Small Victory for Apple? Tab 10.1 Sales Halted in Australia Until Lawsuit Over


Apple has gained at least one victory in their case against Samsung for patent and likeness infringement. Just as they have been trying to do in many other regions, Apple sought the sale of Samsung’s products in Australia banned. They’ve been able to successfully block the sale of the Tab 10.1, according to Bloomberg. The Korea-based manufacturer agreed to terms with Apple after the complain was escalated.

Samsung will be unable to offer the device for sell until the lawsuit has been settled. While the victory may seem small, the actions may urge regulators and judges in other regions to force this upon Samsung. If it doesn’t, then it gives Apple a bit more leverage in urging Samsung to offer the same temporary settlement in regions where the device has already launched.

It’s imperative to note that Samsung agreed to this action and didn’t fight it. It doesn’t indicate Apple will be as successful in other regions. It’s believed Samsung agreed to block sales because the launch has yet to go underway and went only as far as launching a marketing campaign.

Furthermore, Samsung has agreed to afford Apple three units of the version of the Tab 10.1 that was to be sold in Australia. While we don’t think Apple’s “likeness” complaint fits here, they may be able to crack it open and find things inside that belong to them as documented in patents.

Samsung could have done this to appease to Apple in one market and seek to get them to lift the pressure in other markets, though. This would help Samsung go along with business as usual in markets where their products have already successfully launched.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Samsung will do anything to keep from pulling products off of shelves where they’ve already been advertised as available. That’s probably why Samsung offered up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and not the Samsung Galaxy S II. And if Apple are not successful in Australia, Samsung has an easier time getting the lawyers off their backs and coming to far more reasonable terms than what Apple’s proposed.

There’s no telling if this is as far as Apple will be able to get in their radical approach to taming a rising competitor, but at least they have something to celebrate for in their frightening barrage of patent lawsuits. Court proceedings in Australia will resume August 29th. [Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. On what basis ? Honeycomb doesn’t even look like iOS at all ?

    1. Yeah well that’s what happens when Apple invents the first tablet /s

    2. On the basis that it beat the s**t off that crippled giant iPod.

  2. God Australia can be so retarded sometimes. Oh well just import it as we were all going to anyway as stuff is almost always over priced over here.

    1. Australian laws can be quiet stupid. if its delayed im importing

    2. That’s pretty much the dumbest thing anyone has ever said.
      Aussie(s) are a bunch of retarded asses (asses can’t be retarded). They’re the most lazy (aka laziest) ass* [*should be plural (asses do not have brains and can not be deemed lazy due to lack of activity)] in the world.

      Why are you mad at Australians? Shouldn’t you be mad at apple?

  3. Really want to throw my mac out the window right now. Damn you Apple, bunch of little babies. Grow some balls and accept a lil competition in the marketplace. Good thing for those of us that want this tablet can get it from online mobile sites such as Mobicity! Cant stop them can you Apple!?

    1. Give it me instead of throwing out the window. Look, Samsung was asking for it because they redesigned their Xoom-looking tablet after the iPad 2 was revealed. All this complaining and bitching about Apple being afraid of competition is dancing around the fact that Samsung should have stuck with the initial design for the Galaxy tab. If they had, Apple wouldn’t have sued for copying their trade dress. Don’t steal their IP and they won’t bother you. It’s that simple, and that’s true of any company!

    2. lol yes, yes i do! I have an ipod also, but thats as much apple as id ever own. I really have no desire in owning a damn iphone, and the mounds of people here in oz ive warned not to buy one are now regretting it now their phones are failing……but thats a whole other argument.
      @Darktaone, i can agree with what your saying, but just cant help but feel that apple would have sued them anyway if they did stick to that original design. Theres always something, no matter how very small that apple seem to claim they came up with first, and not just on samsung devices

  4. F***ing apple morons (see, they don’t even deserve capital a).
    This is not how a serious company competes for customers!
    Suing others in order to get rid of competiton’s products is sordid!
    I wish that all the others get together and bring apple down.

    1. FUCK APPLE! Im so fucking glad they’re not in the auto industry or they’d be suing anything and everything with wheels.

    2. free market my ass…

  5. To Phandroid site admins:
    Please write an article explaining to us in laments terms why Samsung is infringing on Apple’s IP. I REALLY would like to know, rather than coming in here and reading Apple/Android sissy fight comments. Please give us the facts so we can better understand to situation. Thanks!

    1. Just a bunch of stupid things that really shouldn’t even be in the courts.

  6. Australia is a joke they ban racing games there if it has real roads from there they think people will drive crazy there in real life.They have to many restrictions on stuff in that country and Vegemite the nastiest tasting stuff in the world

  7. i would like to think that this would actually hurt apple. i would like to think that it would turn into a PR nightmare for them with people going to their competitors out of disgust for their tactics. i would like to believe these things, but i know that’s not how it will work.

  8. When does Phandroid become a garbage dump for Apple fanboi articles??? And I say that cause 3 or 4 recent articles in Phandroid read like press releases from Apple. Where is the part of the article that Apple will have to pay Samsung for lost sales if they lose??? Where is the part that actually didn’t win anything but that the lawyers between the 2 companies agreed to wait till the matter is resolved and if Apple loses they will pay Samsung for the lost sales??? This is garbage. If I wanted to read Apple fanboi stupid articles I’ll read Apple Insider. If the aim of the Phandroid new management was to get people to leave their news web site and go to the many other android news web sites, they have succeeded. Congrats.,

    1. “Where is the part of the article that Apple will have to pay Samsung for lost sales if they lose???”

      Yea…this is odd. I made a comment at another site that also didnt mention this. I went to another site that had the same news and my comment was different after seeing that.

      All I can say now is…..may the best lawyers win!!!

  9. Apple needs to prop up their sagging smartphone market share … not whine in the courts.

  10. This is ridiculous. Apple is a joke…I like how they’re willing to sue to keep competition weak. That’s the sign of an immoral, unethical company.

    FYI – The Justice Dept is considering investigations into the “Rockstar Bidco” consortium that outbid Google for the Nortel patents.

    Even THEY know that Apple’s actions are very suspect. I’ve lost all respect for Apple as a company.

    /I already have a Tab 10.1 :)

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