Despite Apple’s Attempts to Block Sales, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Poised for September 1 Launch in Australia


Before Apple had sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Europe, the Cupertino-based computer giant won a similar ruling in Australia. Initially it was reported that Samsung would comply with the court’s preliminary decision and delay the launch of their tablet down under, but later Samsung came out saying the Tab 10.1 would be released as planned. A recent flyer from Australian retailer Myer confirms as much, listing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a projected release date of September 1st. The date follows a few days behind a scheduled August 29th hearing in the Apple v. Samsung case. Does the release show Samsung’s confidence that the court will rule in their favor? Or, in a bold move by the Korean manufacturer, will the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hit shelves regardless of the final verdict?

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  1. Seeing as Apple falsified information by editing the Tab 10.1 photos, I’m sure the case will be thrown out. I just hope that Apple is slapped with a huge fine too.

  2. worthless post, please delete

  3. That’s funny, they were arriving by ups tomorrow 3 days ago. Hrmm UPS must be slipping.

  4. HATERS!
    android is going to be number one for a while. get used to it.

  5. It may be coming to Aussie…. but it’s months late. Hope they make a grand entrance to the tablet party which has been going on with out them for a while already

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