. The sad thing is, the only thing that will be better than the Galaxy S2, is the screen. sure it will have a higher clock speed, but a lesser processor. The OMAP 4 series uses the Power VR SGX 540. For those that don’t know, thats only equal to the GPU in the galaxy s 1. The A5 in the iPad 2, and likely iPhone 5 will blow this away in graphics, and as it stands, the only CPUGPU combo more powerful than the A5, is the Eyxenos. So, while I’m a huge TI OMAP phan, they could beef up their GPU some, i find it hard to believe this will be a Samsung Made device with lesser processor than the one in their current phones. I don’t have any proof to prove the eyxenos is more powerful than the A5, but if it isn’t more powerful, its equal to it. But if you don’t believe me about the GPU in the new Nexus Prime, look it up, the VR SGX 543 will blow the GPU in the Prime away. Hopefully, the software will become more optimized. If this will only have a dual core TI OMAP, then it won’t be the phone to end all phones. ON the other hand, DAMN it would be nice to have a true 720P screen.

    1. That’s if Prime has OMAP 4430. But I heard it’s supposed to have OMAP 4460 or 4470 with SGX 544.

  24. For it being a pentile screen that makes it look like (to me) that Motorola is making it (or Googlrola) . But with Google buying out Moto i have no idea what that would mean for the Nexus. I hope Moto does make the Prime. The build quality, sound, speaker, on the Photon was the best i have used in a looong time. If only Moto blur didnt go and screw it all up then i mightve kept my MoPho. Motorola device with Vanilla OS? Im definatly in.

  25. I’m holding off on my upgrade for this, keeping my fingers crossed for it to be on VZW. The Bionic is becoming a disappointment day by day. $300 for a phone with a VGA front-facing camera? Ridiculous.

  26. As long as the form factor is no bigger than the EVO 4G. If the rumors are true about Ice Cream Sandwich, then space will not be wasted on hardware buttons.

  27. All these awesome specs…what about battery life??

  28. All these awesome specs…what about battery life? Any rumors?

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