T-Mobile’s G2x Gingerbread OTA Update Is Officially Over


T-Mobile announced via their their support page that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for their LG G2x has officially rolled out and ended as of August 10th. Hopefully you didn’t miss T-Mobile’s rapture (OTA update) but if you were a naughty sinner, there still may be hope for you yet.

Turns out you can still visit LG’s website for a second chance at redemption and download their updater software to get your device back up to date. But be careful, I’ve already heard of a few unlucky people who bricked their device going that route. Are all you G2x users out there up to date with Android 2.3? Or will you have to manually update that bad boy?

[Via TMoNews]

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T-Mobile Rolling Out 3.1 OTA Update for the LG G-Slate Starting Today

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  1. Neither xda triggers rom much better and its 2.3.5

  2. Crhis, you know if the update of gingrbread for g2x,fixs all issues that had

    1. Fixes a lot of software related issues (random reboots, connectivity, etc.)

      Your daddy issues, not so much. ;D

  3. My first g2x got bricked (no baseband) but replacement updated with no problems

  4. I would guess it does, as a G2X user myself. Though I was a late adopter, so gingerbread was our when I received my phone. I haven’t had any issues this is a beast of a phone and the first android phone I’ve been truly happy with for more than a couple days!

  5. I never got the update

  6. I updated via LG’s site two days ago and had no problems, phone looks and works great, though I was hoping Gingerbread would do away with the persistent “Battery is full, unplug your phone…” message, or at least make it optional, no dice…

  7. I never got the update from those hookers! And now they want me to mail my phone to LG so they can do the update them selfs but will take 3 weeks to get my phone back!!!

  8. my g2x says up to date @ 2.2 sill! and so does my sisters and fathers phones.

  9. I got the update and I haven’t had a single problem since. This seems to be the most stable android device I have had so far, and I have had alot. I think this and the motorola photon are the only two phones worth of trading my galaxy in for., a true next gen phone.

  10. G2x is truly a beast now. I couldn’t wait for an update OTA so I downloaded it (without problems) from the lg site.

  11. I had the problem of “your phone has the latest software” and could not update from the LG tool.. i called T-Mobile and they sent me out a replacement overnight.. My phone is working great so far and hopefully it will stay that way

  12. anyone figured out how to root the g2x with the gingerbread update?

  13. I’m on my third G2x first one died by getting stuck in a boot loop. Second one got bricked trying to update using the LG tool (crashed Windows halfway through the update), and the third phone with Gingerbread still has a ton of problems. It’s already frozen several times, won’t pair over bluetooth, and randomly rebooted once. The G2x is a POS! DO NOT BUY.

  14. i know the gingerbread is running pretty good on it. but from my own experience, THE CAMERA SUCKS ON IT !!! i think that’s why they stopped rolling it out..

  15. downloaded it and works better than before, but the camera really sucks!

  16. I really liked the 2.2 look on the phone specially the top bar with all the icons but oh well.

    Random reboot issues were gone for a while and now they are back again. Phone just shuts off or restarts itself out of no where and I constantly have to turn the screen on to make sure it’s functioning.

    The camera app was great with 2.2 and now it just sucks.

    I really like this phone. It’s fast and plain android however the reboot issue is getting on my nerves.

    : |

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