Samsung SGH-i927 (Possible AT&T Galaxy S II Variant) Makes Its Way Through the FCC


The Samsung SGH-i927 was once believed to be a keyboard-equipped Galaxy S II variant for AT&T, but we still don’t know for sure. Its specs (the ones we can absolutely confirm) would suggest it’s AT&T’s Galaxy S II, but we have also heard that Ma Bell will have a touch-only device – this could simply be one of many variants sure to make their way to several of our carriers.

Whatever it is, the phone has made its way through the FCC. Nothing much to see here but a heap of technical mumbo jumbo, but the listing does confirm that LTE radios won’t be present. We don’t even know if this one will have HSPA+ radios.

As for the phone itself, aside from that slide-out QWERTY we mentioned earlier all we know is that it will have an 8 megapixel camera with flash, a front-facing camera and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top of Android 2.3. [FCC via AndroidForums.com]

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  1. That sucks for AT&T customers that they’re not going to get 4G!

    1. AT&T doesn’t need LTE as bad as Verizon does. Their 3.5G HSPA+ speed is close to LTE speed on Verizon though its coverage is somewhat spotty.
      LTE is bigger deal for verizon because their CDMA 3G speed is much slower.

      1. Ha you are crazy if you think their hspa+ is close to speeds of lte. Check out any of the sites that say it’s not even close. Not to mention their awful coverage.

        1. Im fine with the speed of HSPA+, Hell, anything over 3 to 5 megs/sec is good enough… as long as its CONSISTENT. That being said, I agree with you 100% on AT&T’s coverage… or lack thereof. lol

          1. I wish carriers would worry more about expanding their network rather than trying to get new networks. I mean atleast verizon is building out their phone selection just sucks lol.

        2. Do you realize that it will take years for AT&T get LTE anywhere close to their current 3G HSPA+ network in coverage? Yeah, HSPA+ is not as fast as LTE overall. But where it works, its peak speed is over 10Mbps, about five times faster than verizon’s slow CDMA 3G.

          1. Their 3g isn’t hspa+ that is their “4g”

  2. i want one of these :) qwerty+exynos would make my day, not to mention super amoled plus and other stuff that makes samsung great

  3. “We don’t even know if this one will have HSPA+ radios.”

    the WCDMA 850 and 1900 freqs are the hspa freqs. and granted i kinda cut off the bottom of the page but it’s listed.


    all that being said, i hope this is AT&T’s plain gs2 and the i777 is the one with NFC and keyboard. that would make me joyously happy. oh, and that it comes out soon. can’t forget that part.

  4. Why is it every time we see a picture of a Samsung phone, it only has one or two bars of reception? I sure hope the radios are better this time around.

  5. maybe they’re deep underground in their super secret device testing lab

  6. Below is (the non-canned) part of an email reply I got from AT&T a week ago or so:

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 has not been released for AT&T at this time. Look for AT&T’s version of the Galaxy S2, the “Samsung Attain” coming to stores in the near future. There could also be another version of the Galaxy S2 coming soon which has a sliding full qwerty keyboard.

  7. Well the Samsung Captivate (Galaxy 1) was model SGH-i897 and this phone is model SGH-i927 (Galaxy 2) so it makes sense…

  8. any update on when the Samsung galaxy s2 comes to AT&T store shelves? Should I buy unlocked or wait?

  9. That screen is kind of weird. The display isn’t fitting all of the phone? What about that extra space between the haptic keys and display?

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