NewYu Fitness Monitor Brings Android-Based Fitness Tracking to Your Pocket


If you aren’t keen on waiting for Motorola to announce what we believe will be a fitness watch that will communicate with Android, another viable option has made its way to the forefront.

NewYu looks to track how many steps you take in a day, how many calories you’ve burned vs how many you’ve taken on. Set goals for yourself and look at your trends over time.

You can look at and sync data up using your Android phone and there are even community and social aspects for you to find support and share your stats.  All of this for $100. If you’re a fitness buff who likes to keep tabs on their health, take a good look at Full press details straight ahead.


Leveraging first-of-its-kind technology to track exercise and everyday activities, NewYu is the only fitness monitor on the market to accurately identify specific activities in order to provide users reliable information about how many calories are burned throughout the day

LOS ANGELES – August 11, 2011 – As fitness enthusiasts and experts converge at the IDEA Show in Los Angeles tomorrow, attendees will get a first look (Booth 1350) at the NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor and Service – a comprehensive system for monitoring and managing wellness goals all day long.

Using industry-first motion detection and advanced pattern recognition technology that detects and identifies specific body movements, the small and lightweight NewYu easily clips anywhere on the torso or to the pocket. The monitor not only tracks basic activities such as walking and running, but also specifically recognizes complex movements like biking, elliptical and step machine, while also capturing data for daily living tasks like cooking, cleaning and shopping. The result – a more accurate view of how many calories are burned based on every movement made throughout the day.

“The NewYu team has developed groundbreaking motion detection technology that can distinguish a wide variety of physical movements in the human body. In the fitness market, this unique technology enables us to accurately track both fitness and everyday activities and thus, accurately calculate how many calories are burned throughout the day. The more accurate the tracking, the more likely users are to reach their goals,” said Van Krueger, President and CEO of Wellcore, NewYu’s parent company. “The NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor and Service offer a full-scale solution – from monitor to online tracking to professional management – providing a truly comprehensive wellness and weight management tool.”

NewYu – An Overview
At less than an ounce, the NewYu monitor can be easily and securely clipped to a waistband, collar or sleeve for all day wearing comfort and convenience. Designed to be worn anywhere in the torso area or clipped to the pocket, NewYu is able to accurately sense full body movement.

The monitor works hand-in-hand with the NewYu online dashboard, providing users a home base for setting and tracking goals. With the free NewYu Android app, users can sync data from their monitor to the dashboard in real-time via Bluetooth. Or, users can sync information by connecting the monitor to their computer with a USB adapter. In a matter of seconds, updated information is displayed in easy-to-understand charts.

The Online Dashboard
The personal and secure online dashboard lets users track progress and fitness trends via easy-to-read charts that breakdown activities, detail the number of steps, display the number of calories burned vs. calories consumed and show progress toward goals for the current day, week, 30 and 90 days.

Partnering with CalorieKing™, the site also gives access to tens of thousands of foods, so users can quickly track calories consumed whether at home or on-the-go. Once personal goals are set on the dashboard, NewYu shows real-time progress via LED light bars on the monitor itself.

Professional and Peer Support
NewYu is the only device to offer a solution for personal trainers and health professionals through the Managed Fitness feature. This free tool enables personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists to help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of training sessions and office visits. By viewing clients’ nutrition and fitness progress, professionals can provide custom advice on workout and diet, as well as share words of encouragement.

NewYu also offers ConnectYu – an online social community where users can browse forums, initiate or join groups, and chat with other members to find workout partners, stay accountable, get encouragement, and access tips. Additionally, users can share updates with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter right from the NewYu dashboard.

Pricing and Availability
The NewYu Connected Monitor will retail for $99.99 and is expected to be available in September 2011 through and select online retailers, including and Consumers can pre-order monitors on the NewYu website.

About Wellcore
Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Wellcore is dedicated to developing consumer products and services that promote fitness, health and security. The company, founded in 2007 by long-time tech entrepreneurs, has developed ground-breaking motion and pattern recognition technology with a scalable platform that is changing how people manage their safety and wellness, both at home and away. For more information, please visit

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  1. interesting, but i would love to a gps integrated pedometer too…

  2. I’m not a big fan of the counting of steps system. Steps can vary by quite a lot. One step I take someplace like hiking up Longs Peak is vastly different than one step in an office. Step counting is a lot like BMI. The idea is noble but in practice, it falls short.

    Chances are though, if you’re here you already have an Android device. There are plenty of fitness programs already available, some are free.

  3. NewYu, I though this was a Chinese take out app :D LOL Modern spelling, or should I say speeleeng :D

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