Samsung Publicly Dismisses “Leaked” Phone Specs From Earlier Today


The Android blogosphere was turned upside down today over the supposed leaked specs regarding Samsung’s upcoming devices. Many believed these specs were too good to be true and as it turns out — they were. Samsung took to their official blog today to set the record straight.

Regarding the Rumors of Future Mobile Device Launches

Some media have been reporting that Samsung is preparing to launch nine new smartphones and two new tablet devices. While Samsung is continuously working on new devices for our customers, the details being cited are not accurate in this case.

We appreciate the interest in our upcoming mobile devices and will share more information once its available.

It’s a rare case when Samsung speaks out on rumors and speculations regarding their upcoming devices but this is one such rare instance where they did. That has to tell you that these rumors were so outlandish, they couldn’t keep quiet. I mean, really? A tri-core 4.65-ich screen with a 9 1/2MP camera and dual-exhaust? Just didn’t feel right.

[Via Androinica]

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  1. Hell, I’d be happy if they’d just give me an Epic Touch

  2. They have to be working on something though with Google. I mean Meizu pretty much just announced that they’re releasing their quad core phones this fall and they get all their parts from Samsung practically.

    1. My theory is all the major OEM’s will released a 720p device in time for Ice Cream Sandwich and the iPhone 5’s release. Supposedly, all the major manufacturers have submitted their version of the Nexus to Google as per their recommended specs but only one will be chosen.
      That’s why all these Android devices from all the OEM’s are coming out with 720p devices.

  3. 4.65″ isn’t that insane. One would easily fit in the SGS2 frame without buttons.

    1. It’s just a very odd number from what we’re used to. Everyone that reported the rumors mentioned they were… weird.

      1. true, but isnt the SGS2 screen size kind of odd? (4.27″)

        1. Yes, but at least they had a reason to make it that, since they added the new pixel array it got bigger.

      2. CC nice pic… I can all most hear you getting fatter!!!!

  4. Damn I have been waiting for duel exhaust……. Oh well

  5. I was really pulling for that dual exhaust!

  6. You would think that these companies could take a hint as to what people really want when everyone and their mom wets their panties over “rumored” phone specs. I’m sure that (and it’s apparently obvious seeing as how someone corrected the rumored specs) that people that work at htc, Samsung, etc. see these posts of people drooling over rumored phones. A lot of the times, the specs are somewhat reasonable IMO with currently available tech, sure the phone might be pricier, but there ARE people out there willing to shell out the cash for it, provided it’s not crippled in some way from the start.

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