T-Mobile Rolling Out 3.1 OTA Update for the LG G-Slate Starting Today


For all you crazy kids with an LG G-Slate from T-Mobile, you’ll be happy to know that the Android 3.1 update for the device is being rolled out starting today. You will be notified when the update is ready for your device or if you want to receive the update as soon as possible you can do so by manually checking for the update in your Settings. Here’s all the great new features you have to look forward to in Android 3.1:

  • Google Videos – A new Videos app has been added that allows you to buy and rent movies.
  • Recent apps list expanded – The recent apps list has been expanded to show all apps recently used. After opening the apps list, touch one of the apps to access it.
  • Home screen resizable widgets – Widgets built-in to Android 3.0 (Calendar, Email, Gmail, etc.) can now be resized vertically or horizontally on any one of the five home screens.
  • USB accessory support – Customers can now attach a keyboard, pointing device, or gamepad to the G-Slate for use with typing, gaming, etc.

Also, in addition to those typical 3.1 features users can also look forward to bug fixes and enhancements like force closes when using Google Talk and Music apps and improved browser and widget responsiveness. Let us know when you get the update!

[Via T-Mobile]

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  1. better watch out with that black frame around the tablet. Apple will probably sue you for the “look and feel”.

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