MetroPCS Announces Samsung Admire for Back to School Season


The Samsung Admire was first spied sporting a MetroPCS logo, and today the carrier formally announced their latest Android handset. The Admire will run Android 2.3 and come in a choice of two colors, red and grey. The phone will be hitting shelves for the back to school season, though an exact release date hasn’t been specified. We’d look for this one at the end of August or early September, when it should also be available through Cellular South. Pricing details remain absent.

[Press Release]

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  1. These phone designs are basically rehashes of older designs.

    had i not saw the title, i would’ve honestly thought it was a variant
    of LG’s optimus line.

  2. Does it have the same processor that’s found in the moment, transform, and intercept?

  3. Looks like a colored version of the behold 2. The nightmares are coming back.

    1. lol that looks nothing like a behold 2

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