Gingerbread Update Still On For The DROID Incredible?


It was only 2 days ago we posted a questionable email from a Canadian HTC rep that informing a customer that the HTC Droid Incredible (1) would not be receiving an Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Or rather, “was not currently on the list” of devices on schedule for an update. Well, fast forward to today where we just received a Phantip from one of our readers who received an email from a U.S. HTC rep informing him the Incredible is still slated to receive the 2.3 Gingerbread update and that there has been no official release from HTC cancelling this.

Hate to say, “we told you so,” but just like in our previous post — grain of salt, people. It’s never gospel until you hear it from an HTC or Verizon spokesperson. Any HTC Incredible users out there excited about this news? Keep in mind, the email from the HTC rep also said there was still no estimated release date but sometimes hope is all we need.

Thanks, Mike!

Chris Chavez
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  1. i rum cm7, problem solved.

    1. Some people don’t like root =p

      1. Correction most people don’t like root. I’ve seen stats that say only a small % of android users go thru the hassle, and in my experience most new comers have never even heard of it.
        HTC, if you’re going to update us do it right. Give us a new bluetooth stack so I can use my phone with a wiimote and in my car!

        1. Check out the download stats for Titanium Backup though. between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000 downloads. That’s still a lot of freaking people

          1. And that’s not what Clockwork Mod Recovery users use even. There are indeed a lot of root users.

          2. Yeah, but you have to figure those people have to redownload that app every time they flash a new ROM every day =p

    2. And some of us still like sense better then any stock rom

      1. I’m Sorry For Those People :(

        1. I’M ONE OF THOSE “PEOPLE”!!! Lol

          1. But there are still 2.3.3 Sense roms, problem solved?

          2. we can’t use any custom kernels, that’s the issue

          3. Ewww, you’re one of THOSE people… LOL

  2. I want gingerbread, damn it

    1. I want Gingerbread for you, Chelse..

    2. The question becomes: Does Gingerbread want you? ;)

  3. Running GingerSense on my Synergy ROM. I don’t need anything else ^_^

  4. Normally news like this would validate me keeping the phone longer, but I still want in on some new gadgetry. This could, however, help my resale value :)

    I do have to say that this is the first device that I have had that has held up well through the time.

  5. I also have Synergy Rom and the reality is that it’s probably much better than the stock release from Big Red and HTC anyway.

  6. hahaha hassle to root? unrevoked requires clicking one button, then you’re rooted.

  7. If they dont issue Gingerbread then root it its painless and CM7 and for those that love Sense SkyRaider was a nice Rom for Incredible i havent touch mine since the Thunderbolt and its CM7 and i love it uber fast

  8. You probably shouldn’t play your phone with a wii mote in the car….. Just saying.

  9. Glad to hear the news, but I’m still not counting on it. I really like Sense, but the 2.3/3.0 Sense ROMs out there are still to laggy for me.

    Thankfully I like CyanogenMod too, running CM7 since I got the phone.

  10. If you like sense, and you’re rooted, download Business Gingersense 3.0 v. 1.6. Runs like a charm, has sense 3.0 and has very little lag.

    1. but until we get an update we can’t have any custom kernels

  11. Gingerbread actually slows down your phone and you lose root… I would tell you guys to stay on Froyo.

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