Aug 12th, 2011

Thank goodness it’s Friday. Given that it’s Friday, one of the apps today might be perfect for some of you who are going tonight and might need a line or two to find a nice lady to become “friends” with. Me, I was always an old-fashioned guy. Step on a girl’s foot, knock her drink over by accident – you know, wreckless stuff to get her to talk. You see, being wreckless and later apologizing for it allows a female to see your sensitive side and that’s an instant turn-on. I could go on, but these classes are exclusive to paying students only. Have a good weekend!

Memory Revolution – This one’s a memory game – match a pair of cards and you’ll clear them from the boad. The difference here is that the card shuffles every time you match up a pair. Other than that, though, average 2D graphics and a very simple premise, simple gameplay and a simple mind-exercise game make this a very simple download. Especially because it’s all free. Give it a shot. [Market]

Bro Lifeline – This just might be one of the most awesome applications on the Android market because of its name alone. Bro Lifeline aims to be a guy’s best friend to help him get out of those tough situations or find the right words to woo a potential future lover. You can have your other “bro” with this application play one of the many background sounds, such as one that imitates a car not starting. It’ll feed you pick up lines or will even give you a pep talk in case you’re afraid to use one of those lines. It’ll cost you a dollar in the market, bro. [Market]